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(c) 1956 by Ernest L. Norman 
Unarius -- Science Of Life 

[continued from Part 2]

Since my initial trip, I have returned to Mars several times and 
have learned much more about this fascinating civilization.  To 
those who are proponents and ardent supporters of our free 
enterprise system, let it be said that they have a great shock 
coming to them.  On Mars there is no dog-eat-dog competition 
such as we, on earth, are so familiar with.  Everyone works for 
the government because the government is the people!  This 
highly developed socialistic system is not to be confused with 
any so-called communistic governments on earth.  The Martians 
never break laws, consequently there are no laws.  They have 
long ago eliminated legislative bodies.  How different here!  We 
have a huge and vast intricate network of legislative bodies, as 
well as various branches of law enforcement.  The average 
American has many thousands of laws to obey.  The great majority 
of the people either knowingly or unknowingly are breaking laws. 
As fast as a way is found to circumvent one law, a new one is 
passed to prevent this!  The modern Chinese have placed a great 
deal of personal value on face; they would rather die than lose 
face.  This sense of personal integrity was brought down through 
the ages from their Martian ancestors.  The average Martian has 
an advanced state of conscious personal integrity.  This 
eliminates the ponderous and very expensive system of government 
to which we are accustomed.  There is in consequence a vastly 
simplified way of life.  There are no taxes, as this land is run 
like a highly ordered non-profit business.  The various 
departmental or executive heads are all highly trained 
specialists and hold their positions because of ability and 

Another thing which some earth people would miss on Mars is 
money.  They actually use no money.  Therefore there is no 
banking system.  The citizen of Mars is, in a sense, his own 
bank and his medium of exchange is his honesty (his credit).  
Everyone works.  There are no loafers or unemployed.  They all 
take great pride in their vocation.  Work is not done for 
personal gain or selfish reasons.  

There is on Mars no sense of insecurity for all are provided for 
including the aged and the incompetent.  A working person is 
provided with a metal plate whereon are stamped his (or her) 
name and an identifying number.  This plate is used in the large 
automat-like dispensers which I was shown on the lower floor 
level.  When a person desires food, clothing, or whatever the 
need, he merely inserts this charge-aplate (if I can call it 
such) and withdraws it, along with the article.  As he is a very 
honest person, he never gets more than he needs or is entitled 
to.  This is done strictly on his own personal sense of honor 
and integrity.  As he has no sense of insecurity, he never 
hoards or takes more than he requires.  We can imagine what 
would happen if our great hordes of dishonest, grasping, selfish 
people were turned loose in the Martian cities! 

There are none of the conveyor belt-line techniques that we use 
here, although they are very advanced in science, electronics 
and machinery; yet there are a great many hand-made products.  
They realize that a vast productive system would only defeat 
their way of life.  The more a man works the more he can take 
home, so if a machine takes his place, he has nothing!  An 
article is valued only for its usefulness and not for the profit 
it might bring.  There is some semi-private enterprise.  In case 
a person makes some product in his spare time, he may open a 
booth where it is displayed.  All such enterprises operate on a 
barter exchange system.  As there are no profits, these private 
exchanges consequently are not running in competition with any 

I have gone to some length in trying to point out and explain 
what is very obviously a superior way of life.  We Americans 
have for a long time prided ourselves as having the best way of 
life on earth.  This is quite true as far as earth as concerned, 
but not in a broad unlimited view.  As Einstein once said, "we 
are never fools until we quit seeking."  

In our present democratic system (which is actually capitalistic)
, we have long passed the point of diminishing returns.  A 
government should be of the people and we should not lose this 
goal in our haste for profits.  The average citizen of the earth 
has a state of existence something like a whipped circus animal. 
Yes, it is quite true that we have a higher level of life than 
many other countries, but what a price we are paying for this! 
And couldn't we get something better if we tried?  But back to 
our Martian friends.  

