Historical Gambol of Mercury............................Mazarti  1994

A long trip through time exposes the secrets of Mercury...  This silver-
tongued, telltale, highway robber of a God, outsmarted the three virtues,
Faith, Hope and Charity, with his eloquence, ingenuity and thievishness.
The light of the senses had been replaced by a single darkness, to be
undone by love between Venus and Mars, when Mars removes his shield, and
the comet returns with the truth.

Because Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, its surface unprotected
by an atmosphere, is extremely hot when subjected to the rays of the sun
and very cold elsewhere, it appears to rotate once every 59 earth-days,
and is 3,000 miles in diameter.  Mythological Mercury, also known as Hermes
or Mythol, is the son of Zeus, Jove or Jupiter the gaseous planet of
hydrogen, methane and ammonia that is circled by sixteen satellites.

Consider Hermes escorting the dead to the underworld of Hades when he made
the following statement, allegedly found on an emerald tablet, clutched in
Hermes hand at the time of his death that reads in part:

 "What is below is as what is above and what is above is as what is
 below...  Separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross
 smoothly and with judgement."

Distillation in alchemy was born out of the unknown but legendary Maria.
Alchemists preserved quotation’s attributed to Maria, they included the
invention of laboratory apparatus named "Apparatus of Maria".  Gold was
merely a by-product of Maria's study in metals.  Kleopatra followed Maria's
lead to propose an elaborate theory on the natural cycles of birth,
growth, and decay, including the structures that govern metals in nature.

Ethics in medicine are sworn under the oath of Hippocrates, the Greek
physician from 400 B.C.  He stressed the importance of clinical
observation, the rational study of the body and its function in science.
Medicine involved body functions imitating the earth and moon, he recorded
daily and seasonal rhythms observed in physical and mental health.  Around
the year 300 A.D., Zosimos, fascinated with the apparatus of Maria, saw
the still as a womb in which metal gave off its spirit as vapor and
re-emerged as a newly formed altered body.  Thus the concept of the
Philosophers Stone emerged with mercury as the key to transmutation.  The
sublimation of mercury changed and fixed the density, malleability and
color of metals.  Metals created in the earth were a result of a fiery,
smoky principle, sulphur, to a watery principle, mercury, being exhaled
from the earth, that led to a thickening and mixing together until a solid
homogeneity resulted.  Thus mercury became the spirit and sulphur the soul,
the male and female principles.

For over 5000 years Chinese medicine has taken the changes of light from
the solar system into account as scientific evidence as to its influences
on health.  In the 2nd century B.C., Emperor Lui Ch'e became interested in
the alchemy that was said to produce gold, the alchemical symbol of the
sun, he believed that by eating off gold plates would extend life and
immortality.  The Chinese word for alchemy became 'Kem-mai' interpreted as
to wander or go astray.

Gods were scrutinized in the epicritic poem written by Publius Ovidius
Naso.  Between 2 and 8 A.D.  Ovid depicts everything from creation to the
latest news, although he admits, himself a distant relative of the gods,
he claims,

 "No criminals, scoundrels or such black sheep on my side of the scales."

The poem begins:

 "Bodies I have in mind, and how they can change to assume New shapes --
 I ask the help of the Gods, who know the trick."

Ovid portrays the creation, chaos, elements, nature and characteristics
that come into being.  This format, handed down from ancient beliefs
implied, all of nature and life depended on 'Continuity', rather than
'Atomos' the indivisible, formless and nonexistent.  Mercury is full of
distractions, winged shoes, winged cap, wand and Pan pipes for his prop.
The trickery he sneaks into poor unsuspecting characters are induced to
sleep with heavy eyelids, or turned into trees, we are left not knowing if
they are dead or alive.

However, monks and scholars preserved the study of nature in manuscripts,
that went beyond the two dimensional page of words.  The threads of nature
are woven, braided and knotted into words, illustrating the dimensions of
experience.  The complicated knotting in The Book Of Kells and Lindisfarne,
amount to a revelation of their whole inner philosophy as in hieroglyphics.

