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Part 1

Following The Star
by Lori Adaile Toye

Correlations between ancient Hopi prophecies
and the I AM America Map.

    According to Hopi prophecies, the world existed three times before now.
That is, it was created three different times in three different ways, by
Taiowa, the supreme creator.  Taiowa also destroyed these three former worlds
when things didn't go the way he/she had planned.  I won't go into great
depth here, but I will lay some basic groundwork of the story so you'll gain
a quick understanding.  If you want to read the Hopi creation stories in
their fullness, (and I recommend you do), read the Book Of The Hopi, by Frank
 The players in the Hopi creation story are Taiowa, Supreme Creator and
generally referred to as a he, and the only creator in endless space.  He
creates a nephew, Sotuknang, who carries out his plans, (his first
lieutenant), and Sotuknang's helper, a her, Spider Woman.   Spider Woman
becomes a good asset, like most women, and through her creative wisdom
produces two twins, who help create the first world.  After their work is
done, the twins are sent to oversee each of the poles of the earth,
Poqanghoya to the north, and Palongawhoya to the south.  Their creation story
talks about light, sound, the axis of the earth and the earth's rotating
position in the universe in relationship to the sun and the moon.  Don't
forget, these prophecies are well over 10,000 years old!  In 1492, we still
thought the world was flat and the sea was filled with life threatening sea
monsters.  The Hopi prophecies reflect scientific sophistication and abstract

The First World
 The new world was very beautiful, with trees, flowers, animals and birds,
but Taiowa wanted a finishing touch.  So Spider Woman created human beings,
male and female.  After their chakra systems were developed and they learned
to speak, Creator gave them just one law to keep in order to live on and
among his beautiful world.  "Respect the Creator at all times," he said, "and
have wisdom, harmony and respect for the love of the Creator who made you.
May it grow and never be forgotten among you as long as you live."  1
 These first people were of many colors and understood their Mother Earth and
Father Sun.  They communicated with their Creator through their open doors,
or the open seals of their chakras.  They understood the divine power of each
of their chakra centers, rarely knew sickness, and used crystals, if needed,
for healing.  Even though the first people spoke many different languages,
they communicated with one another telepathically.  They also communicated
telepathically with birds and animals.
 Unfortunately, it didn't last.  The oneness that they shared soon became
divided with quarrels, suspicions and judgements.  The animals withdrew from
the people and they couldn't communicate anymore.  Everyone and everything
became divided and the plan of the Creator was forgotten.  Taiowa had no
choice, he would have to destroy the world he had created.  But there were
still a few who had stayed open.  They had followed the laws of the Creator
and still communicated through their third eyes and crown chakras.  They
heard the voice of the Creator tell them to escape the upcoming destruction
by following a star to the inside of the earth.  This, they did, and when
they were safe and sound inside, all of the volcanoes of the world erupted.
An all consuming fire engulfed and destroyed the first world and only the
people inside the earth were saved.

The Second World
 When the people emerged into the second world, it was not quite as beautiful
as the first.  Although they no longer had the ability to communicate with
the animals, they still had telepathic abilities with one another.  Creator
asked them to remember the old law, along with a new one... to sing with joy
from their hearts about Creator.
 The second world people multiplied, built homes and soon cities.  They began
to manufacture goods; they stored, saved and established economies.  Then,
the trouble began.
 More and more they manufactured things that weren't really needed.  Soon,
buying and selling and owning useless merchandise was more important than
singing the joyful praises to Taiowa, the Creator.  The second world became
wicked and greedy; soon wars broke out.  Again, the Creator had no choice
but to destroy his creation.  But, there were still a small group who sang
the Creator's song, and again, they were led to the safety of the underground
worlds.  Taiowa gave his order to the twins. The poles shifted and the earth
was covered in ice.  Mountains fell into oceans and seas. Lakes were frozen
instantly.  The earth, silent and lifeless, waited for the birth of the third

