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Flying Saucers Are Man-Made Electrical Machines

A BOOK REVIEW by VAL VALERIAN 8/9/96 "Space Aliens from the Pentagon:
Flying Saucers Are Man-Made Electrical Machines", by William P. Lyne,
was first released in 1993 and revised and expanded in 1995. It is
perhaps one of the best books on the subject we have so far, within
the context of the paradigm it covers. 

The whole issue relative to the presence or activities of alien beings
on the planet, as well as the existance of things flying around in the
sky, the issue of abductions, alien-human interaction and other types
of unusual activities seems to be divided into several groups of

    1. Those who believe there are no aliens at all, which the author
    of Space Aliens from the Pentagon subscribes to, and that the
    controlling factions on the planet are totally responsible for
    everything we are seeing. 

    2. Those who believe that aliens are doing it all and the
    government knows this and is hiding the fact while trying to
    develop weapons against them and buy time. 

    3. Those who believe that the controlling factions on the planet
    AND non-terrestrial/inner-terrestrial humanoids have gravity
    technology and are jointly participating in overlapping aims to
    de-populate and control the planet, while at the same time trying
    to give the public the impression that aliens are doing it all in
    order to hide the fact that they have the technology and is using
    it to impact the population covertly. In addition, that the
    controlling factions on the planet are a type of
    fascist/Illuminati technocracy born out of post-WWII and that the
    technocracy is under the ultimate control of extremely negative
    Reptilian humanoids. Additionally, that there are forces and
    scenarios of alien origin that even the fascist/Nazi controllers
    have to contend with, vying for parcels of control over the
    population. And, further, that there are benevolent species that
    exist separately from the controlling scenario. I tend to view
    this third option as being closer to the truth. It has been my
    experience that everything we see is composed of more than one
    option operating simultaneously. This does NOT mean that
    everything that pops out of the woodwork is necessarily plausible
    or fits in. 

    However, having said the above, let's review a bit of the book.
    The author, William Lyne, has done a really interesting piece of
    work which only serves to support the knowledge we do have about
    the interaction between the US, Germany, Canada and England during
    the last several generations. According to the author, the main
    source of the technology was Tesla, as early as 1917, and that
    world controlling factions stole the technology and developed it.
    Secondly, that the Nazi's played an important part in this, and
    that they still do. It's not that the Nazi's invented the
    technology, says Lyne, but that they acquired it from other
    controlling factions who had the Tesla-based technology. 

    Lyne makes what we view as a correct observation, that all the
    media hype is trying to convince the public that "aliens are
    behind it all", when in fact fascist globalist power factions are
    behind it all and are trying to keep this information from the
    public. Note that this is not inconsistent with "choice 3" above.
    The government hype, says Lyne, is to convince us that "flying
    saucers do not exist" or, if they did, "they would be
    extraterrestrial". No problem there. 

    However, I personally lay both the ET scenario and the Government
    scenario side-by-side in MATRIX II and demonstrate that there are
    so many similarities between what the government is doing and what
    ETs are apparently doing that it is hard to tell the difference.
    Of course, this supports Lyne's theory. But, I have run into a lot
    of other things in my life, and people, that indicate to me that
    there are other scenarios running parallel to the first one. In
    other words, its a COMPOSITE scenario in which
    fascist/Nazi/Iluminati/Reptilian factions are doing 85% of the
    action, and other species are doing the remaining 15% and getting
    blamed for 100% in order to hide the rest of it. I have friends
    that have been taken and beaten for what they were trying to
    reveal. Beaten by who? They were taken aboard a ship that had a
    crew of Germans, US military and Reptoids. And, they aren't the
    only ones, either. There is a lot of missing history relative to
    the acquisition of gravity technology by the controlling factions,
    and I view Lyne's book as a simply great contribution to filling
    in a lot of the missing gaps. His work supports other things we
    have been developing in our on-going chronological analysis, now
    over 280 pages long. Lyne's work is important, just as Dr. Richard
    Sauder's work on government underground bases and tunnels is
    important. Each fills in a piece of the puzzle. 