In a fifteenth century manuscript, the testament and prophesy of the
venerable Master Magnalicius felt his art left him empty and decided to
study the knowledge of the ages.  He studied the occult and works going
back to Egypt, his insight of the spirit had been equally shared
throughout time with Zosimus from Panopolis, Gilda the Wise, Iamblicus and
others to reveal this prophesy:

 "Two mighty Kingdoms will contend for all the world, and then turn
 against it, until the soil and the sea shall sicken and the wind become a
 flux of poisoned vapors.  And all men shall be sorely tried, so that at
 the last, none may escape the choice between light and darkness."

Journals of alchemy, contained secret symbols and pictures depicting
fierce dragons, war chariots, red salamanders and green lions.  A green
lion stood for Aqua Fortis, an acid that dissolved gold.  Alchemy became a
closed fraternity that no layman could decipher.  According to Islamic
belief all symbols were evil, therefore the alchemical writings were
translated into plain language.  European churches banned all other
religious writings, alchemy written by Muslims became heresy.  Meanwhile
Princes and Kings encouraged alchemy in their search for gold, they
produced gun powder, and counterfeit coins until their soldiers uncovered
the deception.  Gold transgressed alchemy, the secret ills of mercury were
concealed in fairy tales, witch's cauldrons turned people into stone,
nature into materialism and beauty into vulgarity.  Mercury was described
in symbolic illustrations, an example is of Hermes with the sun and moon
under his feet inside a large droplet, outside the droplet are clouds with
the sun above, below are birds, two birds carry leafy twigs that touch the
droplet with symbols attached, two angels carry the droplet of Hermes
represented in its gaseous form.

Knowledge preserved through the ancient written word, also had numeric
values assigned to them that became the mathematical base of modern
science.  The phrases 'Alpha to Omega' and 'A to Z' in Greek and Roman
alphabets implied a completeness or wholeness of knowledge.  The letter 'Z'
became an indication of perfect accomplishment in the study of Apollo the
God of medicine, the seven liberal arts, and the nine Muses.  This was the
upward path to beatitude in the arts and sciences as the spirit headed for
immortality.  The mythological Zeus, lightening bearer, chief God and
heavenly source of that power was manifest in the letter Z.

Laws of nature were thought to have been divinely inspired by the planets.
Johannes Kepler a student of Greek geometry, sought the help of Tycho
Brache the Danish astrologer.  Kepler measured the speed and distance of
the planets as they passed the sun, the measurements were put into ratios,
from the ratios he discovered the perfect pitch in music.  The same ratios
are true to the vibrant rainbow colors, expanded and extended they become
the energy spectrum.  Stradivarius and Bach were instrumental in perfecting
the musical artform, organ music became prominent in churches and
musicianship made dance popular.

Many of Sir Isaac Newton’s insights were taken directly from ancient
texts.  But what of the Philosopher's Stone? The true Aqua Vitae? The broth
of Medea? or the horn of Amalthea? Newton noted 7 different signs for
mercury followed by a nervous breakdown.  Toxic mercury poisoning cannot be
denied after analyzing the consequential events, and he knew the symptoms
well as he replied to a colleague's ailing furnace worker,

 "Your hair is not white, but silver mercury."

Newton's notes say,

 "Perhaps the whole frame of nature may be nothing but various contextures
 of some certain aetherall spirits or vapours condens'd as it were by
 preaecipitation, much after the manner that vapors are condensed into
 water or exhalations into grosser substances."

Newton also flatly states,

 "It's well known that bodies act one upon another by the attractions of
 gravity, magnetism, and electricity and these instances show the tenor
 and cause of nature, and make it not improbable but there may be more
 attractive powers than these.  For nature is very consonant with herself."

Mercury was filtered through the earth, in the same manner that the sun is
filtered through dense atmospheric air.

