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Subject: Los Alamos: Underground SCIF areas where "alien" artifacts are kept ??
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 Special Compartmentalized Information Underground Facilities (SCIFs)
 at Los Alamos National Lab where "Alien" artifacts are kept ??

  After the supposed "Alien" artifacts were moved out of WPAFB,
OH in the 1982/83 time frame the next question would be: Where
did they go ?  Well, two places have been reported: The NSA
facility at Ft Huachuca in Arizona and Los Alamos National Labs 
NM. Very little is known about the move to Ft Huachuca so we 
focused instead on Los Alamos but even here there is much less 
known about this facility than the "Vault" system at WPAFB. 
Note: There were reported "Alien" artifacts already at Los 
Alamos before this reported move took place.

  Figs 1 shows the area adjacent to the Bandelier National 
Forest on Rt 4 (Forest location & Los Alamos Natl Lab shown in
MapFig circled in red). In figure 1 one can see a bunker: This 
bunker is representative of the many bunkers that dot the side
of this ridge and valley area. Located just over the hill area 
where this bunker lies is a huge hangar bay door (not shown) 
according to a Ret AF LtCOl. Fig 2 shows Tech Area 33 entry way
at Los Alamos: The road shown in this entry way reportedly 
leads in one direction off to the left and down to this huge bay 
door on the bottom "south" ridge area according to this same AF 
LtCol. This is said to be were many of the recovered "Alien" 
artifacts were brought in. One example of this is when they 
would try to bring recovered "saucers" through this bay door 
and more often than not they would have to "tilt" the recovered 
"saucer" up on its side to get it through the door. This huge 
bay door entry is said to lead to a six level structure under 
the surface. This underground complex is part of a greater 
complex called "Dulce" (this was the Code Name). The
"Dulce Complex" or Area "E" is, composed of sixty buildings: 
Some are underground; some are revetments, and some are bunkers.
Badges with a color security system is in effect. All this 
according to a key Gov Source who had been there in circa 
1978/79. His words to me: "You should have seen what I have 
seen." The underground part of the facility is estimated to be 
over a 100++ft down in this mountain ridge area close to the 
National Forest. This area also lies just outside the main lab 
complex at Los Alamos (See MapFig). 

  Note: In addition to the "Dulce Complex" there was a reported
newer structure built in the late seventies that was described as
a three story underground facility. This facility may or may not
be physically comnnected to the "Dulce Complex."

  Now, the big bay door entry represents the "back door:" The 
"front door entry" is "suspected" to be back down the hill going
in an easterly direction away from TA 33 along Rt4. At the bottom 
of this hill is another Tech Area with controlled access. People 
who have worked in Tech Area 33 know about underground facilities
there (not related to this subject) but, are not apparently aware
of just whats behind that huge bay door which according to this 
same Ret AF LtCol lies further down the ridge line. And, just 
like at WPAFB, OH; an estimated 99+% of the people assigned to 
Los Alamos Labs don't know of the existence of this reported 
underground six story facility: Or, if they knew of it they don't
know what its used for or, no "Need to Know."

  According to our key Gov Source this six story underground
building is said to be highly secure with floor access
controlled by tubes that only go "down" and super secure "up" 
access by elevator only. This security system also holds true
for the reported newer three story structure. This same source
has said that within this "Dulce Complex" or Area "E" sometimes 
refered to as Area 53 was were the first reported EBE was kept:
EBE-1 was kept there until it was said to have died on June 
18th, 1952 from an unknown illness. An old Army/Air Force brown
shoe Ret Col who reportedly lived with EBE-1 for three years 
from 1949 to 1952 lives in Phoenix AZ with his daughter at last
reports. Eight years ago he was quoted to have said "There isn't
day in my life that I don't think about this." But, he wouldn't 
talk to you unless you were "cleared." And since he has been 
suffering with terminal cancer he may be deceased at this
point. But, according to this same Gov Source there was a
16mm film history made of those three years with EBE-1 and
he saw a segment of it. That 16mm film was later transfered to
video tape.
  Our Chief Scientist who heads the Division within this six
level facility from the surface has reportedly been in this 
business for over forty years. His knowledge in this area is
considered "Vast" to say the least. He has stated that he 
spends about 70% of his time on this subject and the remaining
time on other technical or management problems: In Febuary 
1990 he said that some of our people have gone to the "Zeta 
Reticuli Star System" and some of "theirs" have stayed with us.
But, under no circumstances will he come out into the open: 
And will only talk to people who are "cleared."

  For an example of what was reportedly moved from WPAFB to
Los Alamos or Ft Huachuca please see the following URLs:  

1)  http://www.execpc.com/vjentpr/sentalk.html

2)  http://www.iscni.com/ISCNI_FTDAlien.html

  As a casual remark in this brief report I wish to point out 
that the Top Secret/Special Compartmentalized Information 
vaulted Libraries, (TS/SCI Libraries) on this subject have been
reported at; Sandia and Los Alamos Labs New Mexico, and the NSA
facility at Ft Huachuca Arizona. Some material is still believed
to be at the National Air Intelligence Center (NAIC) WPAFB, 
Dayton Ohio: And lastly, there is a reported TS/SCI vaulted 
library in a government building near the "Mall" in Washington 
DC. This facility was visited by one of our sources in August of
1995. Lying in the floor area of one of the main entries to this 
building is a game board called "King's Table:" This board game
is often refered to as the "Viking Game" and dates back at least
1500 years. See URL:


  It might interest the reader to attempt to decipher the 
supposed relationship between this board game and the suspected
"alien" presence on this planet and the games that get played: 
Hint, we strongly suspect there is a relationship: The game
looks basic and simple but we don't believe it is: Just like 
real life games.

  So, these are the details up to this point: Certain 
types of information has been left out and other information
is not available: If more details do become available on 
locations and facilities we might want to be cautious less
some well intentioned but unwelcomed people show-up there:
The "Dulce" facility is assumed to be very active.

  Finally, we are being told by Gov Intell Sources that for
the disclosure process "everything" is "set" and "in place," 
"ready to go:" In fact, they state that "it's already in 
motion." This report is certainly more "speculative" than 
previous ones but, there is high confidence here in the 
sources and data which have been shown to be right before. 
We will attempt in every way possible to keep the readers
up to date...but, only if they don't expect the "world."  

For images and more information the Reader is directed to URL:




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