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The following is a repost of the Dictionary Of The Gods put together by Aaron
Leitch (Khephera) of 1:363/263.777.  An excellent resource, it will be made
available here on Access! Information Services and may be repost at request.
This may be an out of date version as I have to sort through several
collections now that I have time....


Egyptian:   H= Human Hero with god-like status.

AAH:  The Moon God.  I notice that the moon is male here just as it is in Sumer
and Babylon.  Aah is egyptian for Moon.

AMON-RE:  This is Re as the "Invisible God".  He seems to be all of the Egptian
Gods    combined into one unified god-head, and was not outwardly worshipped.
It simply shows that the Egyptians knew that All was part of one underlying

AMMUT:  The Eater of the Dead.  This is the monster that sits within the
judgment chamber and devoures those who do not pass the trial.  He has the head
of a crocodile, the forebody of a leapord, and the hindquarters of a

ANUBIS:  This jackle-headed god is the one who comes to you at death and guides
you through the darkness to the judgment chamber.  Messenger of the gods.  Son
of Osirus and Nephthys.  Guardian of the tombs.

APIS BULL, THE:  God of lust and desire for life.

APOPHIS (ZET):  This myth is not really a creation myth, but the energies it
involves are the     same.  It resembles the stories of Lotan, Zu, Asag, and
Leviathan.  Actually, it is the idea of the day (Re) defeating the night
(Typhon).  It is also the new year defeating the old.  In either case, it is an
"Order from Chaos" type story.  Typhon is a serpent god who is an enemy of Re.
Re sends the gods to slay him.  They are, of course, successful.  In one
version of the myth, Seth himsself is the one to kill Apophis each day (which
is strange as Seth and Apophis seem to be the same basic god-form:  see Seth).

    ATEN (Amon-Re-Harakhti):  This God was worshipped by Akhenaten as the "One
True     God".  He had only a brief worship;  Akhenaten was not liked for his
break from the Atum-Re (see below) cult.  However, it would seem that Moses was
affected by Akhenaten's ideas as he (Moses) studied the Egyptian mysteries.  It
seems Aten is the forerunner of Yahweh.  Aten is Egyptian for Sun.

    ATUM-RE:  This is Re as he emerged out of the Nun (Primordial Sea),
appointed the Ogdoad (see above) to their proper places in the Heavens, and
single-handedly created all in existance.  Also, Re is told to have seperated
the lovers Geb and Nuit from their lovemaking, setting Nuit as the Sky and Geb
as the Earth.

    AURAMOOUTH:  Daughter of Nuit.  Sky-goddess of Water.

    BAST:  A cat Goddess, and a cat-headed deity.  Goddess of occultism and

    GEB:  This is the Earth God, with Nuit as the Sky Goddess.  Thier union
brought forth Isis and Osirus, and Seth and Nephthys.  Geb is also a Witness to
the Weighing of the Heart.

    HAPI:  God of the Nile, and a protection deity.  Son of Horus (see Mestha,
Tuamautef, and Qubhsennuf).

    HATHOR:  This Goddess is  a Love/War Goddess.  She is also one of the
witnesses to the Weighing of the Heart.

    HORUS THE ELDER:  This seems to be synonymous with Horus the Younger, but
still the mythology is different.  In this aspect, Horus was not born of Isis
and Osirus, but was created directly by Re as a Cosmic Being who's right eye
was the Sun and who's left eye was the Moon.  If Seth was oorigonally the New
Moon (see Seth), then the story of Seth removing Horus' eye may well be a story
of a solar eclipse.

    HORUS THE YOUNGER:  The hawk-headed god is the son of Isis and the newly
resurected Osirus.  He removed Seth from the Throne of Egypt and ruled as
successor to his father.  He is also one of the witnesses to the Weighing of
the Heart, as well as the one who leads the soul before Osirus upon passing the
trial.  (His true name is Hor, Horus being the Greek translation).  In the
battle against Seth, Horus lost an eye and later regained it.  This gives us
the symbol of the Eye of Horus (see Horus the Elder).

    HU:  A Witness to the Weighing of the Heart.  He and his partner Sia are
two aspects of the Creative Power of the Gods.

    ISIS (Au-Seth):  Wife/sister of Osirus.  Goddess of Magick and Healing.
She is also much like Ishtar/Innana.  (See Osirus).  The Egyptian
Goddess-force.  She is also a Witness to the Weighing of the Heart.  (Her name
is really Au-Set, exceeding queen; Isis being the Greek translation).

    KHNUM:  Created Man on a potters wheel.

    KHONSU:  Son of Amon and Mut.

    MAAT:  Goddess of Truth and Justice.  She existed before the birth of the
gods.  (See Hokhmah of the Hebrews).  Her symbol is the feather that can be
seen on the Judgment Scale.

    MESTHA:  A god of Protection, a Son of Horus (see Hapi, Tuamautef, and

    MIN:  A fertility God.

    MUT:  Amon's wife.  Keep in mind that Amon was fused with Re, and was not
the same Deity to begin with.

    NEITH:  Sky goddess of War and Fire.