 "It is a mercurial spirit, extremely subtle and supremely volatile, which
 is dispersed through everyplace.  The general method of operation of this
 agent is the same in all things, that is, it is excited to action by a
 gentle heat, but driven away by a great one, and when it is introduced
 into a mass of substances its first action is to putrefy and confound
 into chaos, then it proceeds to generation… In a metallic form it is
 found most abundantly in Magnesia (antimony) and all spices of metals
 derive from this single tin root."

Male and female were joined in nature, but nothing man-made could imitate
natures union and left a one sided refraction of light.

 "A double mercury is the sole first and proximate matter of all metals,
 and these two mercuries are the masculine and feminine semens, sulfur and
 mercury, fixed and volatile, the Serpents around the caduceus, the
 Dragons of Flammel.  Nothing is produced from masculine or feminine semen
 alone.  For generation and for the first matter the two must be joined."

Beyond the theories of gravity extracted from ancient scrolls Newton’s
work went into understanding the vortex,

 "The moments of quantities are the principles from which they are
 generated or altered by a continual flux."

The periods of revolution vary in a vortex as the square of the radius,
whereas Kepler's third law, based on the celestial phenomena, demand the
three-halves power.

 "Let philosophers then see how that phenomenon of power can be accounted
 for by vortices."

New symbols were created by John Dalton, mastered in 'Newtons Principea',
Dalton developed the 'Corpuscular theory' describing the ratios of
ethereal gases surrounding atoms, bound mainly in differences of weight.
Then Alessando Volta in 1800, described the battery in his 'contact
theory', electricity arose from the mere contact of different metals,
hydrogen ejected from the negative pole and oxygen ejected at the positive
pole.  Following Dalton's lead, many recreated their own symbols until the
'Polar Theory' of chemical combinations resulted.  Confusion followed over
physical and chemical atoms, thus separating physics from chemistry,
Dalton objected to the tampering of his original symbols that led to his
'Corpuscular Theory'.  The atoms that were not bound by weights became
Isomers, and found to be joined by differences of structure with different
boiling points, their boiling points decreased as the compounds became
more complex.  Isomers were also found to rotate the plane of polarized
light found in optical activity.  The polyatomic densities of mercury,
phosphorus, iodine and sulphur went to the realm of physicists towards
industry and electricity.  Metalloids, semiconductors and superconductivity
were left out of medicine by the chemists analytical puritanism.

Once the Industrial Revolution gained momentum, minerals replaced the
burning of wood, leaves and incense.  The dragon spewed out gases and
metallic dust that altered the hues of nature's spectrum.  The
precipitation became a flux from the river of metallic malnourishment.
Herbal remedies were replaced with compounds of mercury.  Mercury vapors
and methyl mercury escaped into the atmosphere with undetectable odors and
chemical changes that putrefied and transformed organics into chaos.  Alice
in Wonderland's reference to the Mad Hatter was an isolated incident of
mercury poisoning detective work of an unfortunate few, the problem was
far more widespread, disguised and underestimated.  In Dormouse's story,
the characters were to draw,

 "Everything that begins with an 'M'."
 "Why with an M?" said Alice.
 "Why not?" said the March Hare.
 Alice was silent.

The madness spilled into espionage, wars and the procurement of minerals
notably Spanish mercury.  In the name of war, developments spread an inane
production from mechanics to chemicals that included tin cans.  Industry,
materialism and commercialism applied their politics to ordinary people
drenched in an ocean of apathy.  The game of economics is to the death, the
realm of play was born out of mercury's seven alchemical signs, the seven
sisters of oil, and the seven deadly sins, pride, covetousness, lust,
gluttony, anger, envy and sloth.

Patients filled hospitals with unknown diseases, some were saturated in
baths of mercury resulting in a slow torturous death.  Sanitariums
electrified the human circuitry already toxic and damaged by metals.
Pharmaceutical preparations contained mercury, metals and chemical
combinations that fanned the flames of chaos causing various sporadic and
chronic symptoms, in which Mercury plays the metals messenger.  Electricity
replaced the flame that once burned undetectable harmful gases, the
underworld surfaced and rose to the suns energies and confused the atoms
routed by metalloids.