From childhood they are taught to be useful and productive.  
Because of their simplified living habits, they have more time 
for self-improvement and for developing new types of plastics, 
textiles, etc.  They usually limit their meals to only two a day 
and even those are very simple, consisting primarily of 
vegetables and fruits, with some synthetic foods.  The Martians 
are not meat eaters partly for the reason that animal life has 
largely passed from existence on Mars, with the exception of 
mutants and the few obscure species previously mentioned, and 
these are inedible.  The Martian has learned how to grow, and 
also to synthesize many species and to produce artificially, 
many protein foods.  Many nuts (some of which look somewhat like 
peanuts) are raised.  A large nut similar to a pecan is grown on 
vines.  There is a vegetable something like a cross between 
cabbage and lettuce, the leaves being three-fourth of an inch 
thick and about a foot wide!  It is light green in color and 
very nourishing.  Another common vegetable looks like our onion, 
but has large, flat, flared leaves.  The people produce 
artificial sunlight in huge tubes so they can grow foods in 
their underground cities.  

Space is not too plentiful.  There are some dwarf trees, three 
to four feet high with a fruit that looks like an orange but has 
meat like that of an apple, is red skinned and sweet.  It is 
called sit-yu.  Some other vegetables are grown in troughs in 
long rows.  These look like huge mushrooms and have a delicious 

Martians are closely connected with the Venusians through 
thought transference or mental telepathy.  At one time, 
interplanetary travel was used, but these spacecraft are at 
present stored in huge underground hangars, and are being held 
in readiness for any emergency, such as a sudden mass evacuation 
of the population should any unexpected need arise.  

Yuzak explained that the science of interplanetary travel was 
something very difficult for earth man to understand inasmuch as 
the people and the craft itself would, in taking off, actually 
change the rate of vibration of their own and the craft's atomic 
structure.  Thus they would in a sense become weightless and 
temporarily free of various usual forces such as gravitation, 
inertia, etc.  This is something like pre-conditioning for fire-
walking which is still practiced in different parts of the globe.

My guide went on to explain that this science of changing the 
atomic vibration rates is a very advanced one, and that if the 
earthmen would learn this, it would remove all the present day 
obstructions and barriers such as materials, fuel, pressures and 
the hundreds of other hindrances to present day space travel.  
At present their experiments have progressed to a point where a 
man's body can be changed into electrical energies, sent over a 
radar beam and then changed back to the original state; all in a 
matter of a split second, and with no pain or discomfort to the 

This no doubt sounds fantastic, but remember that this same 
thing is being done here frequently, from the spirit side of 
life.  The memoirs of Sir William Crookes give an example of 
this in his experience with Katy, who materialized after being
"dead" for several years.  She was so real that he embraced and 
kissed her.  Afterward he said she was as real as his living 
wife!  Nowadays it is only the ignorant man who scoffs at any 
new ideas, and no doubt there will be those who will be unable 
to believe these truths; but it does not matter, since that 
still does not alter the facts.  Just fifty years ago they were 
laughing at the Wright brothers -- and think of what has been 
invented and improved and brought into use since that time.
No less so in the future.  The things of science which are 
commonplace in the Martian way of life could well become a
part of ours in some future day.  

I was informed that the Martians understand what is happening to 
the earth people and its veritable rat race, and they are very 
desirous of aiding through mental telepathy to inspire as many 
of the earthians as are receptive to their ways for the 
advancement of mankind and the improvement of conditions on this 
planet, and within man himself.  Until man realizes the great 
over-balance on the material side and gains the necessary 
spiritual knowledge we cannot hope to be harmonious with the 
other more advanced planets.  They say that it is realized only 
too well that they must not interfere with the evolution or 
progress of man on earth to any great extent, for it would not 
be in keeping with God's immutable law of individual soul 

The scientists of Mars have informed me that our telescopes, in 
the photographing process, are subject to error and do not get 
refraction but IN-fraction.  Sometimes the light rays, or 
vibrations as they are more properly called, are at times 
subjected to distortions, or bendings, in their flight through 
space, due to the proximity of some other planetary body.  
Because of the conjunction of magnetic lines of force, the 
astronomer does not always get a true picture of what he thinks 
he is seeing.  Also the planet Mars, on the outside of its 
surface, has a tremendously charged shell.  While it is 
invisible to the eye, this can cause great distortions in light-
ray frequencies.  