The Third World
 It took a long time for the third world to move; everything was frozen
solid.  After the twins got the poles adjusted and the earth rotating
properly, the ice melted and mountains and prairies emerged.  Soon, it was
time for the people inside the warm earth to emerge.  Again, they were given
laws just like before.  Taiowa asked them to keep the laws from the first and
second worlds, to remember Creator and to sing joyful praises of Creator.
But, they were also told to respect one another.  These were their three
 Because the people had gained sufficient knowledge from the first two
worlds, this time, they were highly evolved.  They advanced quickly, and soon
populated the earth again with numerous cities and countries.  As more
technology developed, the people of the third world realized it was harder to
keep their chakras open and to communicate telepathically.  Many people
corrupted their divine energies and forgot to sing praises to Creator.  Soon,
they developed the ability to fly in the air, (on patuwvotas, shields made of
hide), and engaged in wars, city to city, country to country.  The third
world was very corrupt and this time it would be destroyed through water.
Taiowa sent Spider Woman to talk to the people who still carried the
Creator's song in their hearts.  She taught them how to build large boats out
of reeds.  This, they did, and when their boats were sealed, the waters began
to flood the world.  The noise of the rushing waters was incredible.  Large
continents sunk and broke apart into small islands.  Incredible rains fell.
Then it stopped, and there was silence.  The reed boats drifted the people
over the silent waters for a long time.  When their boats finally stopped on
a new coastline, the people walked onto the dry lands for the first time.
They had emerged into the fourth world.  This is the world we are all living
in today.
The Fourth World
 The fourth world was very different than the other worlds.  Creator told
them, that this world would not be as easy.  It would have heighth and depth,
heat and cold, in essence, it was a dual world.  Through duality, we would
learn how to make proper choices and only through our choices would we carry
out the Creator's plan.  The Hopi prophecies completely mirror the message of
the I AM America Map and Freedom Star material.  The references to choice, as
being the pivotal spiritual law of the fourth world are prolific.  There are
virtually thousands of them, but here are a few strong examples, collected
throughout the years:

 "All that is, is through choice, and the responsibility of choice is yours."
-New World Atlas, Vol. 1, page 55, 2/90, Sananda.

 "For you see, dear one, love may not enter your planet without choice.  The
hearts of men must allow love to stream forth.  They must choose this love."
-New World Atlas, Vol. 1, page 127, 12/18/90, Sananda.

 "Come forward in a choice that is known of your own divinity.  Come forward
in a choice and see your perfection and you will have no doubt." -New World
Atlas, Vol. 1, page 188, 3/17/91, Sananda.

 "All of you have a choice and that choice is your experience.  All of you
may serve if you choose.  Let this map awaken those to their divine choice!"
-New World Atlas, Vol. 2, page 25, 8/8/92, Sananda.

 "This divinity, God I AM, instills a deeper choice, for it resonates with a
frequency you know as freedom...freedom is where you choose, freedom is that
God I AM has given to each of you." -New World Atlas, Vol. 2, page 43,
4/18/93, Saint Germain.

 "This is the prophecy of destruction if not heeded.  Understand dear
children of my heart, that your choice and choosing make a difference." -New
World Atlas, Vol. 2, page 68, 4/27/93, Kuan Yin.

 "You do the choosing.  We call each one of you, but you do the choosing.
This is the gift of your free will." -New World Atlas, Vol. 2, page 88,
5/8/93, Saint Germain.

 "Understand that this earth changes material, or shall we call it a prophecy
of choice, is brought to you so you may choose your eternal victory in this
light." -New World Atlas, Vol. 2, page 121, 7/9/93, Saint Germain.

 "It is only through choice that responsible freedom then, is allowed to
reign in this world of created forms.  It is only through choice where men
and women and children learn responsibility... this is the union of choices,
for only in choice can responsibility begin.  It is important to understand
that these maps that have been presented are possibilities and potentials for
creative change.  While change is inevitable at this time and a change will
come, the outcome lies in your hands.  Lies in the responsibility of your
choice." -5/4/95, Saint Germain.

 "As you are the human beings who have been given the God characteristics
engendered in your will, since you carry the momentum of choice, you dear
ones, are known as co-creators." -7/14/95, Saint Germain.

