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(c) 1956 by Ernest L. Norman 
Unarius -- Science Of Life 

[continued from Part 1]

Now I understood why the streets slanted up and the lack of
stores and commercial buildings, for here stretched out before 
me was a huge shopping center, which in some odd way reminded me 
of one of our annual state fairs.  Up and down and around were 
streets and aisles with shops and booths displaying the many 
articles of clothing and food familiar to the Martian way of 
life.  There was however, noticeable differences: little or no 
advertising was used, the shop owner sat or stood quietly by or 
worked on various article he (or she) sold.  A quaint system of 
barter and exchange is generally prevalent although some form of 
script, currently similar to a department store charge-a-plate, 
is also used.  Martians are inherently honest; stealing is 
almost unknown.  Consequently there is no need to accumulate 
more than is needed, for they do not have the fear of insecurity.
There is no price haggling over various transactions.  Some 
sections have mechanical automat-like dispensers in which a 
keyed charge-a-plate is inserted and withdrawn after the article 
is discharged.  Another curious feature of these market places 
are the escalator sidewalks; on several of the main thorofares 
were double tracks, one coming and one going, with a small bench-
like seat to sit on.  A person merely stepped on, sat down and 
was moved slowly up and down in front of the various stalls or 

Everywhere I turned to look I saw happy, smiling faces with none 
of that taut, drawn look that is so prevalent in our cities.  I 
was informed that there are several of these "centers," which 
are regularly interspersed around the circumference of the 
cities and located in the space formed by the floor of the dome 
and the rural sections above.  In between these market centers, 
much space is devoted to the cultivation of various crops, one 
of which is a grain very similar to millet.  There is also a 
species of rice which grows with very little moisture.  It seems 
that many of these plant crops have been evolved through a 
Burbank-like process to a point where they require the absolute 
minimum of water.  

No heavy manufacturing is done in these cities, but there are 
several domes which are devoted to, and used almost exclusively 
for, this type of work.  But time was slipping by, and 
reluctantly I followed my guide to another elevator and we 
ascended back to the main level.  

As we walked along one of the streets I could not help but feel 
overawed by the beauty of all the things around me: the lovely 
homes and roof gardens, the landscaped parkways growing lush 
with fruits and flowers, the peace and quiet which was 
everywhere.  I looked curiously at some of those who were 
passing by, although I do not believe they could see me in my 
astral state; at least if they did so, they gave no indication 
that they were being rudely stared at, and I assumed their 
smiles and greetings were meant for Nur El.  I did not see any 
indication of the use of any cosmetics on the women's faces.  
Their eyes were quite large and black with a distinct slant, the 
skin was wax-like and beautifully colored, lips red and well 
shaped, which in all left nothing to be desired in any external 

There are other things which were noticeable by their absence: 
there is no smoking, the use of tobacco being unheard of.  Nur 
El chuckled when I asked about this, stating that such a 
practice was grown up thumb sucking and was a habit belonging 
only to those who were not completely weaned.  The drinking of 
alcoholic beverages is also unknown, so there were none of the 
familiar taverns or liquor houses.  No doubt many of the 
earthians would be lost on Mars without their familiar daily and 
hourly inhalations and libations of pap and bellywash.  

The people of Mars are smaller than those on earth, only 
averaging about four feet six inches in height.  They are 
somewhat Mongolian in appearance.  The texture of the skin is 
very fine and soft, while the hair is usually straight, black, 
and quite fine.  The men do not need to shave for they have 
eradicated electronically, the growth of hair from their faces 
when still young.  

Martians are much older in soul-evolution than the earthians.  
They originally migrated in space craft to Mars from a dying 
planet more than a million years ago.  They also came to this 
earth and started a colony but found it impractical to maintain. 
It was also explained by Nur El that this colony became our 
Chinese race through the evolution of time.  The Martians are a 
quiet peace-loving people.  Their clothing is simple with long 
loose flowing lines, with nothing to bind them, in many 
brilliant colors including many shades we know not.  All 
clothing is made of synthetic materials as no natural fibers
are grown.  

Talking as we walked along, we soon came to the end of the 
street where it joined the center hub.  Before us was a very 
imposing structure which formed part of the circular center 
section.  As we entered I immediately became aware that it was 
some kind of laboratory.  Various strange chemical odors were 
faintly discernable.  We were met at the door by another Martian 
named Yuzak.  He was dressed in a bright yellow cloak or smock 
with a large BLUE circle with a cross in the center, embroidered 
on the right side of the breast, which denoted his rank as a 
head scientist.  

