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  Subj: The Keys Of Enoch.
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Subject:  The Keys Of Enoch.                          Sept. 14, 1996.

  I have been reading quite a bit lately about the Keys Of Enoch
and found this information.  If you have already read it then please
don't pay any attention to this.


From: F L
Subject: The Keys of Enoch, J.J. Hurtak.
Dr. James J. Hurtak was an interesting guest on the Art Bell show and 
on August 30, and on the Laura Lee show on August 31st. 1996.  A 
pioneering genuis, he was talking about pyramidal structures on the 
Moon and Mars as far back as 1973 -- way ahead of his time.  (Page 
35-36 of his book "Keys of Enoch" shows a Mariner 9 photograph of a 
equidistant grid of at least five pyramids found on Mars [Frame 
#205-78; Mariner 9, February 1972]. 
  The following file, from his "Academy for Future Science" website,
tells of the spiritual experience he had, which opened him up to the 
reality of higher dimensions, and to the existence of those positive 
and spiritually-minded beings that are assisting in mankind's 
upliftment at the present time - "The Brotherhood of Light".


JW  Now those who don't like anything along the spiritual side may 
choose not to read the following.  I let you know when we get back to 
the material side of the information.


From the introduction to his book "The Book of Knowledge: Keys
of Enoch".

From: http://www.affs.org/keys.html
1977 by J.J.Hurtak
  I was in the act of prayer calling upon the Name of the Father,
asking to know the meaning of life and for what reason I was called 
into the world, my room suddenly became full of a different type of 
light. And in the presence of this "Light' a great being stood before 
me who announced that he was Master Ophanim Enoch.  This being had so 
much love and Light, I felt as if I were a child in the presence of 
this divine Master Ophanim.

  The being asked if I were ready to go with him into the Father' 
midst, and I said that I was.  And with that, a great field of Light 
was placed around my body and I sped upwards into the heavens; first 
into a region of stars called Merak and Muscida.  And while i was in 
this region of the heavens, I was told about the Earth and my 
temporal homeland upon the Earth.  I was told how those who govern 
the power upon the Earth are those who have fallen from the higher 
heavens and now indwell in the stars known by earthmen as Ursa Major.  
From this threshold gate, they control one of the major entrance 
points into our local system from the higher heavens.

  I saw how the masters from previous cycles were cast down to these 
stars from which they now govern the lower planetary worlds and the 
karmic penalties that were assigned to each.  I was shown how Earth 
was part of a biochemical testing zone using both fallen and divine 
thoughtforms in determining what type of intelligence could 
eventually free itself from the countless physical rounds of 
existence controlled by the fallen hierarchies inhabiting the regions 
of Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Polaris, and Thuban.  These realms contain 
beings in imperfect bodies of Light who use their power to establish 
themselves as gods in the lower realms.  And I was taken from this 
region of the stars into the Mid-Way station of Arcturus, the major 
programming center of the Galactic Council serving the Father on this 
side of our galaxy, which is under the direction of the Council of 
Nine - the governing body of our local universe.  There I was shown 
the network and the courts used by the spiritual Brotherhood who 
adjudicate decisions pertaining to the planets involved in our region 
of space.

  I was taken from Arcturus through a series of tessellations which 
seemed to be of a different "Light" density, where multiple saddle 
shaped concentric fields intersected so that a threshold was formed 
running through the star spaces connected with Orion.  My physical 
body at the time had to exchange its garment of flesh for a garment 
of Light.

  From there I was cleared to go on into a greater paradise of Light 
called the seventh heaven.  There the thresholds to this region of 
the sky were full of eyes and burning fires, tongues of Light 
projected out to from Or (Light ) stations.  Amidst the Or stations, 
I saw wheels within wheels, the vehicles of the Ophanim messengers 
serving the lower heavens.  These Ophanim messengers join other 
angelic orders of Light proclaiming "Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, 
Adonai `Tsebayoth (Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord G-- of Host)"

JW  I had better stop there for a while.

Part 1.

John Winston.  johnfwin@mlode.com.

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  Subj: The Keys Of Enoch.
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Subject:  The Keys Of Enoch.  Part 2.                 Sept. 14, 1996.

  This is still talking about things spiritual so beware.