Migration & The Star Of Self-Knowledge
 There was another law that Creator's nephew, Sotuknang, gave the emerging
peoples to live in the fourth world.  "Now you will separate and go different
ways to claim all the earth for the Creator.  Each group of you will follow
your own star until it stops.  There you will settle." 2  Essentially, they
were told to begin a migration.  But, those migrations would begin by first
following their own stars, not a star in the sky, or an idea given them by
someone else.  The star was theirs to discover and once discovered, theirs to
lead them.  The star is located in each heart of the people of the fourth
world.  It is the star of self-knowledge.  It is found only through inner
 There are also many other references in the I AM America material to the
process of inner migration and attainment of self-knowledge.  These
prophecies first appear to be literal.  That is, moving, packing and leaving
an area.  Read carefully, there is the hint of metaphor that the movement is
also internal and is completely necessary.
 "The time has come for you to move.  Move not only from where you are
living, but move into your heart.  See that you serve that one great mighty
force, I AM.  Only in the service to the mighty force, I AM, will you find
your eternal and infinite freedom.... Prophecy comes to this planet to open
your eyes and open your ears.  Primarily, it speaks to that flame within your
heart and you will know it is time for you to move." -New World Atlas, Vol 2,
page 46, 4/22/93, Saint Germain.

Masaw, The Spiritual Master
 After Sotuknang gave the two new laws, choice and self-knowledge, he told
the people that they would also be given guidance and help from spiritual
deities.  No sooner had Sotuknang disappeared, when a handsome man appeared.
When the people asked who he was, he replied "My name is Masaw."  (Sounds
alot like Master, doesn't it?)
 Masaw went on to explain, that, at one time, he had been appointed caretaker
of the third world.  He too, along with the people, had misused his energies,
but since he was an immortal being, could not be destroyed.  Instead, Creator
assigned him to the underworld where he quickly got bored.  
Taiowa decided to give him a second chance and gave him a new appointment as
a guardian and caretaker of the lands and people of the fourth world.
 Now, many answers and questions about the Masters are probably in your mind.
It is true, that the Masters continually give their guidance and helpfully
ask, to 'be of service.'  They also reside in retreats, or areas that are
under their focus or protective care.  It is also apparent, that they are
immortal and they manifest in light bodies.  They are also very beautiful and
communicate telepathically, without using their voices.  Masaw, of the Hopi
prophecies, very much resembles the Masters of the I AM America prophecies
who are said to reside in 51 golden cities.  Each of these spiritual beings
is also a caretaker, much like Masaw, over an area that is filled with their
intentional focus and protection.  The five Masters, or Masaws, of the United
States are El Morya, Kuthumi, Saint Germain, Sananda and Serapis Bey.  They
protect their lands through spiritual ideals that they continuously transmit
telepathically to the people of the fourth world.  When you travel to the
area they caretake, and your doors, (or chakras), are open, you can receive
their spiritual teaching if you choose.  This is the gift of Taiowa and is
the help that was promised from good spirits, in our journey in the fourth

The Five Stars Of The United States
 The Golden City Of Gobean, is the first spiritual migration.  The Teacher is
El Morya and the lesson is inner peace, harmony and personal transformation.
Gobean is located in the Southwest.
 The Golden City of Malton is the second spiritual migration.  The teacher is
Kuthumi and the lesson is attaining self-knowledge and communion with the
elemental, devas and nature spirits.  Malton is located primarily in the
state of Illinois.
 The Golden City of Wahanee is the third spiritual migration.  The teacher is
Saint Germain and the lesson is attaining full freedom through the
understanding of personal justice and liberty of choice.  Wahanee is located
in the Southeast.
 The Golden City of Shalahah is the fourth spiritual migration.  The teacher
is Sananda and the lesson is attaining the Creator's plan of abundance and
prosperity through personal healing.  Shalahah is located primarily in
Montana and Idaho.
 The Golden City of Klehma is the fifth spiritual migration.  The teacher is
Serapis Bey and the lesson is spiritual balance and harmony in groups.
Klehma is located primarily in Colorado. 