After introductions he took us in tow and we proceeded to make a 
tour of this great laboratory.  The first section we entered was 
devoted to research, Yuzak explained.  His science was very much 
advanced compared to that of earth.  On Mars the scientists know 
how to create and grow live tissue as well as plant chlorophyll. 
This is done by an elaborate process which involves the use of 
certain kinds of life-creating radiations or energy streams.  It 
was explained that energy was actually, in a sense, tapped from 
the fourth dimension and that in such a state it was 
constructive and intelligent and could create life in artificial 
tissue or plasma.  Passing on into another section, which proved 
to be a clinic, we found a number of doctors and attendants 
busily engaged in various activities.  These people were dressed 
in bright BLUE garb.  We did not tarry long here, but as we 
passed through, Yuzak explained that while there is very little 
sickness, the same knowledge of radiant energy was also used 
here to treat various physical and mental disorders.  A 
malfunctioning kidney could be restored in a matter of minutes; 
or if damaged, could be partially or completely regrown in a few 

Cancer and many other so-called incurable diseases are removed 
or corrected in the same electronic way.  It was also explained, 
that in all cases, the patient was given a psychic diagnosis 
which correctly locates the true originating cause, as a psychic 
pressure or shock, incurred in either the present life or in 
some previous lifetime.  (Extended psychosomatics.) 

Mental disorders, while rare, yield quickly to this treatment 
which quickly removes or rectifies these malformed vortices, or 
thought wave patterns which have been incurred in the 
subconscious or psychic body.  There are no jails or prisons; 
crime is considered a mental disorder and treated thusly.  Such 
treatment is kept secret and not exploited as we do, therefore 
there is no deflation of the ego.  There is no pain or shock or 
lengthy doctoring.  Usually the patient is home in a matter of 

But here again we have come to another section.  In the rear of 
this great building, upon entering, I am again impressed with 
the tremendous array of strange and unusual looking apparatus.  

I have visited laboratories, but nothing like this!  Going over 
to the side wall where there is a row of small glass tanks 
something like aquariums, I noted that over and around each one 
is a tremendous array of tubes, pumps, cables, etc.  Looking 
closely into the tank, I see a yellowish cloudy liquid with 
something in the center which looks like a baby!  Recovering 
from my surprise and shock, I was assured by Yuzak that it was a 
baby.  He went on to say that their science had advanced to such 
a point that this laboratory development was possible under 
conditions similar to those of natural growth in the womb of the 

There is first grown a capillaric system from two main tubes 
spaced about a foot apart; a web of tiny tubes form.  These in 
turn unit in the center and form a structure similar to that 
found in the body.  This structure is grown in this aquarium-
like tank in a plasmic-like liquid under radiant energies.  
After the capillaric web is formed, a membranous tissue grows 
over all.  This is the artificial placenta.  The ovum from the 
mother is then tatached and inseminated with the father's 
spermatozoa.  From then on, the fetus grows in a normal way 
being attached to the placenta with the umbilical cord supplied 
with the natural blood supply which actually, in part, comes 
from the mother.  Under these controlled conditions the natural 
incubation period may be reduced by one-half.  The blood supply 
is constantly refreshed and purified from a central blood bank 
or with such similar RH factors.  

Nur El further explained that this laboratory process was only 
taken advantage of by those women who could not ordinarily bear 
a child or where there were other and sufficient reasons for so 
doing.  Passing through this laboratory the guide went further 
into the problems of birth control and sex.  He stated that 
children are limited to usually, two to a family so as to 
prevent overcrowding and a lessening of an advanced family 
relationship.  The ratio of births is usually determined by
the death rate average.  

Sex relations are very sacred and considered a great creative 
gift.  There are none of the usual sexual stimulants, such as 
advertising, spiced heavy foods, etc., which tend to over-
excite the people of earth.  Consequently, sex assumes its 
rightful place in the life of the Martians.  

These people have a basic spiritual concept which teaches them 
from birth, the importance of love of one another and finding 
their greatest joys of life in doing for each other, not doing 
to each other.  I did not see any of our familiar churches and 
steeples; it was explained to me that there are none.  Worship 
is not a pagan-like bowing down to some mythical god (or gods), 
but a twice daily observance to the Great Infinite Creative 
Source, and there is a once-weekly community observance giving 
thanks to this Source.  