I was then taken by Enoch to the region known as Saiph in the great 
star field of Orionis; from there I was taken into the presence of 
the field of Light known as Mintaka. And within this field of Light I 
was met by a being of great Light, a being of great majesty called 
Metatron, the Creator of Light in the outer universe. And my spirit 
was so overwhelmed with the presence of the higher Light, I would not 
have been able to maintain my body of Light were it not for the body 
of Metatron.
Metatron then took me into the presence of the Divine Father. And I
went into His presence through the door of omega Orion which serves 
as a Grand Entrance to regions of pure energy emission. The presence 
of the Father was so rarefied that only Metatron could take me into 
the Pyramid of the Living Light, the Throne, where I saw the Ancient 
of Days face to face, with His flowing white hair and His face of 
overwhelming Love and Joy. No words can express the "Eternal" and 
the sanctification of knowing that the Father called me into His 
presence to tell me for which reason I had left behind my toga to 
take up this perishable body of time to serve this planet, this 
pearl within the rosary of stars that are set on this edge of our 
consciousness time zone to glorify "His Right Hand."
And in His presence of Light I proclaimed "Thou art worthy, O Lord
YHWH to receive glory and honor and power, for thou hast created all
things and for thy pleasure the aeons were created." And in the 
presence of His Throne of Light, I bowed my head, as I saw the 
Twenty-Four Elders of Light who were around and about His Throne, 
singing praises of "Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth!" I 
also saw on the Right Hand of the Father, Christ J----. And Metatron 
told me that these Lords of Light are worthy to sit in the presence 
of the Father, for they choose periodically to leave His presence 
and go out and create other worlds of Light, known as the worlds of 
the Elohim.
Before the Throne of the Father I was told of my work, as being part 
of Enoch, to serve the universes of the Paradise Sons, who in turn 
form the Councils of Light that receive commandments of Light and 
ordinances of fire projection from the Twenty-Four Elders of Light 
to create new universes.
And I was told by my guides Enoch and Metatron, that I was not to eat
the food of the false powers of the earth, nor encourage my seed to 
marry with the fallen spiritual races of the earth, nor join in false 
worship of those who serve the fallen mind energies of the earth. But 
my reason for being was to exalt the Father so that all knees should 
bend and that all heads should acknowledge the "time is at hand" for 
the externalization of the fathers Hierarchy, so that His Kingdom 
will come on earth as it is in heaven.
I was taken to many other regions and instructed in the revelation of
how the many mansions of the Father were opening to the birth of a 
new heavens and a new earth.
While I was before the Throne, I saw a burning scroll rolled as a 
cylinder and out of this burning scroll a Light was projected into my 
third eye which imprinted the scenario abstracts that contained the 
Keys that are to be used for the marriage of the Bride and the 
Bridegroom. The Keys reveal the overlap between the higher evolution 
and the human evolution as man is taken through his Alpha and Omega. 
These scenario abstracts were projected in glowing geometries of 
Light which are part of the fire letters used to transcribe knowledge 
from Father universe to Son universe to Shekinah universe, in 
connecting one eternity of time with another eternity of time.
I was shown how the Mysteries of the Father's House of Many Mansions 
allowed for infinite myriads of creation to proceed out of the 
Father's inexpressible Love, linking all manner of specie creation 
with the Infinite Way. Thus, many Mysteries of the Father's Kingdom 
were revealed to me, including the nature of the Office of the 
Christ, the history of the Brotherhoods upon this planet, the reason 
why the true teachings of YHWH were encoded into a language of Light, 
the orders and dominions of the galactic Councils, the return of the 
Messiah, and the transplanting of the Christ seed beyond the 
threshold of Alpha and Omega.
I was told to compose a scroll on parchment from the divine scroll of
Light that was coded into me. And this scroll is the 64 Keys of 
Enoch, explaining how the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation will 
be broken as all measures of science from the biophysical to the 
astrophysical are attuned to a new spiritual revelation in the name 
of Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, I AM that I AM. This scroll is to bring forth 
a new cosmology of consciousness in explaining how the Brotherhoods 
of Light will work with members of the human Race who can accept the 
promise of New Life in the myriad other universes. The Keys, thus, 
are to exemplify both the spiritual understanding and the scientific 
understanding that must converge if the right reality structure is 