The I AM America Prophecies & The 17 Spiritual Migrations
 There are 46 other locations where Master teachers work to help the people
of the fourth world.  You can read about them and their spiritual lessons in
the book, Freedom Star.  According to the I AM America prophecies, we have 17
migrations, (or spiritual teachings to understand), to complete our journey
in the fourth world.  If we choose this path, we then can help the Masters as
co-creators in the fifth world.  But Masaw gives a warning in the Hopi
prophecies, "If you go back to your evil ways again, I will take over the
earth from you, for I AM its caretaker, guardian and protector." 3  The 17
migrations are for people all over the world and are identified in the
Freedom Star Earth Changes Map and the Freedom Star Book.
 The early people of the fourth world understood how important migration was
and that it taught them how to rely on their Creator.  They realized that
since the test of this world was that it would be dual and always in
contrast, that many of the places where they would be led to live would not
be luxurious.  Instead, the discomfort would allow their inner identity, or
their stars to emerge.  The test this time was not to rely on materiality,
but to gain all understanding through communication with the Creator.
Through finding their stars, Creator would always lead them to places that
would always be for their best and highest good. 
 Masaw tells the people in the Hopi prophecies, "You have not yet followed
your stars to the place where you will meet and settle.  This you must do,
before I can become your leader." 4   Today, we have forgotten our true inner
identities as fourth world people.  We live where it is most convenient, or
where our jobs are, or where we like the weather.  Very few of us have made
the migrations that are necessary to complete the purpose of the fourth
world.  There are many lessons we can gain through intentional, spiritual
migration... even if it is traveling to Augusta, Georgia to receive insights
on personal freedom or meditating every day on world peace.  This work is
very necessary if we are to create a new world, the fifth world. 

The First Earth Changes Map
 Before Masaw left the people, he gave them specific outlines of where they
were to migrate and how they were to live once they arrived at their
destination.  This was done symbolically on four stone tablets.  These
tablets are sacred to the Hopi, and several are still in existence today.
There are pictures of these tablets in the book by Frank Waters, and there is
one I think you'll find very fascinating.  It is the tablet, marked figure 3,
the First Bear Clan tablet.  When I saw it I immediately recognized it, as I
work alot with maps and cartography.  Turn the figure upside down.  There you
will see an outline of Florida, the Georgia, North and South Carolina
coastlines.  These areas are divided up for the migrations, much like
counties divide our states today.  To the east of northern Florida and
Georgia, you'll note an island with lines radiating off of it.  This is the
continent of Atlantis, (in the same location the Records of Atlantis
information is on the I AM America Map), the place where the fourth world
began its emergence and migrated from.  This prophecy matches very accurately
many teachings from the Masters that the red race's origin was Atlantis. 

  I've done a little research on eastern Indian timekeeping systems, (If you
want to read more on this subject, see the book Freedom Star, pages 72-3.)
It is a system based on yugas, (timeframes), with each yuga carrying distinct
* 2.2 Million years, B.C.-Treta Yuga begins.  This is the rise and fall of
Lemuria.  This is the first world.
* 867,102 B.C.-Dvapara Yuga begins.  The civilization of Mu, (located in the
now South Pacific), begins; the emergence of the second world. The continent
of Atlantis rises.
* 15,000 B.C.-Ice Age, Mu Sinks.  This is the end of the second world. 
* 9,628 B.C.-Atlantis sinks.  (Although Atlantis is said to have sunk in
three parts, I estimate this is the timing of its final demise.)   This is
the end of the third world and the birth of the fourth world.
* 3,102 B.C.-Kali Yuga begins.  Spider woman looses her immortality, and the
world becomes dominated by masculine energy.
* 428 B.C.-Plato writes about the lost continent of Atlantis.

