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Index 1: The First Cut

 edited by Rev. Ric Carter, t'CotO
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  Welcome to the unofficial archives of t'CotO, the Church of the Otters . Much old material has been gathered here, many files from the early days of the Web, and before. More may be coming yet. I may even edit some for esthetics and appearance, purge the duplicates, etc. But they still won't look as good as my own related writings, eh?

  Because the organization and location of these archives may vary over time, it's probably not a good idea to link to any specific document. If you need a copy, save it into your own space. Otherwise, it's safer to link to the t'CotO index, which likely ain't going nowhere else soon. (This offer expires when I do.)

  Note: THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL t'CotO DOCUMENTS, nor are they necessarily APPROVED or ENDORSED or HONORED in any way. These may be provocative, disagreeable, despicable or downright stupid, depending on your point of view. Indeed, some material archived here is SICK STUFF and your brain may devolve upon merely perusing same (and just wait 'til I add the political archives!) OFFICIAL t'CotO DOCUMENTS will be so labeled (and can be found in the t'CotO Library) — anything else you see here is just meant to push your buttons, eh? Enjoy.

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