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Subject: ::: The Truth About Mars! (1/3) :::

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Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 03:28:39 GMT

(c) 1956 by Ernest L. Norman 
Unarius -- Science Of Life 

::: Preface :::

A few months ago the astronomical and astrophysical world was 
tremendously excited by the approaching conjunction of the earth 
with the planet Mars.  (This article being written in May, 1955, 
refers to the conjunction of Mars with the earth at the turn of 
the year 1954 to 1955).  Many prominent astronomical authorities 
hoped to settle once and for all time, the old controversial 
issues about this planet; i.e., were there canals or were 
there not canals on Mars and was this planet inhabited by some 
form of man.  So far as can be ascertained, the results of these 
investigations, after thousands of photographs of the planet and 
numerous controversies, was that some groups were even more 
firmly entrenched in their original ideas, while others became 
more confused than ever.  In an over-all sense, it can be said 
that they arrived at no definite conclusion whatever nor will 
any new conclusions that may be arrived at have, by the same 
token, any more validity than the original concepts (see addenda).  

Therefore any new attempt at visualizing life or the canals on 
Mars resolves into the realm of clairvoyance and not by the 
making of bigger and more powerful telescopes.  The two hundred 
inch telescope at Mt.  Palomar has, in a sense, merely increased 
the size of the universe for man rather than brought it closer 
to him.  Now, just in case the term clairvoyant should arouse 
any antagonism or question in some persons, let us digress a 
moment to explain just what is meant by the word clairvoyance.  

Clairvoyance (or the development of the sixth sense) is only 
another word for extrasensory perception taking place within the 
consciousness of man rather than through the reactionary 
physical senses such as physical sight, hearing, smell, touch 
and taste.  Practically everyone on this earth has had or will, 
at some time, be in a semi or momentarily clairvoyant state.  
Anyone having a so-called hunch or premonition is momentarily in 
such a state.  At the great Duke University, Dr. Rhine, in his 
fifty years of research on parapsychology has definitely 
established the facts and truths of extrasensory perception.  
There are numerous societies, associations and organizations, 
national and international, whose many years of work have proven 
beyond a doubt that man does have, and can also develop, this 
extra sense or clairvoyance, sometimes called the sixth sense.  

Any doubting Thomas can, if he is open minded enough, find in a 
short time, an overwhelming mass of evidence to support this 
truth.  In an advanced state of clairvoyance, an individual sees 
and lives in a state of consciousness which "tunes" him in, as 
it were, to past or future events, places and happenings, 
distance being no barrier.  Such an awareness or consciousness 
is almost as real as the everyday objects around him.  Any 
particular electrical or mechanical device, such as the 
television set will demonstrate to some extent the nature of 
this conception.  

A savage in the jungle would immediately be confounded were he 
presented with the appearance of some of our every day 
appliances.  He would quite likely, in his failure to understand 
or conceive, throw up his hands and deny the whole thing.  He 
would, in a sense, be like the farmer who saw the giraffe for 
the first time, exclaiming that "there is no such animal!" 

It is, as it has always been, the great lack of ability to form 
new concepts which has always caused man to throw up his hands, 
and cry out loudly against the appearance of any new thought, or 
mechanical or electrical contrivance.  This is also quite true 
of most of our modern day scientists, whether he is a man of 
medicine, of chemistry or of astronomy.  Therefore it is up to 
individuals who have developed this extra sense or clairvoyance, 
to fill in the obvious gaps in our many branches of science as 
well as in some of the more firmly established spiritual 

In writing an article of this kind, no effort is being made to 
prove what I have found and believe is true.  Truth is entirely 
independent of the individual.  After my thirty-five years of 
active research in the fields of electronics, physics, 
astrophysics, parapsychology and their allied and associated 
sciences, I have succeeded in correlating and establishing an 
integrated concept, which when combined with a natural and 
highly developed clairvoyance gives, to a practically perfect 
degree, a direct mental contact not only with person to person 
upon this earth, but in contacting individuals living on other 
planets.  This is in a sense, what can be called conscious 
astral flight; inasmuch as I see the cities and the people and 
hear the individuals, as they now exist on other planets.  No 
mechanical devices are used, nor is any particularly advanced 
degree of trance state entered into, maintaining conscious 
continuity and being able to quote at the time, just what is 
taking place both audibly and visibly, at all times.  

::: The Truth About Mars :::

Since the dawn of time and the beginning of man's history on 
this planet, the starry skies have always been something of not 
only great and wondrous beauty, but also filled with mystery and 
awe.  The histories of the ancient times contain numerous 
references to the sun, the moon and the many bright stars and 
planets.  Man has worshipped these heavenly bodies as deities or 
gods.  Quite often the very nature of the religious beliefs of 
the peoples were woven around these mystical heavenly orbs.  
Naturally there has been a great deal of conjecture as to life 
and the existence of man in some form on some of these bright 
specks of light.  This is especially true of the moon and of the 
planets of our solar system.  Men like Copernicus, Galileo, 
Plato, etc., all speculated on this possibility.  