    Space Aliens From the Pentagon documents a lot of the work of
    Tesla. The author does a nice job with copious drawings of Tesla
    technology that he maintains is being used. Lyne discovered a
    piece of German technology in the southwest a number of years ago
    from the "P2" project, back in 1938 when Von Braun and company
    were in the American Southwest. After the war and Operation
    Paperclip, over 400 scientists and 15,000 "helpers" came from
    Europe and setttled in the Four Corners area, especially New
    Mexico, to continue work. None of this is inconsistent with our
    own research. Our review of Treason's Peace: German Dyes and
    American Dupes, by Senator Howard Ambruster in 1947, documenting
    the complete takeover of US industry by I.G. Farben, Secret
    Agenda, by Linda Hunt, documenting the almost 40-year extent of
    Operation Paperclip and Project 63, and several other keys pieces
    of evidence all support the conclusion that the United States
    created Nazi Germany, through the funding from Rockefeller and
    Bush interests and material support, via I.G. Farben agreements,
    through Standard Oil and other American subsidiaries of I.G.
    Farben. None of this is inconsistent with Lyne's material, which
    simply supplements all the other data. 

    Lyne maintains that the Germans tested a neutron bomb in 1931 in
    the Libyan desert, and that during World War II turned on the
    factions which created Nazi Germany (the United States) and
    threatened the US with obliteration unless it provided the Nazi's
    with a safe haven. If Operation Paperclip is any indication, it
    worked. Furthermore, Lyne maintains that under all the U.S.
    Geological Survey markers scattered all around the planet,
    especially in the US, there are crystalline resonators which
    provide the fascist controllers with computerized reference points
    for rapid navigation in the gravity craft. Lyne relates many
    stories of people he's met and interacted with that give
    plausibility to everything he says. In short, I have found no
    critical error in the whole 250 page book. Many things he says are
    supported from other independent sources. It's a well done piece
    of work and a critical missing piece in a historical sense. Now,
    if you are technically inclined, there is enough data to get you
    working on a project to build your own Tesla devices, if you are
    so inclined. 

    The only area where Bill and I disagree is that he maintains that
    his approach is a singularity and completely defines what is going
    on. I say there's more to this picture than it appears. After all,
    isn't it always that way? There is just too much evidence to say
    otherwise. Yes, I think a lot of UFOlogy is a bunch of CIA-induced
    fanatical crap. That's for sure. A lot of books out there today
    are a bunch of misinformative crap. The problem is, for most
    people, is not only that they do not understand the element of
    simultaneous hierarchical scenarios. They know just enough about
    any of them to appear simply stupid, and will buy into almost any
    New-Age or space-brother dogma. Not to say that there is not
    legitimate extraterrestrial activity going on, but I am convinced
    that most of it is not what it appears to be, but in fact is human
    activity using an alien guise as a cover. Lyne correctly asks, why
    would a government trying to hide the fact that UFO's exist and
    aliens exist be announcing it on TV? He concludes that it means
    that they do not exist at all, which we do not see as the case.
    There is no such thing as an "all or nothing" aspect to the
    activity of tyranny. The point is, that we live in a society
    dependent on DUALISM where if something is not ONE thing, it MUST
    be another ONE thing. One week they tell you something, and two
    weeks later they tell you the opposite, resulting in a complacent
    population steeped in indecision. Ya! So, people are conditioned
    that "it" has to be "either" this or that, each of which precludes
    the other. Well, folks, REAL reality is not that way at all.
    Nothing in scenario 3 precludes the singularity of the appearance
    of any of its components, does lt? However, if you are steeped in
    social consciousness, materialism and dualism, like they try to
    keep everyone in, it's pretty darn sure that the population will
    never figure it out, right? 

    In short, within the aspect of the issue that the book covers, we
    view Space Aliens From the Pentagon as a most valuable addition to
    anyone's library, and well worth the purchase price. It doesn't
    have an index, but we're doing one for Bill, and it will increase
    the ultimate value as a reseach tool. For purchase data, see Book

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