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Re: Maitreya Update  July 1996

Gina Simcoe wrote:
> > 
> Just a thought here:  Wouldn't you agree that everyone sees life
> through their own rose colored glasses? Maybe your observations
> about something would be different from my observations of the
> same thing. You even stated in your post:
> > I join my spiritual brother Jesus when I say that
> >All Men and Women" are Sons and Daughters of God.  But they are
> >lost in their own ignorance by living life filtered through
> >their skewed instrument called the intellect.  That is their
> >fall from grace."
> So does this mean that you have no intellect??? Or are you above
> living your life filtered through your intellect?
> One person's "Truth" is not necessarily the next person's
> "Truth". 

    Gina, you have described relative truth which is a conditioned idea
that is not "Truth". This is the plight of all believers who worship 
their false gods.  Truth is God, The idea of God is a false god.  Ask 
your self now, what do civilized people worship most of all?  The answer 
is quite clear, isn't it.

>The danger comes when we try to make someone believe our
> own truth. It's irresistible, unless you happen to be a Master or
> someone advanced enough to be beyond egotistical behavior. I'm
> sure there have been times when I have not succeeded, but I
> always TRY to refrain from trying to "convince" anyone of what I
> perceive to be the "Truth" about Maitreya. I simply put the
> information out there, and if someone sees it and feels that it
> has the ring of truth for them, that's great..... if not, that's
> ok too. Who am I to say what someone should believe in?

   Gina, this is the first post I have observed when you were not quoting 
another's words, but spoke instead, from your heart, directly, simply and 
openly. Thats the energy of love in operation. This kind of dialogue is 
what will save our world.  It will not come from the positive imaged, 
empty promises of some invisible leader. You see, Gina, leaders, 
concepts, principles, desires, they are all quite illusory. It is what we 
are in our ultimate actions which reflect the truth of our individual 

   Live life holisticaly and you will see a different world.  You may be 
alone in seeing it, but you will see it.  Then deal with others from that 
state of integrity and you will understand what Jesus understood.  If 
each of us lived daily with attention paid to our minutest of  actions, 
we would see just how conflicted we are.  That fleeting realization which 
mirrors the truth of ourselves is the moment of "Truth". If that moment 
is dealt with honestly, not excused, rationalized, or seeking to place 
blame upon another, one would be brought to a  moment of repentance.  In 
that moment of truth lives change instantly.  One does not need a savior 
to guide him/her in the process of such realization.  We've never lost 
it. WE ARE IT!  It has just been covered up with the clutter of mind 
conditioning. Our duty in this life is to remove the clutter of 
conditioning and regain our Christhood.
> I used to think that the Reappearance of the Christ would not be
> a physical manifestation of the Christ - a BEING who embodies the
> "Christ Principle" fully within Himself. I thought it would just
> be when everyone embodied the "Christ Principle" within
> themselves. Then I had an experience of Maitreya and from that
> moment, even though I have never laid eyes on His physical body,
> I know He's here. I can't explain it. I just know it. It is MY
> truth. No need for you to believe it. But I appreciate all of
> your effort in giving us your "take" on the subject.
>                             My best to you,
>                                  Gina

   You use the phrase "Christ Principle".  You have it backwards. To 
"Embody a Principle is to emulate a "worshipped thought".  Emulation is 
dualistic, therefore One who tries so hard to mimic an illusion is caught 
in a state of pretense and is doomed to failure. There is a whole system 
of consolers out there who are just waiting to soothe one's pain for a 
price. These are the exploiters, the true "servants" of hell, 
for they would force a living energy to bend, twist, and break while 
fitting a system based in "Dead" thought. They are the myriad number of 
"blind who lead the blind". They are the priests, the psychological 
medical profession with its offshot of pop-counselors, these are but a 
small segment of intellectual experts who make a living at mind 

   Gina, All that one has to do is live beyond principle and One is "THE 
CHRIST".  Stop the habitual momentum of becoming and live in a state of 
"Being"  It was the "BEATITUDE" (BE-ATTITUDE) that was Jesus's greatest 
lesson.  Who got the message?  Cast away the crutches of belief for they 
will never lead one to understanding. Belief is the "lazy man's" 
substitute for understanding. Why settle for a fanciful prison cell
of belief when the key of understanding will unlock that door forever. 
When that happens, one will never utter another word about knowing and 
embodying freedom, One will BE IT.

   Forgive me Gina, While Ray and Gina are real, Maitreya is but an 
illusion.  People whose minds have been corrupted are always more secure 
in serving their illusions than dealing with real people.  Is not our 
world  testimony to that?

   I will leave you with a short quote from my book "Journey Beyond 
Thought: breaking the bonds of the Conditioned mind".  It sums up the 
essence of this post.  "The freedom of one man living peacefully and 
cooperatively with others is the key to the freedom of the entire
society.  Such a change must begin  within the individual and flow out 
like a ripple from a pebble dropped into a pond".
                  I will not give you my best, I give you my Love.
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