Question Napoleon's import of sugar as to the cause of diabetes, because
in 1826 mercury was first used in dental amalgams in England and France,
the amalgam contained silver, tin, copper, zinc, and fifty percent
mercury.  Amalgam was introduced to the United States in 1830 where
organized dentistry denounced its use by 1840 in an attempt to show their
concerns about mercury poisoning.  Research now shows mercury coating
proteins in diabetes, making them unrecognizable as a protein and
undetectable in blood tests, because diabetes and gangrene have been cured
when heavy metals have been removed in chelation therapy.  1979 research
showed mercury vapor constantly being released from amalgams, stimulated
by chewing, brushing, or heat exposure, then in 1993 the zinc in amalgams
was found to dissolve in water or saline in the practice of dental
hygiene, and mercury atoms exist in the metallic state in the surface
layer of zinc amalgams.  Copper and zinc also play an important role in the
study of incurable amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.  In 1994 mercury placed
in teeth was found to accumulate in the odontoblast, the research suggests
that it may be transported into the dentin tubules and a cause of decay.
There is a missing link between mercury and penicillin both weakening
teeth, the chemical changes are an obvious clue.  Fluoride also creates a
chemical change with methyl mercury and mercury is a by product of the
chlorine process.  The slow release of mercury from dental amalgams
coincides with the slow onset of chronic illness and ageing, it starts at
birth from the mothers teeth through the placenta and in breast feeding.

Research at the University of Georgia determined that mercury from
fillings inhibit the effectiveness of antibiotics.  During 'World War II,'
European tuberculosis hospitals discovered patients recovered after the
removal of amalgams.  Agitation from chewing and brushing teeth give off
mercury vapors, then bacteria in food, the digestive system and the mouth
turns into odorless methyl mercury that can travel through the bloodstream
crossing into the finest fatty filtering tissues.  Volt's mixture of metals
create a 'battery effect' that can be found in a mouth containing both
gold and amalgams, there is also a natural current under the tongue.  There
are viruses whose formation is dependent on electrostatic properties that
go beyond the nervous systems electrical potential, their precise
alignment to self assemble shows the same function of the battery effect,
likewise their disassembling in distilled water.  It is evident that
mercury stresses the immune system of all females this was uncovered in
research on school children.  University of Calgary School of Medicine
demonstrated in 1984 that mercury from amalgams could be found in the
blood and tissues of pregnant mothers and their babies within a few days
and it has become evident that long term low level mercury over 0.06 mg.
reflect changes in menstrual cycles, quantity, duration and flow.  The
incidences of preterm delivery, spontaneous abortion, fetal death, still
birth, cerebral palsy and complications of pregnancy rise due to mercury.

Surgery was found unnecessary to unblock clogged arteries that result in
by-pass surgery, chelation therapy removed the heavy metals that caused
the arteries to block.  European research shows high density traffic and
industrialization result in heavy metal maladies.  In May of 1992 a medical
research team at the University of Kentucky, established a probable
relationship of mercury exposure from silver amalgam dental fillings to
cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's disease.  Comparison studies of
brain tissue samples from people with the same dental mercury exposure
were found to correspond to those with high lead deposits in their bones.
Mercury is the key to metals and electricity in the body, the mobility of
quicksilver to certain tissues has been found in its density,
transmutation and transformation.  Microwave ovens affect pacemakers, the
bodies electricity is influenced by similar corresponding spectrums
through the accumulation of heavy metals and the battery effect.  From
Newtonian mechanics we now have quantum mechanics, understood as photons,
atoms and electrons acting as particles and waves, but theorists still
search for how an object can act as both a particle and as a wave.  Main
stream medicine and dentistry pulled back in denial like a fault line
pulling apart with people falling in the crack, meanwhile support groups
for chronic illness support  research for a miracle pill, as the guardians
of health the drug companies, empty their cupboards of mercury tainted
prescriptions.  Meanwhile the growing smog and mechanical dust pollutes the
environment short circuiting all life forms.  Genetics avoided confronting
generational metal poisoning since physics, not considered a human
phenomena, developed in secret.  Meanwhile, medicine a monopoly of
chemicals and limited biology remained in denial of physics foundation in
metals, currents, toxicity, chemical changes and gases.  A historical
review states,