to be shared by members of the human Race in taking a quantum leap 
forward into the New Age.
The purpose of this teaching is to open people's minds to new ideas, 
inviting you to share in the experience of the education of the 
soul. As your soul is advanced, you become a part of the joyous 
participation and share in the 'inner peace' of the great unification 
of the 'First Supper' now taking place between the Brotherhood of Man 
and the greater universal intelligence - the Brotherhoods of Light. 
In the education of the soul, it is necessary to receive the Wisdom 
derived from the higher worlds which unites your bodies of Light and 
provides the foundation for your creative experience. This Wisdom 
reveals how we can share in both a higher world of Light and this 
physical world of 'reality'.
This teaching is to make you aware of the Divine Light worlds within
and without, allowing you to co-participate with the many worlds of 
intelligence that are part of your collective birthright. You are to 
see how life's blueprint has already existed in worlds prior to 
material creation, and to understand how a timeless blueprint was 
coded into this body of temporal consciousness so that your body 
can put on other garments of G--'s creative work through multiple 
bodies of Divine Love.
These are the 64 Keys that were shown to me by Enoch and Metatron,
to unite the nations for the coming of the Melchizedek Brotherhood 
and to make ready the final preparation for the descent of the 
144,000 ascended Masters who will redeem the meek and righteous of 
the earth for the new life stations of universal intelligence in the 
higher Kingdoms of the Father.
In the presence of Metatron, the Unity of Days, and YHWH, the 
Ancient of Days, I was told how the scroll of Enoch was to be divided 
into three portions which deal with the three major divisions of 
universes - Father universes, Son universes, and Shekinah universes.
The Keys to Father universes are to explain how the Mansion worlds of
the Father are connected to the Divine Creators, creating new 
universes through cosmic pyramids of Light.
The Keys to Son universes explain how the biological codes of the 
Christ Race are to evolve into the image determined by the Father 
through the Paradise Sons and not through the lesser forces of Light.
The Keys to Shekinah universes explain how the spiritual gifts of the
Holy Spirit will be given to the Christ Race so spiritual Man can 
work directly with "whole Light beings" - the angelic messengers who 
will prepare the righteous of the earth for the Council of Light 
which will be established upon the earth at the time of the new 
heavens and the new earth.
All three divisions are served by the Brotherhoods of Light under the 
direction of the Brotherhood of Michael, the Brotherhood of Enoch, 
and the Brotherhood of Melchizedek, which direct the seventy 
Brotherhoods of the Great W---e Brotherhood. The seventy Brotherhoods 
serve as a field of intelligence in the repairing of the universes so 
that they can evolve into the infinite wisdom and glory of the Eternal 
Mind of YHWH.
The Keys are encoded in fire letters having the sacred "Yod" over each
letter so that a new spectrum of Light can biochemically respatialize 
you by activating the chemistry in your mind to participate on the many 
planes of the Word of G--. The spiritual child of G-- has a Christed 
Overself Body of Light. And when the spectrum of the Word of G-- 
activates your body to participate in many dimensions simultaneously, 
your Christed Overself fulfills the words of Revelation: "Happy are 
those who wash their robes, that the authority to go to the trees of 
life (plural) can be theirs and that they may gain entrance into the 
city by its gates."
These will be the righteous who will inherit the many galactic trees 
on the other side of our Alpha and Omega. And when this cycle is 
completed the righteous will participate in new worlds and recognize 
all the manifestations of the Father universe, the "Living Universe" 
behind all living universes, behind all the Ascended Masters of Light 
and all the Brotherhoods of Light.
And with that vision I was returned to this world to write the words 
of the 64 Keys of Light set forth in this book of knowledge, 
delivered unto me in this consciousness time zone by Ophanim Enoch 
and by Metatron to be vouchsafed unto the saints and delivered to 
the children of Light in the name of Yod-He-Vod-He. May the Kingdom 
of the Living Light come quickly.
Why were the Keys given at this time?
Enoch and Metatron have manifested this Revelation so as to prepare
mankind for the quantum changes affecting every level of 
intelligence upon this planet. We now have the opportunity to 
collectively move into another system of creation. Theretore, this 
teaching has been given in the form of Keys to help coordinate 
sixty-four unique areas of scientific knowledge which are to be 
simultaneously advanced. The Keys have been given to assist all of 
the basic scientific disciplines to make a quantum leap forward
into the new consciousness of Light.