Other spiritual aspects of Martian life include communications 
with those who have passed into the spirit world; in fact, every 
Martian considers his spirit friends and relatives a part of his 
daily life.  No doubt the Chinese have derived their ancestor 
worship from this source.  

The Martians have also developed reincarnation to a point where 
it forms an integral part of their lives; they plan for a future 
time when they will again relive a new life among old friends 
and relatives.  Many children frequently identify themselves as 
former loved ones.  

I was tremendously impressed and overawed by all that I had just 
seem, when, passing out of the building, we entered the 
courtyard or foyer to the central section which is a large 
community stage and theater.  Sitting there to rest, my guide 
went on to further explain some of these fascinating facets of 
life in these cities.  He was still talking of children, and 
said that soon after the birth of a child, all the potential 
mental faculties and quotients were determined by an electronic 
diagnosis, and any criminal or negative characteristics were 
removed by the radiant energy process.  The child was further 
conditioned against such recurrence.  There are no public 
schools.  The child is taught to a large extent in his sleep by 
a "Z-ray" which imparts the lessons or knowledge directly into 
his subconscious mind.  This ray can be likened somewhat to a 
radio frequency which carries the spoken word yet is inaudible 
to the ear; in this case however, it is received and stored for 
use in the child's mind.  

Usually a child will have the equivalent to a college education 
by the time he has reached the age of ten.  Such schooling is 
done to bring out the best points of character and to especially 
train him in whatever vocation he is best suited for.  As I 
listened to the soft accented voice of my Martian friend, my 
mind inadvertently began to recall and compare scenes of my 
earth life with the simple quiet way I was just beginning to 
glimpse and understand.  Things like the roaring streets and 
highways, the stench and smell of thousands of cars, of hate and 
greed and avarice.  Nur El caught my thoughts and for a moment 
stopped speaking.  A slow smile lifted the corners of his mouth 
and his eyes began to twinkle.  "No," he said, "these people 
would not migrate to the earth.  First they would have to become 
accustomed to the difference in air pressure, and if this were 
done suddenly it might be very dangerous, like a diver going 
down beneath the water too quickly."  He paused a moment then 
continued.  "Then there would be deadly disease germs and the 
many viruses that we here on Mars, not having had such things 
for thousands of years, have lost our resistance to."  

I could see his point but I wondered a bit as to how they knew 
so much about the earth, but patiently he explained that there 
were semi-surface observatories with electronic telescopes as 
well as a variety of radio and radar-like devices which gave 
them a very good idea of what went on there.  Besides some of 
the more advanced scientists were masters at astral flight.  
Even an ordinary citizen of Mars was quite adept at mental 
telepathy and this type of communication was used as much as 

But I was curious about the large theater which was confronting 
me; however, I waited until the explanation came that this was 
the large central theater or community playhouse.  Here the 
various plays, pageants, and observances took place.  There were 
also many civic orchestras, and various kinds of folk dances 
were given here.  Many of these customs are of ancient origin 
and the meaning of some has almost been lost in antiquity.  I 
was privileged to see part of a spring festival.  Here on the 
great central stage several hundred children were gathered in 
large circles and are decorated profusely with flower garlands; 
in the center was the queen of spring.  The children were all 
moving slowly to and fro and chanting a slow sing-song rhythm.  
It was all very beautiful and colorful.  

Going back into the ring shaped building, we emerged into what 
were some of the chambers used for judging or administrative 
phases.  The government is of very simple form.  I was amazed 
when told there are no written laws.  Each citizen lives under
a simple understanding, of unwritten code.  It was a very 
reasonable fascsimile, if not the actual golden rule.  In other 
words, do for others first.  If a person acts selfishly, or 
begins to steal or shows symptoms of anger, he is considered ill 
and treatment is quickly administered.  

Each five families have a group leader or "Icla," as he is 
called.  He represents this group and is responsible for their 
general welfare.  The judges or heads of different departments 
are chosen on their merit and it is usually done through 
elimination, examinations which require a lifetime of special 
training.  There are no political systems.  Brains and character 
alone determine a candidate's fitness for an office.  Male and 
female are regarded as equal and with no discrimination shown.  
There are no old age institutions in these Martian cities.  
Great respect is shown the aged and they live with their 
children until the time of passing.  No doubt the Chinese on the 
earth brough this custom of respect and venerance down through 
the ages from their Martian ancestors.  