During the last twenty-five years or so, there has been a 
tremendous impetus given to astronomical interests; perhaps this 
is partly due to the approach of the conclusion of a great cycle 
and the actual beginning of the Aquarian age.  There are 
numerous monthly publications which deal in a fictional way with 
interplanetary travel and life on other planets.  There likewise 
are other articles and stories which have appeared from time to 
time dealing with flying saucers and space ships, etc., which 
claim to be true, and as a small lad I shared this common 
interest in the heavens.  Often I would peer through my father's 
telescope (which was of very modest power) at the moon or other 
bright points of interest; winter nights would often be devoted 
to pouring over any book or article containing anything of 
astronomical nature.  

It was not, however, until the close of World War II and the 
sudden influx of flying saucer stories, that time and 
circumstances permitted resuming this fascinating subject.  
Along with metaphysical work which I did both in churches and 
independently, the planets, space travel, etc., all became an 
integrated part of this work.  

It was inevitable that sooner or later I should actually take a
"flight" to some planet, not that this would be done in a rocket 
or some such machine; man has not progressed to such an advanced 
state of engineering as yet.  So any such trips would be in a 
clairvoyant state.  I am not the only one by far, who has had 
such experiences; the persons both known and unknown who have 
made such flights and contacts are too numerous to mention at 
this time.  I might add that much of what is written in the 
following pages has since been corroborated by some of these 
persons, without my previously having read any articles so 
written by them.  

It has been my consistent habit to spend an hour or so of the 
late evening time in meditation.  During these hours I have made 
innumerable contacts with those who have passed from this plane 
of existence.  However no serious attempt at interplanetary 
contact was tried until the second month of the year of 1955.  
At that time I began to be increasingly aware that something 
like this was being attempted by the peoples of other planets.  
One evening, about the first part of May, of this year, while in 
a deep meditative state, I suddenly perceived a rather strange 
looking man standing before me.  At first I thought him to be 
Chinese, as his dress and general appearance was somewhat 
similar to that of a man of ancient China.  After introducing 
himself as Nur El, however, he quickly explained that he was 
from the planet Mars, and that if I so desired, I could go there 
with him, to his city (in astral flight) and that he would be my 
personal guide.  He explained that his people were very desirous 
in view of all the controversy going on, to clear up some of the 
so-called mysteries of Mars.  He further assured me that it was 
quite obvious that a complete understanding was not possible in 
one visitation; therefore as the first contact was made, it 
would be comparatively easy to establish other contacts, as was 
convenient and necessary.  Since this first contact and trip was 
made, I have returned on several occasions; in fact, Nur El 
often stood beside me as I wrote, to further clear up, or 
refresh my memory regarding any details which were not entirely 

Now I will contact my Martian guide and take an astral flight 
through space, and see just how it is that man lives on the red 
planet.  Almost immediately a very distinguished looking man 
stands before me; he is Nur El, a man of high position and 
esteem from one of the Martian cities.  He is dressed in a very 
brilliant red suit.  The coat is long, almost to the knees, with 
loose fitting pantaloons.  On his head is a red hat with a 
square shaped brim that is turned up on four sides.  

Our trip there is a matter of split seconds as no craft is used 
or needed.  Arriving on the surface of Mars, we are at once 
aware of the extremely rugged terrain, rocky hills and sandy 
wastes, that stretches out endlessly around us.  There are many 
peculiar whirling dust clouds all about.  Nur El explains that 
the ionosphere is very thin which leaves the surface almost 
unprotected from the various beta, gamma and cosmic rays.  This 
high concentration of rays ionizes the very rare and gaseous 
atmosphere and together with thermal currents, creates terrific 
dust storms.  There is also a very thinly divided dust layer on 
the ionosphere which helps create the reddish appearance of the 
planet.  There are also a number of volcanoes, three of which 
are of major size; one of these was just barely visible on the 
horizon trailing a thin wisp of smoke from its truncated cone.  
It was also explained that as Mars has only seven degrees axis 
inclination there is not much of a seasonal change.  Water is 
very scarce on this arid planet; most of the precipitation falls 
at the poles.  Vegetation is also scarce.  There are a few 
varieties of prickly cacti looking plants.  Also near the polar 
ice caps, grows a very luxuriant green alga-like plant that 
follows the melting snow line.  This spongy growth often attains 
a height (or depth) of forty to fifty feet.  It appears and 
disappears with the season as it grows tremendously rapidly, and 
it also disintegrates very fast.  