Continued in Part 2

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Star Part 2
By Lori Toye

The Blue Star
 There are many more interesting correlations between the ancient Hopi
prophecies and the I Am America material.  One of the most intriguing
prophecies is the appearance of the blue star.  The Hopi prophecies state
that when the blue star appears, that spiritual beings will destroy the
conflict between material and spiritual concerns and create a new world aimed
towards the laws and unity of the Creator.  "The time is not far off.  It
will come when the Saquasohuh, (Blue Star), Kachina dances in the plaza.  He
represents a blue star, far off and yet invisible, which will make its
appearance soon." 5  Again, note the reference to the word star and also to
the Blue Star Kachina.
 In the I AM America  and Freedom Star earth changes prophecies, there are 51
golden city vortexes.  The vortexes are large areas, covering a span of over
250 miles across.  The vortexes are invisible to the naked eye, but to a
person whose chakras are open, or is sensitive to earth energy, they are very
detectable.   Often, the Master Teachers refer to the apexes of the vortexes
as the stars.  The star of every golden city vortex is 80 miles in diameter,
with the apex in the center.  Some of the locations of the apexes are
pinpointed with great accuracy.  Some are not.
 The stars of the golden city vortexes play an important role in the times of
changes as these are areas where the Masters, or Masaws, are prophesied to
appear.  It is prophesied that for the next twenty years, after their
appearance, they will reside in visible, physical bodies teaching and healing
those who come.

El Morya, The Blue Star Kachina
 Each Master, or Masaw, represents the focus of a ray force.  Some folks say
that the rays represent the seven planets.  Alice Bailey has compiled some of
the best material I've read concerning the esoteric influences of ray forces.
But, in terms of understanding a more exoteric approach to rays and their
meanings, I suggest you read any book by A.D.K. Luk or pick up The Gnosis &
The Law, by Tellis S. Papastavro.  According to Ascended Master traditions
the blue ray holds the qualities of illumined faith, and will... choice.  Is
that starting to sound familiar?  There is only one Master strong enough to
hold the characteristics of such a ray,  Master El Morya, Chohan of the Blue
Ray, and protector of the first golden city, Gobean.
 El Morya was the Rajput prince and teacher to H.P. Blavatsky.  He often
appears in dreams and visions to those he has chosen to teach.  When he was
known as Mahatma Morya to Madame Blavatsky in the 1850's he was well over 125
years old and looked not a day over 30!  He often used the name Ahazhulama,
the hindu name for Blue Teacher.  El Morya is the prophet, the spiritual
being, the Master, the Blue Star Kachina prophesied by the Hopis!
 It is interesting to note, that many of the lands that Master El Morya
oversees as caretaker and protector in the Golden City Vortex of Gobean, are
lands that were originally held by the Hopi.  Gobean is prophesied to be the
first Golden City Vortex to be activated and the first to manifest its

Questions & Answers

Q-Is the I AM America Map the Hopi Map mentioned in the teachings of Kryon?

A-While there are startling correlations between the Hopi prophecies and the
I AM America Map, they are not related.  The I AM America Map is sponsored by
the Great White Lodge or Great White Brotherhood.
 The Great White (Light) Lodge is a fraternity of men and women dedicated to
the universal spiritual upliftment of humanity.  Their chief desire is to
preserve the lost teachings and spirit of the ancient religions and
philosophies of the world.  They are pledged to protect against systematic
assualts against individual and group freedoms that inhibit the growth of
self knowledge and personal choice.  And, most importantly, their mission is
to reawaken the dormant ethical and spiritual spark that has almost
disappeared among the masses.
 It is interesting to note, that the Hopis are a culture of people who have
already made their migrations, literally and metaphorically.  The I AM
America material is an awakening call from the Masters to those who have yet
to make their spiritual migrations.

Q-The Hopi prophecies speak about Pahana, the lost white brother.  Is this

A-It may be so.  It is interesting to note that the I Am America material is
sponsored by the Great White Brother-hood.  It is a prophecy, that if
completed with responsible choice, is aimed towards the same goals as the
ancient people of the fourth world... peace and universal brotherhood.  It is
a plan of brotherhood that may be birthed out of cataclysm, or may be birthed
out of love.  This choice, inevitably is up to all of us.

The song resounds back from our Creator with joy,
And we of the earth repeat it to our Creator.
At the appearing of the yellow light,
Repeats and repeats again the joyful echo,
Sounds and resounds for times to come.
~from The Song Of Creation 6

The Golden Age is our choice, let peace begin with each heart.

cJanuary 1996 by Lori Adaile Toye, all rights reserved.

1. Frank Waters, Book Of The Hopi, (Viking Penguin Inc., 1963; Penguin Books,
New York, NY, 1977), page 7.
2.  Ibid., page 21.
3.  Ibid., page 22.
4.  Ibid.
5.  Ibid., page 334.
6.  Ibid., page 6.

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