And so the time has come, at least for the present, to return to 
our more familiar planet earth, and I do so reluctantly, for 
there are still many more facets of life on (rather in) Mars of 
which I have only a slight understanding.  I would like to learn 
more of their various customs, celebrations and observances.  
Obviously it cannot all be taken in during only a few trips.  I 
cannot recall a single instance of this most fascinating and 
interesting experience of my visits to Mars without a deep 
feeling of awe, reverence and gratitude to this very fine person 
who calls himself Nur El for giving so unselfishly of his time 
and efforts in explaining so many things about the planet, its 
people, manners, etc.  But the most important part he is playing,
along with many others on their planet -- for all have this one 
thing in common -- is to present the plea for man to heed their 
warnings and put the use of atomic energy to constructive use, 
instead of in bombs.  For through their ability of clairvoyance 
and mental telepathy they can see what is happening, and are 
tremendously concerned regarding their own planets.  For anyone 
who understands even the slightest degree regarding the fourth 
dimension, can't help but realize that the destruction caused by 
the explosions and other results on the physical plane are 
indeed a very small part of the upheaval which takes place in 
the higher realms of existence, and even on the other planets.  
When throwing a pebble into a pool, we can only see the ripples 
with the physical eyes, but still down, on and on, goes the 
stone regardless of whether we see it or not.  The men on other 
planets are pleading for their own sake as well as ours for us 
to cease this nonsensical destructive thing that can only lead 
to tremendous repercussions in the ethers, even to a far greater 
degree than in the material or physical way.  

There is also a grave concern by these people about our 
destructive downhill way of life.  We are creating and breeding 
a race of psychopathic misfits in our highly specialized, 
mechanical world.  The people are becoming robots.  They cannot 
sleep for nightmares from fear and insecurity.  Their days are 
an endless succession of almost frantic scurrying, or worse, a 
robot-like existence of work, sleep, and work.  On every hand 
flagrant psychological and sexual stimulants are used for 
advertisements; suggestion is used to hammer home these cheap 
and malicious messages until the brain becomes numb and neurotic.
Exploitation of the masses has become a highly specialized 
science, ruthless and cold-blooded, running the gamut from 
charity to vice.  

On the other hand there are almost equally frantic attempts 
being made by various religious groups, churches, individuals, 
etc., to portray in some way to the great masses the grave 
dangers confronting them.  These efforts are pitifully small and 
weak.  Moreover, these efforts are not above suspicion, for 
there are, here as elsewhere, many charlatans.  

Resolving all these facts, and in trying to establish and 
correlate an active, vital, spiritual concept in their hearts 
and minds, earthlings must find their own solution.  Quite 
likely, in some future day, man will evolve a way of life that 
will embody not only some of the old spiritual and psychological 
factors which have been tried and tested, but many new and 
advanced facts will be added (new at least as far as the 
majority of the people are concerned).  

In this spiritually and scientifically integrated philosophy of 
life man will find not only surcease from this present day's 
made race to oblivion, but will find instead a new concept of 
the continuity of life, and with a Garden of Eden life will come 
happiness, creativeness and fearlessness.  

It was intimated in the foregoing pages that it was quite 
obvious that it would require several trips to gain a 
comprehensive understanding of the Martian way of life, and that 
therefore, I would quite likely, from time to time, make similar 
visits or flights.  Since concluding the last pages, Nur El has 
made contact several times and has given or shown me pertinent 
information regarding several issues which I would like to clear 
up.  In case some of you are wondering just as I did, what 
caused his people to go underground and why they do not migrate 
to some other planet since they have all the necessary craft to 
do so.  Nur El explained all this by first saying that Mars was, 
up until about 100,000 years ago, a planet very similar to the 
earth.  There was air, water, and an abundance of plant and 
animal life.  The cities flourished on the surface just as ours 
do.  At that time, through their occult science and also with 
their superior telescopes they saw, somewhere out in space, a 
cataclysm take place.  One of the giant suns suddenly went 
berserk, flared up like a nova and then exploded in a terrific 
blinding flash.  Huge chunks hurtled out into space in different 
directions, each one a smaller, white hot, atomically-burning 
sun, shooting off great streamers of atomic energies.  It was 
determined by calculations, that one of these fiery pieces would 
pass very close to our solar system.  As it was larger than our 
own sun, it was conceivable that there would be tremendous 
gravitational pull, besides giving off great energies.  It was 
also determined, as light traveled much faster in space than 
this huge chunk, that it would pass our solar system.  This 
therefore gave the Martians a grace period for preparation.  
They had, however, a choice: to stay on Mars or to migrate to 
another planet far away from this solar system.  After a search 
of the nearby, practical limits of the heavens, it was found 
that there was no other planet available which would be suitable.