 "Lack of control groups unexposed to mercury (amalgam free) for
 investigations of health problems; Contribution of dental mercury to
 environmental pollution.  In conclusion, a lack of interdisciplinary
 research and of a critical approach to established clinical routine
 appears to be the reason for the failure of the dental profession to
 protect the patient from mercury exposure when saving the tooth."

Technically, 'Mercurialentis' is the first sign in the eye of mercury
poisoning, a brown discoloration of the anterior capsule of the lens, a
diagnosis not adhered to, but associated with eye problems and diabetes.
Obviously, the first sign of mercury poisoning is in the tooth.  When a
mercury molecule is attached to an organic molecule, its physical and
toxic properties are radically changed, organic mercury molecules are much
more soluble in fatty tissue, because of this, they cross membranes and
enter cells more readily.  When metals penetrate the brain they become a
potent neurotoxin, in brain research the neurotoxic effects of inorganic
mercury creates an irreversible blockade of the voltage-activated calcium
channels.  Mercury changes in many forms to combine with the human
electrical engineering, leading to symptoms and debilitating diseases of
the mind, nerves, muscles and bones, the tissues involved are as flexible
as the changes of mercury.  The World Health Organization reported that
exposure to mercury from amalgams is generally higher than that from fish,
seafood, water and air.  This generation will reach 200 years of mercury in
dentistry, the research is minute in comparison, but gaining momentum,
each generation has outlawed practices of the last, each time returning to
natures intimate beginning.

Under Swedish law dental amalgams containing mercury have been banned.
Sweden's shores were washed free of war, but tragically tainted by nuclear
fallout, they are the first to be officially freed from mercury in
dentistry.  For health and the environment, the first step is to stop
mercury damage to the fetus.

 "We realize now that we have previously made an error in our judgement of
 this question.  Patients have suffered unnecessarily and we will now
 rectify our mistakes and in different ways try to solve the problem."

Sweden's recognition of the dangers of mercury has resulted in new
insights into the prevention and repair of arthritis.  The majority of
dentists voluntarily stopped using amalgams in pregnant women before the
ban was imposed.

Venue: Columbia, platinum was put in a glass tube containing radium,
atomic particles given off by the radium attached themselves to the
platinum and gradually changed it into gold.  This laboratory gold was used
in radiation treatment for cancer, arthritis and other diseases, implanted
in diseased tissue it gives off a radiation which was found to stop the
spreading of diseased tissue.  This treatment is by no means one hundred
percent and juggled between a horrendous treatment and a cure, perhaps
just another example of alchemies fool's gold.  Mercury as a medical icon
has been replaced with a radiation icon.

With today's genetic research targeting diseases, patents are pending for
the golden egg, but nothing comes.  The original story of genetic splicing
was the grape vine, in an attempt to create a taller vine it was spliced
with the elm, but the elm is now in the process of extinction.  After a
century of denial of physics in medicine, genetics was sold for altering
structures for medicine, rather than wisdom behind the clinical electrical
circuitry.  It is the overall view of medicine and research that is in need
of repair.  Genetics can help understand the electrical circuitry of the
body, but the public definitions require correlation and association in a
broader picture that will properly differentiate between symptomatic
causes and grounds for a cure.  Salt, sugar, fat and tobacco have become
scapegoats for the superstructure and superconductivity of mercury and its
allies, the natural organic defenses, energies, alloys, insulators and
stimulants have been found guilty by a kangaroo court.  The lack of salt
leads to radioactive iodine entering the body causing cancer, sugar
alternatives lead to chemical imbalances, lack of fat leads to epilepsy,
and tobacco insulates the negative current produced by mixed metals and
stimulates the stressed electrical response with nitro-glycerin.