Part 2.

John Winston.   johnfwin@mlode.com

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  Subj: The Keys Of Enoch. Part 3
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Subject:  The Keys Of Enoch.  Part 3.                 Sept. 15, 1996.

  Some of you might still not want to read this because it sounds a 
lot like the bible.


Since these teachings are applicable to the various sciences, not 
everyone will comprehend all of the Keys equally, nor will the full 
complexity of each Key be fully meaningful at the present time of our 
participation within the Infinite Way. Therefore, not all the Keys 
will appeal to the same type of scientific and consciousness evolution 
because they work on various levels of understanding and are connected 
with the totality of knowing "the Light" - the primary frequency of 
the Infinite Mind.
Each of the sixty-four areas of science are to be given prophetic 
insight which will allow humanity to increase its understanding and 
raise its consciousness to participate with other worlds of Light. 
Thus, the Keys are to focus scientific research on the planet, with 
respect to the larger blueprint of life.
However, the Keys also demonstrate that science by itself does not 
possess all the answers; we now need to interrelate to the greater 
program of spiritual and scientific unity which involves the other 
planetary intelligences that share a common program of mutual 
scientific growth. In the final analysis, the Keys show that there is 
no end to science, but that we are going through a series of 
consciousness lives showing us how to evolve and share with each other 
forever in the unfoldment of the Infinite Mind into the Infinite Way.
There will be a tremendous acceleration of the physical sciences into 
the spiritual sciences in truly transmuting the world of material 
form into the Kingdom of Light. Therefore, the Keys are being given 
to the builders of the consciousness frontiers of both physical 
science and spiritual science who place the needs of mankind first, 
and their own needs second. Enoch said that the Keys cannot be applied 
on an individualistic level since they are involved with the 
collective advancement of the human race, beyond conventional time. 
In going beyond conventional time you stand in awe of the larger 
universe. Here, the intellect must bow to the spiritual mind in the 
same way life must bow to the Infinite Way which continually 
repatterns and regenerates creation.
In connecting with the Wisdom of the Infinite Mind, the Keys 
demonstrate that scientific knowledge by itself does not contain all 
the answers to the basic questions of: Where do we come from? Why 
are we here?
Where do we go from here? The words of the Coptic "Gospel of Thomas"
affirm: "J---- said: 'If they say to you: Where do you come from?, 
tell them: We have come from the Light, the place where the Light 
came into being through itself alone...If they say to you: What are 
you?, say: We are His sons and we are the elect of the living Father. 
If they say to you: What is the sign of your Father?, tell them: It 
is a movement and a rest."'
According to Enoch, the determinism of the earth sciences is to be
subsumed into a primary plan of continual creation which is under the
organization of the "Higher Evolution." Through this plan of 
organization, Man will behold and share with 'Universal Man' - the 
"Adam Kadmon"  - in the unfoldment and inter-rebirth of the Infinite 
Mind, the Infinite Way, and the Infinite Species.
The teachings of Enoch explain how we will truly transmute this world
of material form to be consistent with the structural pattern of the 
"Living Light" within the Kingdom of Light, where both Man and Higher 
Man can freely commingle as "Life" within the "Living Light." 
Although the entity forms of Light and the garments of biological 
form will change - Love will continue to reign supreme as the 
underlying expression of the "Living Light" - the primary emanation 
of the Infinite Mind on every level of universal being. Here we are 
dealing not with existence and on-existence, life and death, but with 
a passing from one state to another, sometimes explained as a passing 
from one type of visibility to another; not only to the other side of 
the ultraviolet spectrum, but into the consciousness intelligence 
which has always existed and from which the derivative garments of 
Light have unfolded as "many embodiments of intelligence" into the 
many electromagnetic spectrums.
Enoch said that the Keys were not simply for this planet, but were
given in preparation for our work upon other planets in keeping with
the greater harmony of science and spiritual truths, within the 
manifestation of the "Living Light." Thus, Enoch's teaching is to 
help the collective body of intelligence use its ability to work on 