So an alternative was decided upon.  They could build huge 
cities underground!  During the next two hundred years or so, an 
almost frantic building program was assiduously pursued.  We can 
well imagine some of the problems, the sacrifices, and the labor 
and research which went into this tremendous project, but it was 
finally accomplished.  In due time all was snug and ship-shape 
as possible.  Buried deep under many feet of rock and earth, in 
their newly constructed dome-like cities, the people of Mars 
waited for the final hours.  Day by day they watched the white 
glowing mass of light grow larger and larger.  There was no 
really accurate way by which to measure how close it would pass 
or just how hot it would be.  No doubt many thought it would be 
the end! 

Finally the hour struck.  Nur El stated that for eight days the 
planet was rocked, torn and twisted as great forces blasted and 
ripped the surface.  Plant and animal life disappeared almost 
entirely, except for the few species which escaped by being 
buried in caves.  The air and water too, were largely dissipated 
or drawn off with the passing nova.  When it was over, Mars was 
decimated and burned to a cinder.  

Other planets also suffered.  On earth there were great 
earthquakes and tidal waves.  A great continent and civilization,
called Lemuria, sank beneath the sea.  Great deserts were 
burned into the surface in places which were formerly beautiful 
forests and plains.  The Sahara and Gobi deserts were two of 
these.  Earth's orbit and axis (or the poles) were also changed. 
Instead of a circular orbit Earth was rocked into an elliptical 
orbit, with the addition of a very slight but definite wobble or 
oscillation, which it has never lost.  Uranus was pushed out 
into an orbit much further away from the sun.  Neptune suffered 
a similar fate although not quite so pronounced.  It is 
conceivable that the other planets were also affected according 
to their size and position at the time of the passing of this 
huge celestial "atom bomb."  No doubt the knowledge of this 
cataclysm will clear up some of the mysteries of Earth's history 
which have been puzzling the seekers of truth for many years.  

Another question might be asked in regard to the Martians' 
system of time.  As nearly as can be determined, they maintain a 
daylight and dark cycle of days just as we do; this is done by 
simply dimming the overhead dome-lights at regular intervals.  A 
week is about twelve days.  There are apparently no months 
tabulated, but the year is divided into four quarters, something 
like the seasons.  Their sense of time is quite different from 
ours.  They practice none of the hurry scurry which is so 
prevalent here.  Thus there is no constant clock watching, or 
the tensions which such a practice produces.  Here again is a 
similarity to the Chinese, i.e., 'there is always tomorrow,' 
a familiar Chinese adage.  Not that it should be construed that 
they are a lazy or indolent race, far from it.  They are very 
industrious, but mark each day by their accomplishments and not 
with the passing of hours.  

Just in the event that there may be individuals who may take
personal resentment, or a wrong view of any comparisons which 
have been made as to forms of government, etc., for the record 
let it be said: I consider myself just as much a loyal staunch 
American as any other citizen.  My parents and grandparents were 
all pioneers and helped carve out of a wilderness, what is now 
known as the state of Utah.  Moreover, my views on present day 
political systems are comparatively average.  As a philosopher 
and scientist however, I might point out as others have, many 
obvious flaws which are a matter of present day concern.  It
is the task of our legislative bodies to anticipate and to 
circumvent such flaws.  The Constitution is, in its entirety,
a very wonderful document which expresses very highly evolved 
concepts of living.  Such documents and governments resulting 
from them are, however, effective to the relative degree in 
which the so governed people integrate them.  The end result 
therefore devolves upon each individual so participating.  The 
fact that there are twenty-one amendments proves the correctness 
of this reasoning.  We must always remember that at no time in 
life should we ever assume we have reached perfection.  We must 
always visualize an infinite universe in which perfection is 
only relative.  We must not become restless or dissatisfied with 
what we have.  Rather, let us be thankful to our Creator for 
each daily manifestation of His love and abundance, always 
secure in the knowledge that He will always so manifest.  Our 
forefathers and those who helped carve out this great nation had 
such idealism and faith.  Because we have countless conveniences 
which they knew not, we must not lose our initiative to keep 
pushing back the frontiers of ignorance, fear and insecurity.  