X-rays cause sterility and cancer because of man-made ionizing radiation,
the suns ionizing radiation is made harmless by filtration, broken up by
dense atoms in the atmosphere before reaching the earth.  In nature mercury
was made harmless by filtration through the earth.  Atomic bombs, nuclear
power and radioactive elements are all products of atomos that leads to
the giant toadstool cloud that excreted cancerous spores into the
atmosphere.  In the 1950's thermonuclear weapons development released
airborne mercury vapors, a tornado uprooted a red cedar tree nearby that
was then measured for mercury levels, since trees do not normally absorb
mercury from roots the levels are considered to be from airborne mercury,
the red cedar tree measured 7,000 parts per billion, the normal range is
from 2 to 4 parts per billion.  The thermodynamic kinetics of mercury
elevate the bioelectromagnetic communication through contact electricity
in the self assembly and transport of bacterial viruses.  Heavy metals
polluted with radiation, give off toxins in the process of decay,
therefore mercury is likely to transform the toxins into excreting toxins.
The static properties are broken down by distilled and deionized water.
Electrolyte solution rebuilds the natural mineral balance, but unless the
system is dismantled complex chemical reaction loops develop.  The spectrum
is made up of vibrations, the sonic vibrations are used to clean gold from
impurities, they also dislodge the buildup of impurities in the body in
the same manner that music and dance mildly free the body of stress.
Medicine is light years behind industry, fluorescent lighting contains a
combination of solid mercury and mercury vapor or a radioactive element,
fire alarms contain radioactive elements, but there is no household alarm
for the detection of mercury or radiation.  Meanwhile food is irradiated
for human consumption to kill bacteria, but natural organisms necessary
for regeneration are altered or destroyed too.  Radiation is the extension
of mercury's singular degenerative root.

Yesterdays 'Fates' decreed no help, no hope, no answer...  The suns sickly
face, earth's dark clouds, rain drops of blood, altars weeping and the
trees groaning because the 'fates' inscribed on tablets of iron and brass,
wait for wisdom to reveal the truth that leads to lasting peace.  The
future depends on nature's continuity through the study of medicine, arts
and sciences.  Apollo represented medicine that was essential in all
knowledge to become an accomplished student.  Medicine has searched nature
and administered man-made artifacts.  Instead, medicine requires the study
of man-made portents to administer nature's remedy.  The restoration of
medicine in education under the virtues of Apollo, requires educating each
generation to the next generation, then full disclosure of information can
be studied and analyzed to build cures, free from statistics financial and
political vindication.  Meanwhile strategic medical marketing, lowering
the price of beneficial medical and dental treatment is responsible
medical preventative practice.

Zzzzzzz...  Planetary nightmares...  Nostradamus armed with his silver
mercury mirror, revealed the tell-tale signs in the centuries of
destruction.  The flame of the soul burning at the root of the senses, the
spirit unleashed interwove the fabric of life.  Each step revealed the
next, the system that undid man and nature would have to be Mercury the
thief, as the mythological Gods would have us believe.  Fate cannot be
undone, but some things can.  Nostradamus comes to the end of his
quatrains, but in the few left, translations have not recognized the word
'dent', french for teeth, at the same time he changes the context of the
verb 'die'.  Back to the present in a UFO...  The first rule is don't alter
the past or risk the future, if our future descendants have risked such a
trip, perhaps we should think about the duality of nature required for
generations.  Living on land with cancerous deformities and viruses
resulting in a lack of hair or under the ocean deprived of air and altered
eyes, some say we would adapt in time, but this is not nature's nurturing
time, it is a singular man made time.  Time and dimensions are at odds in a
black hole, the celebration of life is in the duality of light and truth.


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