There are also a number of species of lizards, reptiles and of 
some insects whose hard shells have enabled them to weather the 
extreme atmospheric conditions and among them are giant ants 
which walk semi-erect on the two hind feet.  The guide tells me 
these are mutants which were accidentally produced from a small 
ant in an atomic experiment ages ago.  They are similar to 
humans in a very low state of intelligence and at one time it 
became necessary to make war on them, as they became so numerous 
and large.  These strange ant creatures average two to four feet 
in height and live in rocky caves.  But we did not tarry long on 
the surface; I followed my guide to a rather strange looking 
rock.  Then, taking a small whistle from his coat pocket, he 
blew one note and although I heard nothing, the rock immediately 
swung open disclosing a car-like elevator.  We entered and, 
after the door closed, I had the familiar dropping sensation of 
our own modern elevators.  The trip down took but a few seconds, 
and, upon stopping, I stepped forth into what was my first 
glimpse of a Martian city.  

I was immediately impressed by the soft white light that seemed 
to come from everywhere.  We were standing near the entrance of 
a large tube.  On Mars the cities are all underground and are 
connected together by huge oval metal tubes from three to five 
hundred feet in diameter.  There are monorail cars as long as 
our pullman trains which glide silently and very swiftly from 
one city to another.  The bottoms of these immense tubes are 
used for parks, growing foodstuffs and innumerable small 
manufacturing plants.  

Because of the great distances between the cities, these tubes 
have been built only partially submerged.  There are emergency 
air locks and bulkheads at the ends where they connect to the 
domes; other safety and precautionary measures are used to 
protect the cities and tunnels in case of breakdowns or outside 
attack.  It is these tubes which have confused the astronomers 
on the earth.  Some believe them to be canals.  There are also 
other theories.  The shifting desert sands often cover or 
uncover them which leads to further confusion inasmuch as they 
seem to appear and disappear.  

Turning about and looking down into the city is an unforgettable 
experience.  Like all cities on Mars, it is built on the floor 
of a huge metal dome.  These domes are sometimes four or five 
miles in diameter, and up to three thousand feet high.  They are 
constructed of huge curved trusses of a whitish metal, seemingly 
of a magnesium compound.  These trusses are covered with a metal 
top and bottom and the space in between filled with a plastic 
foam similar to the construction of the houses.  This also gives 
added protection from the various cosmic rays as well as sealing 
in the precious air supply.  Underneath the roof is an inner 
shell or a second false shell which is composed of sheets of a 
pale BLUE plastic.  This is suspended from brackets from the 
dome at a distance of about six feet; in this space are the many 
thousands of fluorescent tubes which make up the lighting system 
and they reflect downward the soft radiant light which I first 
noticed.  I was told this light is very similar to a modified 
sunlight, and is very healthful and stimulating to plant life, 
as well as to the people.  As these domes are built in the 
bottom of excavations, the sands soon drift over them and cover 
them up, giving added protection from the strong surface rays.  

The cities are laid out like a wheel.  The center hub is a very 
large circular structure which houses the various municipal and 
civic governmental departments.  Underground is a very large 
atomic power plant for supplying the cities' needs.  The streets 
stretch away from the hub like spokes, and at regular intervals 
circular streets are intersected; this is similar to our 
national capital.  The streets which radiate from the hub rise 
at a very gentle rate of inclination.  The houses and other 
buildings are built on low elevations which rise like tiers.  
Walking up one of these streets gives one the impression of 
walking on air, as the paving is of a springy plastic material 
in a very soft shade of green.  Stopping to inspect some of the 
houses, I am nearly overwhelmed by their wondrous beauty, 
simplicity and charm.  In every small, vacant space in the 
streets and grounds around the houses are growing plants.  These 
are mostly fruits and vegetables.  They are planted in metal 
troughs and other containers.  The soil is a mixture of natural 
and artificial plant humus and moss.  The houses and buildings 
are semi-prefabricated in a wide variety of plastic of pastel 
shades.  The walls are formed of two sheets of thin plastic 
about two inches apart.  After the walls are fastened together, 
a liquid foam like plastic material is injected or blown in 
between the walls.  After this hardens, it gives the whole 
structure tremendous strength.  This hardened plastic foam acts 
also as a good insulator.  

There is no problem of heat or cold in a Martian city, with an 
abundance of atomic power.  The whole city is air conditioned, 
free from dust and fumes, and is maintained at a constant 
temperature of about 68 degrees.  Further comfort is assured
the occupants of each home by its own air conditioner.  Huge 
electronic pumps suck in and filter the thin outside air and 
raise the pressure to about seven pounds per square inch.  This 
is somewhat of the same way in which a modern earth airliner 
pressurizes the passenger cabins.  It also strengthens the 
overhead dome structure by pushing out uniformly at all points 

As the outside atmosphere is very rare and of a low oxygen 
content, the Martian cities are becoming less and less dependent 
on that source of air supply.  Many thousands of years of ago 
they learned how to obtain air from water by electrolysis.  They 
also make a great effort to create great underground reservoirs 
near the ice caps to drain off and store any surplus surface 
water which also, along with the oxygen, has become increasingly 
rare through the centuries.  

