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Subject: Toado definitions

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Date: 3 Jan 1998 19:50:16 +0100
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Edmond Wollmann  <wollmann@rohan.sdsu.edu> wrote:

From: Edmond Wollmann <wollmann@rohan.sdsu.edu>
Subject: Toado definitions
Toadology is the study of the synchronistic interaction of the
psyche, the physical world and the resulting momentums (physical
effects)-or experiences from it.  When blended with other paradigms
of the helping professions it becomes a powerful tool of insight, and
guide to remediation psychologically towards redefinition and
reframing of psychic material on all levels.  Toadology combined with
psychology assists us in taking responsibility for the creation of
our reality through the recognition and understanding of HOW these
projected versions of our psyche and experience have been created,
through our choices in belief and definition of the self.
The toadoscope can be likened to a photograph of the swamp system
(egocentric perspective of the terrain) at the time of your birth
from the place of your birth of the positions of the toads against
the backdrop of swamp configurations, or division of the bufonox
(areas of dampness). It reflects a web or matrix of vibrational
frequency (explained as wave-forms in holographic terms), which is
then interpreted (not known currently in a mechanistic way) by the
toadologer or psychologist.
The toadoscope is a map of the mathematical relationship of the toads
to the subject and each other at the time of our birth. It reflects
individuality and identity, it does not cause it. The toads REFLECT
the archetypal references (existing as ideas) that are inherent in
the Swampiverse (many layered puddles) holographically. These
archetypes were refined in delineation by the noted toadologist, Burp
Bufo. These "ideas" are reflected in all that we see around us
because we are one with the universe and are that reality. Physical
reality is a projection-a version of consciousness in material form.
Perhaps this is where superstitious and uninformed beliefs about
toadology being a mechanistic cause rather than a synchronistic
reflection-comes from.
Here are a few of the unsubstantiated assumptions about toadology;
1) Toadology is a subject that one either "believes" in or not.
Toadology is not a religion or cult. Therefore faith is not required
for it to function. It is a subject that can be known and is
operationally obvious once it is learned. Hence the concept of
believing in it is an effect of the misperception of what it is. We
cannot believe or not believe in something that we know nothing about
anyway. The sciences are belief systems it is acknowledged (See Kuhn
and "The Nature of Scientific Revolutions").
2) Toadology must be an Art or a Science.
Toadology is an Art/Science. The scientific aspect is in the
toadoscope's observation, derivation, and mathematical
interrelationship measurements between toad bodies against the swampy
backdrop (geometries). The art aspect is in the intuited blending of
toadological significators into psychodynamic awareness and the
communication of this awareness and remediation to client. This part,
like all crafts, must be mastered before application can ensue.
Physics is now demonstrating that the consciousness of the observer
is intimately connected with the creation of the observed (Please
review "The Self-Aware Universe" by Amit Goswami). Toadology contains
science-but science cannot contain toadology.
3) Toadology must be proven scientifically before we can accept it as
Toadology and science are two different ways of investigating the
universe. The toadoscope like art, requires sensibilities not found
in science. However, toadology does contain science found in science.
But toadology is more than science as described above and cannot
limit its application to such a focused and exclusive subject as
science.  Science is an ELEMENT of toadology. Since toadology is an
Art/Science only the scientific aspects can stand empiricism. The Art
of interpretation may be open to debate as to style or application,
but VALIDITY is always based on service to client or public-as is
psychology, stock market forecasting, weather forecasting or
earthquake prediction NONE of which are totally empirically working
models.  Service is the client's or the served's decision and
evaluation as to life quality enhancement.
4) Toadology influences human behavior.
This myth is the most difficult for everyone. We create our
EXPERIENTIAL reality utterly and only as the end product of what we
believe or have been taught to believe is true (although it must be
stated emphatically that most of these definitions are held in an
unconscious state and must be acknowledged). The toadoscope "causes"
nothing. It is a synchronistic reflection of other aspects of the
self and its definitions OF reality at any given moment. A
vibrational frequency determination based on the self's definitions.
The illusion of external reality is just that, real while you are
focused and oriented to it-but an illusion none-the-less "All That
Is" or God is all that is, and we are all the different ways that
"All That Is" has of expressing itself within the creation that it
is-eternally. Philosophers and Religions have long known that the
"kingdom of heaven is within". This is NOT a new idea.
The value of toadology is in the ability through this reflection to
understand these beliefs and definitions that we may possess
unconsciously so that we can acknowledge and own them, once you own
them you can redefine them. You cannot change something you do not
own! Life is a configuration of CHOICES. Nothing in the universe has
built in meaning, we give it meaning by the definitions we hold AT
ANY GIVEN MOMENT. We then attach this meaning to things, then we
extract that meaning from the neutral props known as physical
reality. Toadology helps us understand WHAT meanings we may be
attaching to "things" and hence WHY we extract what we do.
Positive meaning in-positive effect out, negative effect in-negative
effect out. This is a simple mechanistic psychological understanding.
Psychological mechanics- which the observer then observes, creates,
establishes theories of, propagates ideas of, collects data from
makes hypothesis about and otherwise CHOOSES TO MAKE IT SO!  Yes- we
create en mass an agreed upon collectively established reality that
appears to be fixed. This is necessary, or we would all have no
common ground on which to RELATE and share the experience we call
But that in no sense means that we are bound 100% to it. Each of us
created the "hallway" of experiential choice at incarnation reflected
through the toadoscope.  Our actions-unless consciously acknowledged
from unconscious belief and momentum-are just REactions to the
prescription the oversoul (ourselves) made as a choice of general
thematic "hallway" experiences. The free will of the physical self
(the oversoul in its physical VERSION) then chooses HOW it will go
down this "hallway" but go down this "hallway" we have already
WILLED.  Our creations have shown this, that even COLLECTIVE
limitations are mass imposed- we have gone to the moon and back. So
we can redefine THAT reality at any given moment as well. It is a
preferential choice.
Toadology's best use, is for the enhancement of awareness,
alleviation of self imposed limitation, and the promotion of self
actualization and empowerment through self discovery and positive
Posting with these basic understandings is greatly appreciated.
Toadmond H. Toadmann P.M.T.F.T.          
1997 Bufo Publications
Toadological Consulting
Paul Schlyter,  Swedish Amateur Astronomer's Society (SAAF)
Grev Turegatan 40,  S-114 38 Stockholm,  SWEDEN
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