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Mantle said the Silent Vulcan -- named because it is shaped like the old
British Vulcan Bomber -- has been seen all along the "Pennine Corridor," from
the Midlands up through Derbyshire and into Yorkshire. There was a surge of
sightings in the 1970s and then again in the late 1980s. One came from a
Sheffield Police Officer.

According to Mantle, the Silent Vulcan widened its horizons in 1989 and 1990,
prompting a spate of reports in Belgium, including air encounters with F-16
jets, multiple radar trackings and official pronouncements from the Belgian
Air Force that the objects in question were of unknown origin.

"This latest report is the first officially recognised sighting of the Silent
Vulcan along the Pennines," Mantle said. "British Airways are to be
complimented for treating this incident seriously."


BOOK ALERT: The long-awaited book "Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience" by
famed UFO abductee Travis Walton, published by Marlow and Company, is
reportedly coming to bookstores in March, CNI News has learned.



[The following is excerpted from a story that appeared in the Los Angeles
Times on Feb 3, written by Carla Hall. CNI News thanks Brian Zeiler for
sending this item.]

Space aliens at last have their own landing strip in the Nevada desert,
courtesy of the state.

Desolate Nevada 375 has been officially christened the Extraterrestrial
Highway -- a nod by the state's transportation board to the area's reputation
for otherworldly sightings, and a ploy to attract more terrestrial
money-spending tourists.

Four highway signs proclaiming the new status will go up in the next couple
of months. "Of course they're going to be both horizontal and vertical so
extraterrestrials can see them as they land," chuckled Tom Tait, executive
director of the Nevada Commission on Tourism.

Nevada Gov. Bob Miller, the chairman of the board that voted the new
designation on Thursday, suggested that the signs be placed flat on the
ground so that aliens can land on them.

Of more earthly concern, though, is making the signs big enough -- maybe 8
feet wide. "Otherwise, if they're small, we're worried they'll be stolen,"
said Tom Stephens, director of Nevada's Department of Transportation.
"Wouldn't that be a nice decoration for your room if you were a teenager?"

The highway, 140 miles northeast of Las Vegas, is just outside the top-secret
Air Force range known informally as Area 51. The blacktop runs through an
isolated swath of desert that has long been a mecca for UFO seekers from
around the world.

Visitors and locals alike tell stories of seeing spaceships with odd lights
traveling at warp speeds. The fact that all these sightings are close to a
secret installation where experimental aircraft are believed to be tested has
only fueled rumors that the military is testing captured alien spaceships
there. Not surprisingly, the government denies this.

But Nevada has never been shy about coming up with gimmicks to make a little
money, and the campaign to publicize the desert as a potential spaceport for
extraterrestrials -- and a destination for their earthbound friends -- has
been bubbling along for awhile.

"Basically it's pretty harmless," said Jim Merlino, a member of the Pioneer
Territory board. "Any stimulation those poor folks can get from anyone trying
to come through, alien or otherwise, would be really welcome."

Traffic on the highway in 1994 amounted to a grand total of 53 cars a day,
according to Stephens. But local officials hope a name change will do for
Nevada 375 what the appellation Loneliest Highway in America did for U.S. 50.
It made it a little less lonely -- and gave the state a chance to market
"loneliest highway survival kits" and encourage people to stop at some points
along the way.

The proprietors of the highway's only restaurant/bar/motel, the Little
A'Le'Inn -- "Earthlings Welcome," says the sign on the door -- urged the
officials to act. "Our little community has become internationally known,"
said Pat Travis, who along with her husband, Joe, serves up "alien burgers"
and good-natured hype at the Little A'Le'Inn in the tiny town of Rachel.

Of course, most of the supporters of the name change have more belief in
economics than in extraterrestrials.

"None of the board members I know of has any special knowledge of visitors
from outer space," said Stephens. "Extraterrestrial means it can be something
just flying above the earth. It could be meteors."  The state, he notes,
wanted to stay away from scientific pronouncements.


    A Remote Viewer's Perspective

The following statement is posted on the Controlled Remote Viewing Home Page
by remote viewing expert Lyn Buchanan. With a long background in
military/government intelligence activities, Mr. Buchanan presumably knows
whereof he speaks when he says:

"You must remember that in the intelligence world, every truth is part lie
and every lie is based on some truth. If you try to separate the two, you
will only wind up confused and frustrated. If you are an outsider, you will
slowly learn that there IS no separation of the two... the lies and the truth
are just two of the many sides of the same ever-flipping coin. If you are an
insider, you will slowly and often painfully learn that sometimes the coin
lands by chance, sometimes the way it lands is rigged by you'll never know
whom, and that sometimes there is not even a coin at all.

"If you are lucky and work hard, you will find some of the truth. If you are
lucky and work REALLY hard, you might find the WHOLE truth... as someone
wants you to know it. If you are PHENOMENALLY lucky and really work your tail
off, you might even go on to find the REAL truth. But no outsiders... and in
fact, very few insiders ever... EVER... learn the WHOLE REAL truth."

Lyn Buchanan's Controlled Remote Viewing Home Page can be found at:



On February 2, the Polish Press Agency (PAP) reported that a UFO was caught
on videotape on New Year's Eve over the city of Lodz. The story, based on
information from a publishing company called "Pandorra" that specialized in
UFO material, said this was the first time a UFO had been filmed in Poland.

The report named UFO researcher Zbigniew Blania-Bolnar as saying that two
luminescent spheres appeared over Lodz late that night. Seven people standing
on a balcony saw and videotaped the spheres, which were said to descend from
the sky and then "wooshed back up at breakneck speed." The videotape lasted
about one minute.

Blania-Bolnar studied the video and reviewed eyewitness reports with members
of the Polish Astronomy Lovers Association. They ruled out the likelihood
that planets, satellites, fireworks or other natural phenomena could explain
the UFOs, the report said.


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