At the present time, scientists on Mars are learning to make air 
and water synthetically out of other elements.  They have also 
explored every possible existing subterranean river or lake and 
have added much to the dwindling water supply by some important 
discoveries.  It is estimated that, with careful conservation, 
they will have enough water for several thousand years, during 
which time other means will have been arrived at for solving 
this problem.  

Mars is very rich in mineral deposits of which some of the 
radioactive variety are especially abundant.  The planet has 
also, like the earth, a molten liquid core of some of the more 
dense elements.  Scientists on Mars are tapping these deep fiery 
realms as an extra or added power supply, although the abundant 
radioactive elements are at present more than adequate to supply 
all the needs.  

All buildings are supplied with electric power from the central 
power plant.  The power is radiated over ultra high frequency 
beams which crisscross the streets, and are relayed by smaller 
substations.  On top of each building is a split ball-like 
antenna which intercepts these power beams, bringing power down 
onto a small secondary radiator which in turn radiates the power 
through the building, lighting the lights, operating the various 
motors, etc.  These are, of course, all constructed very 
differently than the motors and electric lights on earth, which 
are large, clumsy and very inefficient by comparison.  

Window glass is a polarized material which transmits light one 
way, from outside in, which gives privacy without the problem of 
shade and drapes.  A simple metal folding shutter is sometimes 
drawn across the window to shut out the light when sleeping, etc.
Furniture in the home is very simple and is contoured to the 
body and is made of metal 

and plastic.  The houses are not overly furnished as are so many 
of earth homes, yet there is sufficient for comfort in a simple 
fashion.  Rugs are a plastic foam-like material which is springy 
and resilient with no dusty nap.  Various colors are used and 
slightly raised designs which give variety and charm to the 
lovely over-all appearance.  The kitchens would be a delight to 
the earth woman; all cooking is done in an oven which is built 
in a wall cabinet.  The oven is operated on high frequencies 
which cook all foods in a matter of a very few minutes, or in 
most cases only a few seconds.  There is a dial-like indicator 
which is pre-set.  The food to be cooked is placed in the oven, 
the door closed, a red light flashes, and presto, the meal is 
cooked.  I did not see any boiling or frying, in the 
conventional way.  After dinner, the dish washing is a very 
quick and simple process.  The dishes are placed in a metal 
cabinet, a dial set, and after a few minutes all are clean and 
sparkling; no water is used.  Instead, stream of electronic 
energy of some sort does the job.  The dishes are made of a 
plastic like material which is repellent to soil.  

The bathroom is also quite different.  The stool appears or 
disappears in the wall as needed.  Disposal is efficiently taken 
care of by electrolysis.  Very little water apparently is used.  
Bathing is done in a small booth where an atomized spray of 
pleasant smelling liquid is sprayed on the body and wiped off 
with a very absorbent towel.  Here also, no water is used.  
There is also some kind of energy ray used which stimulates and 
leaves the body very refreshed.  Teeth are cleaned with a sort 
of electronic brush which is a metal rod on a handle.  Moving
it around the teeth directs a flow of energy which cleans and 
stimulates the teeth and gums.  

Very little of the normally expected house cleaning is done in a 
Martian home; all interior surfaces are dirty repellent and, as 
the air is normally very clean and inasmuch as there is no 
smoking, frying or similar soot procedures, the homes are very 
clean and spotless.  

Mounting a flight of stairs to the roof, we emerge onto a 
typical Martian garden.  The roofs of these homes are flat and 
planted with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers.  
Each home grows quite a lot of the normal supply of foodstuff it 
consumes.  They take great pride in these roof gardens and 
frequently engage in friendly competition in contests between 
neighbors in an attempt to raise the most beautiful display of 

Returning to the street after my first glimpse into a Martian 
home, I became aware that there was something missing which was 
customarily found in a city.  Glancing up and down the street, 
it suddenly occurred to me!  There were no stores, no shops, no 
neon signs or any of the familiar garishness one finds in our 
cities.  My bewilderment caused Nur El to smile.  Motioning me 
to follow, he walked over to where a low, circular platform 
stood, up a few inches from the street level.  We stepped on 
this platform and almost immediately began a slow descent 
through a metal tube.  On coming to rest, a door opened and
we stepped out into what was another great surprise.  

[continued in Part 2]

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