Our present civilization, good as it is in some respects, leaves 
much to be desired.  It has been the purpose of Nur El, the 
people of Mars and myself to bring you some understanding of 
their ways of life, hoping thus to bring about, not only among 
the nations of the world, but future interplanetary relationships
which are harmonious and conducive to a better way of life.  

We all salute you and wish you infinite love, wisdom and peace.  

::: Addenda :::

Shortly after writing this article there appeared in the 
_Saturday Review_, on May 28, 1955, an article written by Dr.  
Robert S. Richardson, astronomer at Mount Palomar, which refers 
to the findings of the International Committee on Mars, which 
closed its fourth conference on March 25, 1955.  There are 
several interesting statements made, on which I will comment.  
Mr. Richardson states the consensus of opinion is that there is 
life on Mars, or that it could exist.  This is at least some 
progress in the right direction.  Also he is quite correct about 
the deserts.  Most of the surface of the planet is semi-arid 
waste lands.  It is however, incorrect to say there is no oxygen 

The presence of the green maria, which he called sponge-like 
algae, proves the presence of oxygen, although in a 
comparatively rare state.  As everyone knows, oxygen is 
necessary in the breathing cycle of any plant which contains 
chlorophyll (oxygen on Mars is about 10% of the density of the 
earth's oxygen) as was stated in the aforementioned article.  
This sponge-like algae is found growing along the edges of the 
snow banks and often attains a height of forty to fifty feet.  
It dries up with the vanishing of the snow caps and regrows the 
following spring.  

What the doctor states regarding water on Mars is very true.  It 
is very scarce and the people of the underground cities take 
great pains to conserve every gallon of it.  

As to the temperatures, that is still a matter of conjecture.  
It is a very tricky business to measure heat over thirty-five 
millions of miles distance.  Moreover, surface temperatures do 
not affect the inhabitants of the underground cities, as they 
are completely pressurized and conditioned with temperatures 
maintained at a comfortable level.  

The most surprising part of the entire article was that there 
was absolutely no mention of the famous canals of Mars.  I 
wonder what happened to them?  These canals were for many years 
a great controversial subject.  The photograph in this article 
does not show them, but this is perhaps explained by the fact 
that this photo was taken with infrared light film.  It may be 
that the savants at Mt. Palomar would like to explain this.  

It is of questionable value that the writer interjected such a 
material angle as real estate.  It seems it would have been wise 
to confine the remarks within the domain of science and leave 
this problem up to some of our great promoters in that future 
day of landing.  It might also be that the Martians would resent 
our tearing up their planet.  

It is also probable that in that future day when man does have 
space travel to Mars, he will be able to take his wife or loved 
ones along.  Landing there will be somewhat like taking a plane 
to a far off city on this planet.  On arriving on Mars the space 
ship will be taxied into a huge airlock.  The passengers will 
disembark and find hotels and accommodations in a similar 
fashion as on earth.  (Assuming of course that such factors as 
freedom from germ life, health, adaptability to lower air 
pressures, etc., have been fully compensated for.) 

It is unfortunate indeed that the astronomers of today take such 
a dim view of the possibility of life on other planets.  They 
should be in a position to know better than anyone else.  Does 
it not seem a bit preposterous to assume that in all the 
countless billions of suns, star clusters, galaxies, etc.  and 
their associated planetary systems, that earth and Mars alone 
are inhabited?  

Perhaps we should refer to Jesus of Nazareth when he stated that,
"In my Father's house are many mansions."  

In that distant day when space travel is a reality, let us hope 
that our men of science are universally schooled in the 
knowledge of the Infinite God and that we will find in this 
wisdom an integrated philosophy of life, one which will supply 
our need and an answer to every problem.  

In that future day, we will have put aside all our petty 
quibbling over interpretations.  We will find God not only in 
the heart and mind of man but in everything in this material 

- - - - -

So, there you have it -- The Truth about Mars -- BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

-Rhd. Blue Resonant Human, Ph.D.
"All impressions of Brother Blue are wrong"
[special thanks to Brothress PJ for the intell]

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