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Earth Changes from the Andromedan Perspective Figuring in the
Expulsion of ET Races by 2003: 

[1] Between June and October 2003, there is a strong probability that
we will wake up one morning and the moon will no longer be there. The
moon is in fact an artificial satellite and there are many many bases
on it. 

[2] Between 2003 and 2007, the benevolent races are supposedly going
to be all around us. We will see them, but they will not interfere.
They want to see how we interact with each other without manipulation.
They want to see if we continue the same behavior, because they do not
want to come down here and compound the problem or babysit. We don't
need a babysitter - we need the truth, and we have to have the guts to
stand up and ask the questions, and keep asking them until we get the
answer. We all have to do it, because if we all stand together, we
can't lose. On the other hand, if they are successful in dividing us ,
we're toast. Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer. How many stories
in history do you have to see? You can't be divided and expect to
remain as One. It doesn't happen. 

[3] Between 2004 and 2007, all of our DNA coding which involves all
the racial memory of 22 races our DNA is composed of will unlock. By
2007, everyone will have full memory of who they are, where they came
from and what you want to do. You will know what you soul-lesson is
and your reason for being here. 

[4] Between 2007 and 2012, we are supposed to see the birth of a
galaxy in Vega, just before we move into 5th density. 

[5] Between 2007 and 2009, if it is allowed to happen naturally, we
are supposed to have a 17 degree pole shift. Saudi Arabia is supposed
to become the new North Pole, which is great. Bury those oil fields
nice and deep. We will have free energy by then, anyway. North America
is supposed to be on the equator. 

[6] By the year 2000, you are going to hear more and more reports of
"ghosts", because what is happening is that the frequency which will
be hitting the planet, which is God, will be raising the vibration.
Third and Fourth density will be getting closer together as 3rd
density starts to implode. What this means is that the molecules in
our body will begin to speed up. You are not dead matter. You will be
passing out of 3rd and into 4th, on our way to 5th, and passing all
the consciousness that has not evolved or chooses not to. 

[7] There is a possibility that between 1996 and 1997, one third of
Japan is going to sink below the ocean. [Response from audience
member: "I just got a report from a friend of mine who came back from
India, that Sai Baba on his 70th birthday there advised a Japanese
group there to leave Japan]. The Kobe earthquake was manufactured,
because the Japanese government will not sell out its people to the
New World Order. They will not make their people take an implant. They
are being made an example of. Economically, the Japanese are tough,
but they don't turn on their own people. 

[8] There is a high probability that in July 2003, we will also have a
magnetic pole shift, and it will be the first one in 4,671years.This
will impact all electromagnetic devices on the planet. Animals will be
lost. It will throw off everything. 

[9] Between 1996 and 2012, some of us on the planet are going to be
fluctuating between optically being visible and non-visible on a
physical basis. Fluctuating between dimensions. There are five
individuals on the planet who do this already. Many of them will be
children, who will reveal what they have learned during their
fluctuation in order to try and help their parents get there. Many
children born today already have 3 strands of DNA. I am told you don't
need the other strands. All we need is one more, and its all
happening. It's happening naturally. If you open yourself up and allow
free movement of love in you life, it will happen within you. If you
restrict yourself, hold yourself back and move into denial, you will
be suppressing the energy that is coming in, and you will create
disease. This is going to effect the men, more than the women. The
male thought pattern of being logical is past - it is time to try
something different. 

Q: Do you mean that the men are going to have to express their

AC: Yes, that's exactly what I mean. They are going to have to move
out of the masculine dominated world role and into a more nuturing
role, not only with Self but with everyone else. It will be a tough
lesson for men, because of all the out-of-balance role models that
they have been exposed to and had to put up with. They need to be more
in balance. We have to make the effort. Again, it comes down to

[10] We are going to have to become more responsible and exercise our
free will, because there are going to be earth changes. People that
live on coastal areas have a problem. The oceans are going to rise at
least 200 feet between 1996 and 2008. The ice cap at the South Pole is
going to slip. The ocean will not reach Denver, but will get as far as
Lake Mead in the West. Most of the East coast will be all right except
for areas in Florida and an area in Georgia. The panhandle of Texas
will be under water for two years. 

[11] Around 2011, our Sun will undergo a 180 degree pole shift. It is
literally going to turn on its axis. 

[12] All of the continents which border the Pacific will be affected
by tidal waves because of eruptions of volcanos in the ocean. The
French nuclear test in December created a seven mile long crack in the
crust at the bottom of the ocean. These people are crazy, folks,
absolutely crazy. We know how to destroy ourselves. We have that down
to a science. We don't need to be testing these. We can't use them

[13] Within the next 10 years, the major cities in the United States
will be under quarantine because of the spread of tuberculosis. The
average life expectancy of men in the inner city will be 43 years of
age. For women, it will be 55. You are going to see the end of
welfare, free medical, county services, etc., because everybody will
be bankrupt. Again, this is all be design. Many people will be moving
out to communities outside cities, growing their own food, and having
their own private police forces. So, those of us who make these
choices are going to be stepping back into the 1800's. Horse and
buggies, and hopefully free energy. 

[Editor Note: In the January 24, 1996 issue of the Journal of the
American Medical Association, page 305, a report entitled
"Transmission of Tuberculosis Among the Urban Homeless indicated that
"a remarkably high frequency of primary tuberculosis was found when no
specific TB outbreak was identified in central Los Angeles." A
precusor of things to come? Furthermore, in the same issue of JAMA, a
report entitled "WHO Strategy for Emerging Infectious Diseases"
indicated that "the return of known scourges like tuberculosis are in
a state of flux globally" (p.318) Val] 

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