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Subject: Re: How do Christians have ORGASMS... BEWARE the Coalition!
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   Bringing this back to sex stories. The claim is made that the ONLY religion
that does NOT kill those who oppose it is atheism.

   Well, it turns out that there a number of religions that don't have this
practice. Yes, the Aryan based religions (Zoarasterism, Judaism,
Christianity, Islam, etc.) have this practice, but few of the Goddess based
religions do.

   In particular, the Tameran (ancient Egyptian) religion was (and still is)
highly tolerant of all cultures, religions, and belief systems.

   One of the great losses to humanity was the destruction of the Great
Library of Alexandria. First Christian mobs destroyed almost half the
collection, then an Islamic army destroyed the rest. Both the Christians and
Moslems spent many centuries destroying just about every piece of Tameran
literature they could find, claiming that the literature was "demonic" and

   As it turns out, many of the themes occurring here in A.S.S. are themes
that appear in Tameran myth. It seems to me that if writers used the
appropriate Tameran deities as the main characters of their stories, that
under both U.S. law (first amendment to the U.S. Constitution) and
International law (Article 18 of the United Nations Declaration of Universal
Human Rights) the sex stories would then be protected religious works. No
nation or state or locality could in any way stop the free distribution of
these materials and persons of any age could freely read them.

   As examples, Bast is the "Maiden" form of the Goddess, generally any age
girl BEFORE the girl becomes pregnant. Bast is a Goddess of sex and drugs and
according to Tameran myth had sex with EVERY other deity, both male and
female. This gives you your teen stories, your pedo stories, as well as
lesbian and group sex stuff. In particular, Bast is associated with
cunnilingus. She is shown as a white or golden or silver skinned young girl
with long blonde hair or with the head of a cat.

   Heru (called Horus by the Greeks) is Bast's twin brother and the two "did"
each other, which gives you your incest stories. Both Bast and Heru also did
their mother, Aset (Isis). Heru is a golden skinned man with the head of a

   Sekhmet is another Goddess of sex and drugs, representing the older wise
woman. She is also a Goddess of Destruction and would be the perfect mistress
for S&M, B&D, and FemDom stories. She is shown as a mature beautiful woman
with dark black skin and the head of a lion.

   Aset (whom the Greeks called Isis) is the "Mother" form of the Goddess.
She invented the dildo, a magick device the Tamerans called the Djed Column.
In addition to playing around with Her husband (Asar, called Osiris by the
Greeks), She also played around with Ra, Her children (Bast and Heru), and
Her sister Nebet Het (Nephythys). She is shown as a beautiful young woman.
This covers all of your wife stories, including "cheating" or swapping.

   Anpu (whom the Greeks called Anubis) was a dog-like God. He was discovered
wandering lost and orphaned by Aset (Isis), who took Him in and treated Him
as Her own son. This covers your beastiality stories. Aset also was known to
mate with various other primal male animas, including the bull and the horse
and the goat and the ram.

   Nebet Het (whom the Greeks called Nephythys) was the "mystery woman",
representing the dark and hidden and mysterious aspects of womanhood. In
addition to fertile grounds for stories on the basis of the mysterious woman,
She was depicted as cheating on Her husband (Set) with Asar (Osiris) and Aset
(Isis). She is often shown as a beautiful woman with wings. According to
myth, Nebet Het invented the "blow job".

   Het Heret (whom the Greeks called Hathor) was the beautiful cow-breasted
woman, representing motherhood. She is typically shown as a cow arched over
the sky, as a woman arched over the sky, or as a big-breasted woman with the
head of a cow.

   Nut was the Heavens. She is typically shown as a midnight blue cow or a
woman arching over the sky. Her skin is often shown as midnight blue or black
with a field of sparkling stars. Her vagina and breasts particularly sparkle
and glow. She is also shown in the "woman superior" position with Geb, the
black-skinned God of the earth.

   I could keep going with hundreds of deities, and a whole lot of details
about each deity, as well as summaries of some of the great myths involving
these various deities, if there is any interest in incorporating these
religious themes into amateur sex stories (and get rid of those annoying
opening messages about meeting local laws). My background in the field is I
am a practicing priest of Bast and Djehuti.