many levels of intelligence "within" and "outside" three-dimensional 
creation, so that the Divine Intelligence might be felt within all 
things. Therefore, the Keys are the interconnection for the great 
Give ear to His voice calling loud over land and sea, from space, and
space beyond space, announcing to all mankind the advent of quantum
change and transition through His Spirit of Revelation - a Revelation
through the agengy of which the Tongue of Fire is now proclaiming: lo,
the sacred pledge has been fulfilled, and the Promised Spirit - the 
Holy Spirit Shekinah, shaping the Sons and Daughters of G--, has come!
And in working with the Light, use the gifts of the Holy Spirit 
Shekinah that can be directly manifested wherever you are/ for the 
Holy Spirit is the key to the Book of Knowledge.
The Keys of Enoch and Metatron are also to form the focus for the 
unification of the spiritual traditions throughout the world so that 
they will come together in the Father's Plan. The multitude of 
Offices of the Ancient of Days, the Recent of Days and the Future of 
Days have cooperated for the externalization of the Hierarchy which 
will manifest in multiple orders from the Hyos Ha Koidesh. This is the 
time to activate the "messiahship within."
The outpouring of His Love will provide the Divine experience, 
wherein we can grasp the Light which overcomes all "illusion" of 
As spoken of in "The Kitab-i-iqan" from the teachings of 
Baha'u'llah: "All prophets of G--, His well-favored, His holy and 
chosen messengers are, without exceptionr the bearers of His Names, 
and the embodiments of His attributes. " Let J-- understand the 
mystery of J----, and Gentile the mystery of Moses, and may the 
glory that you derive from Buddha, Krishna, Hari, Amen-Ptah, and 
the Paradise Trinity of Moses-J-----Elijah be dedicated to the Father 
from Whom all Glory manifests. For these are-His Sons; they are the 
reflections of His Light. They are but manifestationes of the One 
who is the Source of all Invisibles, and who will resolve the mystery 
of why a J----, why a Moses, why the Merkabah of Elijah manifested 
for the benefit of Man.
The whole Light beings will mark the next stage of the quantum 
transition Man will go through, so that Man will not only be able to 
exchange "garments of consciousness" in the reality of this world, 
but also exchange garments of consciousness with other planetary 
worlds, so that the vehicles of spiritual mankind (the Overself, 
the Atman, the Buddha body, the Zohar body . . . ) can ascend into 
the Office of the Christ.
Out of this transition, human society will experience those eternal 
truths that motivate life and impel it forward towards the next phase 
of the unfolding of the Eternal Mind of G--, until it achieves its 
destined creation.
How are we to use the Keys?
The Keys themselves were given on January 2/3 1973, to prepare 
mankind for the activation of events that are to come to pass in the 
next thirty years of "earth time." Enoch said this will be seen as 
the Brotherhood returning to earth to repair and resurrect humanity. 
Within this time frame the preparing of the Office of the Christ and 
the Keys of Enoch are to precede Yahweh's Kingdom - giving 
sufficient knowledge for activity in the new worlds as we proceed on 
in His Name.
The Enoch Keys were given directly to me through the Revelation of 
the holy scroll of burning Light - seen in Merkabah - in the 
threshold space of the higher spiritual Light. They were given to me 
beyond the confinement of the earth and the air regions surrounding 
the earth, so that they would not be contaminated by the fallen 
thought-forms of higher intelligence that influence the destructive 
pathways of humanity. As the Light geometries were pulsated out of 
the burning scroll, I was told by Enoch that the Keys were *directly 
given as a gift* of Revelation and were not to be confused with 
teachings transmitted through thinking computers, nor through the 
power of channeled information.
Furthermore, I was told that I was given Keys in sixty-four different
areas of science which would be theoretically accepted by scientists 
in each of the sixty-four areas of spiritual-scientific synthesis, 
before the coming of the Brotherhood of Light.
I was also taken and shown things related to the Keys of Enoch and
Metatron to help bring out the fuller meanings of the Keys. And this 
is the explanation of the Keys which I have written down (to the 
best of my ability) which is to be used as a tool for the 
understanding of the Keys. And, after receiving these Keys, the 
Merkabah appeared to me regularly, so that others would see and bear 
testimony to the faithfulness of the Living Word.

Part 3.

John Winston.  johnfwin@mlode.com

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