    NEKHBET:  Symbolised as a Vulture.  Guardian of Upper Egypt (See Ua-Zit).

    NEPHTHYS:  Goddess of women.  Wife of Seth, and the Dark Twin of Isis.
Sister of Osirus.  She is also a Witness to the Weighing of the Heart.

    NUIT:  Goddes of Sky and sister/wife of Geb. (See Geb).  She is also a
Witness to the Weighing of the Heart.

    NUN:  Nun is listed with the Ogdoad.  However, I wish to single him out
here as it is     from him the name of the Primordial Waters was taken.  He is
the oldest of the Gods.

    OGDOAD, THE:  This myth is from the mythos where Atum-Re is the Creator
God.      There were eight Ogdoad, four frogs and four snakes, who were the
Primordial Waters- the Nun.  Atum-Re arose from the Nun, and appointed the
Ogdoad to their proper places in the Heavens (thus, brought order from chaos).
Their names are:  Nun and his consort Naunet, Kuk and Kuaket, Huh and Huahet,
and Amon and Amaunet.

    OSIRUS (Au-Saur):  Osirus was eventually merged with Re and seems to be
nearly the same deity in many aspects (forming a kind of Divine Loop).  He is a
God Force with Isis as his Goddess Force.  Osirus was probably origonally a
fertility god (like Tammuz), but was elevated when associated with Re.
Mythologically, he was origonally a Pharoah who brough civilzation to the
people.  He is the Egyptian God-force.  As the lord of the Underworld, he is
Khent-Amenti.  (His real name is Au Sar, exceeding king; Osirus being the Greek

    PTAH: This god is a parallel myth to the Atum-Re mythos (see below).  Ptah
is equated     with the Nun (the Egyptian Primordial Waters).  In this mythos,
Ptah creates Atum-Re and all the other gods, as well as all in existance.
Also, patron god of Architechs.

    QEBHSENNUF:  A god of Protection, a Son of Horus (see Mestha, Hapi, and

    RE:  This is the falcon-headed sun god who is born each morning, grows old
by the end of the day, and    enters the land of the dead each night.  He is
Khephirah in the morning, Re at midday, and Atum at night.  This is different
than Crowely's four Adorations; which has him as Re in the morning,  Hathor in
the midday, Tum in the evening, and Khephirah at midnight.

    SHU:  The god of Air and the husband/brother of Tephnuit.  Atum-Re
fertilized himself and brought this god, and his wife, Tephnuit, into
existance.  Shu and Tephnuit's union brought forth Geb and Nuit, the Earth and
Sky.  Shu was placed, by Re, between Geb and Nuit and he acts as a support to
Nuit herself.  He is also a Witness to the Weighing of the Heart.

    SIA:  A witness of the Weighing of the Heart.  His name means "mind" or
"thought".  He is moost often paired with Hu, and together they are two aspects
of the Creative Power of the Gods.

    SELKET:  Scorpion Goddess.

    SETH:  This is the brother of Osirus who destroyed him and dismembered his
body in     order to take his throne.  He is the Dark Serpent aspect of the
God.  God of drought and storm, Lord of the Red Land (the desert).  In Sanscrit
the word "sat" means to destroy by hewing into pieces.  In the myth of
Osirus...it was Seth who killed Osirus and cut his body into fourteen pieces.
But it may be significant that the word "set" is also defined as "queen" or
"princess" in Egyptian.  Au Set, known as Isis by the Greeks, is defined as
"exceeding queen".  In the myth of the combat Seth tries to mate sexually with
Horus; this is usually interpreted as being an insult.  But the most primitive
identity of the figure Seth, who is also closely related to the serpent of
darkness known as Zet, and often refered to by classical Greek writers as
Typhon, the serpent of the goddess Gaia, may once have been female, or in some
way symbolic of the Goddess religion, perhaps related to the Goddess Ua Zit,
"Great Serpent", the cobra Goddess of Neolithic times.  Lastly, there is a
theory that is pure speculation on Seth's battle with Horus.  First, we look at
Horus as a Solar Deity.  Then, we look at Isis as being the Full Moon (as she
is the Goddess of Magick).  Next, if we consider that Seth was origonally
female, then it is easy (or just convenient) to assign him/her to the new moon.
 Put these together, and the story of Seth attempting to mate with Horus, and
then taking his eye, may very well be a story of a solar eclipse (see Horus the

    SOTHIS:  Goddess of the dog-star, and of initiation.

    TEPHNUIT:  The Goddess of Moisture, wife/sister of Shu.  (See Shu).  She is
also a Witness to the Weighing of the Heart.

    THOTH:  This ibis-headed god is the Scribe of the Gods and the God of

    TUAMAUTEF:  A god of Protection, a son of Horus (see Mestha, Hapi, and

    TUM:  A Witness to the Weighing of the Heart.  It is also a name of Re.

    UA ZIT:  "Great Serpent"  Cobra Goddess, guardian of Lower Egypt (see
Nekhbet).  (Also see Seth for an interesting note).

    ZET:  See Apophis.

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