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Subject: Pear Establishes Mind Over Matter

All Follow-Up: Re: Pear Establishes Mind Over Matter
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 12:14:11 GMT
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Earlier parts of a thread with this title, in the USENET
Newsgroup alt.paranormal, dealt with the less useful aspect of
these experiments: evidence for the existence of PSI and the
usual skeptic reactions.  Here, we go on to matters of practical
and spiritual significance. 

The earlier parts may be found by searching the archives at: 

What does the following, a description of experiments done at
Princeton University, imply to us as mystics, astrologers, and


          The most substantial portion of the 
          PEAR program examines anomalies arising 
          in human/machine interactions. In these 
          experiments human operators attempt, solely 
          by volition, to influence the behavior of 
          a variety of mechanical, electronic, 
          optical, acoustical, and fluid devices 
          to conform to pre-stated intentions. 


          ...the experimental results display 
          increases in information content 
          that can only be attributed to the 
          influence of the human operators. 





      Brenda J. Dunne and Robert G. Jahn 
      Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research 
      School of Engineering and Applied Science 
      Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544 
      Technical Note PEAR 95004 
      May 1995 


      Despite its engineering context and 
      perspective, the broader implications 
      of this work for the basic scientific 
      paradigm, for the... 

            fundamental philosophical 

            question of mind/matter interaction,

                    [emphasis mine] 

       ...and for the individual and collective 
       cultural dynamic have been continually 
       acknowledged and to some extent developed. 
       These more comprehensive purposes have been 
       enabled by the interdisciplinary character 
       of the PEAR staff, which includes individuals 
       with a variety of academic perspectives 
       including psychology, physics, and the 
       humanities, as well as electrical, mechanical, 
       and aerospace engineering. It has also benefitted 
       from its residence within a liberal university, 
       and from its association with a number of 
       broadly based scholarly organizations. 

About 2 decades ago, I first became quite fascinated with the
explanation of the intertwining of Quantum Physics and Mysticism
through my reading of THE TAO OF PHYSICS, by Frutjov Capra. 

        Quoting, further, from the material found at 
          Francis Bacon, father of the scientific 
          method, proposed systematic investigation 
          of telepathic dreams, psychic healing, 
          transmission of spirits, and the force 
          of the imagination on the casting of 
          dice (Walker, 1972). 

          Isaac Newton regarded the ultimate mechanism 
          of change in the universe to reside in "the 
          mystery by which mind could control matter" 
          (Kubrin, 1981). 

          The establishment of the British Society for 
          Psychical Research in 1882 attracted 
          participation by many eminent scholars, among 
          them the likes of Henry Sidgwick, 
          Frederic W. H. Myers, Lord Raleigh, Sir. 
          J. J. Thompson, William McDougall, Edmund Gurney, 
          Sir William Crookes, Sir William Barrett, 
          Henri  Bergson, Arthur, Earl of Balfour, 
          Gardner Murphy, G. N. M. Tyrell, Charles 
          Richet, Gilbert Murray, and William James. 
          A comparable fascination with the role of 
          consciousness in the physical world runs 
          through the philosophical writings of many 
          of the patriarchs of quantum theory, 
          including Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Albert 
          Einstein, Wolfgang Pauli, Werner Heisenberg, 
          Erwin Schrödinger, Louis de Broglie, Arthur 
          Eddington, James Jeans, Eugene Wigner, and 
          David Bohm, among others 

          (Jahn and Dunne, 1983b, 1987). 

Albert Einstein wrote: 

     The most beautiful and most profound emotion we can 
     experience is the sensation of the mystical.  It is 
     the sower of all true science.  He to whom this emotion 
     is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt 
     in awe, is as good as dead. 

Dr. Dean Radin, author of The Conscious Universe 

     ...extended view of interconnectedness, especially in 
     light of psi, quantum field theory, and general 
     relativity... As both modern physics and ancient 
     Buddhist doctrine suggest, "deep" interconnectedness 
     embraces everything, unbound by the usual limitations 
     of time and space. 


With a knowledge of interconnectedness, and no limitations of
time and space, we can see that psi energy does not travel from
point "A" to point "B" halfway around the globe.  All mind
exists everywhere at once, though all of it is not known to the
conscious awareness of every 


In the same way, the future is not bound by time limitations.
Past, present and future interact with one another, and are
separated only by appearance to our conscious awareness in this 
dimension of existence. 


Similarly, a planet such as Pluto does not "influence" a person
on Earth because of its position relative to the birth position
of that person. Rather, its position correlates with what 
happens to a particular person on Earth.  It synchronizes, or
interconnects with the person.  It, and all mind, is as much a
part of the person as the brain they are thinking with. 

In astrology, there is the age-old question about why planetary
positions have anything to do, at all, with human events.  Some
have written of tides and gravity, but in my opinion, Carl Jung 
had an idea that fits, as much as any words can fit.  Other
astrologers like Margaret Hone, chimed in agreement.  Margaret
Hone wrote: "The ideas of correlation and synchronization 
give a better idea than that of cause and effect." 


The cause-effect KARMA/reincarnaton view of one life's activities
causing a "future" life's ills has been recently discarded for a
more widespread explanation that the past present and future are
interacting upon one another: past lives, the present, and future
lives.  In this view, the present KARMA is interconnected with,
and not just influenced by, the past. 
     Quoting from the material found at www.princeton.edu
     and regarding the "Mind Over Matter" experiments.

                 g) Distance and time dependence 

                 ...no such dependence has been found over the 
                 dimensions available in the laboratory itself. 
                 ...wherein operators are physically separated 
                 from the devices by distances of up to several 
                 thousand miles.

There can be no adequate explanation of this phenomena by
conventional means, no cause-effect, or movement of psi energy
from and to in the above "several thousand miles." 


              ...the device is run at prearranged times 
              by staff members who remain blind to the 
              operators' intentions...


              ...a subset of this remote REG 
              [random event generator] database, 
              comprising some 87,000 trials per 
              intention, in which the operators 
              were actively addressing their 
              intentions to the machine's operation
            at times other than those 
            at which the data were 
            actually generated.       

             [emphasis mine] 

           Such "off-time" experiments have ranged from 
           73 hours before to 336 hours after machine 
           operation, and display a similar scale and 
           character of anomalous results to that of 
           the locally generated data, including series 
           position effects and count population 


           ...the overall effect size in the 
           high-intention efforts in these 
           "off-time" remote experiments is 
           twice as large as that in the 
           "on-time" remote data, although 
           this difference is not statistically 
           significant due to the smaller size 
           of the off-time database 

           (Dunne and Jahn, 1992). 

This text, with links, is at:


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              Pear Establishes Mind Over Matter                

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