Passing along through a hallway, we again emerged into what I 
immediately gathered to be a library.  Here a number of persons 
were busily engaged in sorting and caring for a large variety of 
books (if they can be compared to ours).  These were for the 
most part, rather ancient scroll-like volumes, but there were 
others which resembled somewhat our own bound volumes.  I was 
told that this library was kept mostly for research and for 
historical reasons, as comparatively little reading or writing 
is down in our usual manner.  Most records are kept in memory 
machines or some other unfamiliar electronic device.  The 
alphabet consists of a number of cryptograms.  I did not linger 
long enough, however, to go into things of this nature in detail.
Another thing that did impress me was the wide variety of 
pictures and objects of art which were everywhere.  These people 
are exceedingly artistic and almost everyone spends some time at 
his particular chosen expression decorating screens, ceramics, 
furniture, etc.; all were given some treatment whenever opportunity
presented.  It was all in very good taste, however, and most
pleasing to the eye.  These traits are quite evident in our
modern Chinese.

Going through several of these offices we again emerged into the 
open air.  Before us was one of the larger radial streets; 
coming down this street was what looked like a silver gondola of 
some sort, suspended from an overhead rail.  Going closer to 
examine this strange craft, I found that it was about twenty 
feet long.  It had six or eight bucketlike seats.  There is a 
rather elaborate system of control used.  All is done, of course,
electronically.  There is an 'eye' on each end to keep it 
spaced a reasonable distance from other cars.  Gyroscopes are 
used to prevent sway and it is powered by a motor in each 
flanged wheel which rides a single rail, suspended at short 
intervals by metal standards.  These cars are stopped with a 
single blast of a noiseless supersonic whistle and started after 
the passengers sit down.  A number of the main radial streets 
have this monorail shuttle car system.  Others used moving 
sidewalks, somewhat similar to escalators.  

At this point my inspection of these very interesting monorail 
cars was interrupted by what appeared to be a gay group of 
people going into one of the nearby homes.  As they disappeared, 
laughing and chatting through the doorway, I turned and looked 
inquiringly at Nur El.  He smiled as he informed me there was a 
marriage going on.  He went on to explain that marriage is very 
sacred here; very rarely is there a separation or divorce.  As 
children, couples are selected according to their mental 
quotient and their compatability.  Further work in preparation 
is done until the time when they are actually joined marriage, 
usually around the age of twelve or fifteen (as compared to our 
years).  These marriage ceremonies last for about three days.  
The first day is spent in the exchanging of gifts between the 
respective families.  The second day is devoted to mind 
projection and various semi-secret preparations.  The whole 
affair climaxes on the evening of the third day with a banquet.  
Sitting on opposite sides of a long low table, the close 
relatives of the bride and groom eat a silent meal, not glancing 
up or looking across the table during the entire time.  This 
silence is broken by the two fathers, or in the case of their 
absence, the mothers can substitute by the sharing of a cup made 
from the juices of certain fruits.  After this, the cup is 
passed around and the whole thing ends up with several hours of 
merrymaking.  Then a parade takes the newlyweds to their new 

But to return to the subject of transportation.  It seems that 
these people do not travel much, as compared to our earth people.
There is, of course, considerable inter-city travel over the 
monorail car system which I saw in the tube.  There is however, 
a kind of communication which renders a great deal of travel 
unnecessary.  This is a form of telephone, or teleview as it 
could more properly be called.  Besides conversing, each party 
can see the other one through a small screen similar to our 
television.  This of course, can be shut off by manipulating a 
button, in the event there is a need for privacy.  Speaking of 
television, their system is far more advanced than ours; the 
screen is built into the wall of the room and is about four by 
five foot square.  All programs are in three dimensional color, 
very lifelike and natural.  Such programs are, of course, the 
very highest type.  As there is only one channel to a city, all 
program material is produced and telecast by the people 
themselves, since there is no advertising or sex intimations but 
only such things as the festivals, lectures, various stage 
presentations or musicals which take place in the central 
theater.  Little or no news is broadcast and then only that 
which is of a nature which would not cause fear or restlessness. 

Music plays an important part in life here.  Most of the 
instruments are of the string type and are usually plucked.  
There are some reed or flute-like instruments which help give 
variety.  There are none of the heavy percussive type which form 
a large part of our modern orchestras.  the music itself is, for 
the most part, a quaint sing-song-like rhythm or chant which 
usually depicts some story or moral lesson; or even historical 
events are portrayed.  Considerable color is used in the stage 
presentations, which gives much added charm as the innumerable 
color combinations rise and fall with the rhythm of the chant.  

[continued in Part 3]

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