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                            Mystical Pentagram
                          Brightstarr, Kathexis
                              Copyright 1985

     The Mystical Mentagram is a technique which will enhance psychic
self-awareness.  Practiced on a daily basis it will produce surprizing
individual results.  One of the features of this technique is that it
encourages personal development by allowing each entity to discover a
personal mantra which corresponds to the five elements.
     To begin, you will need a table of correspondences such as "777"
by Aleister Crowley.  Look up the names of the gods and goddesses
which correspond to the air element. Pick a name which when chanted
'feels' right for you.  For example, Nu is the Egyptian lord of the
firmament and corresponds to air.  If I were inclined towards egyptian
dieties, I would chant the name Nu for several minutes to see what
effect transpired.  If I felt relaxed, comfortable, and generally
positive I would inwardly know that this name would be in tune with my
inner self.  Proceed to find correspondences for fire, water, and
earth in the same manner and finally for spirit since it is the
aggregate of the four common elements.
     Once you have found a personal mantra or a chant consisting of
five names, vowel sounds, etc. You are ready to proceed with the
practical application of the Mystical Pentagram.
     Assume your favorite meditation position, relax and begin to
breathe in a rhythmic pattern; ie. inhale count one, two, three, four,
exhale count one, two, three, four and so on.  Continue to breathe in
such a manner for about five minutes so that a definite rhythm is
firmly established.
     Visualize the five psychic centers.  Memorize their positions so
that you become familiar with the positions.
     Next visualize a brilliant white light forming a circle above
your head in the spirit center.  Mentally draw a white light pentagram
within the circle of light.  This should be an invoking pentagram.
     If your mind should begin to wander, gently bring it back and
vocally vibrate the mantra you have chosen for the spirit center.  Let
your mind dwell on this center and intone your mantra several times
for at least five minutes.
     Next see a shaft of white light radiate down through your skull
stopping at your throat near the adam's apple.  See a circle of white
light begin to form and pulsate.  Mentally draw an invoking pentagram
within the circle of light and vocally vibrate your chosen mantra for
the air center.  Continue to stimulate this center for at least five
     Now see a shaft of white light radiate down through your torso
stopping at your fire center.  This is located just above the navel.
See a brilliant white light begin to pulsate at this center and draw
an invoking pentagram within the circle of light.  As your mind begins
to wander gently guide it back to he image of the glowing white
pentagram.  Here vibrate your chosen fire mantra.  Once this center is
stimulated the sensation is unmistakable.  A mild tingling or
vibration of the solar-plexus area is physically experienced.
Continue to dwell on this center for at least five minutes.
     See the shaft of white light push down to the water center which
is located in the groin area.  Here, too, a brilliant circle of white
light should be visualized.  Again draw an invoking pentagram within
the circle of light.  Intone the mantra for the water center and
repeat the sound several times for the next five minutes.
     Having arrived thus far, see the shaft of white light radiate
down through your legs stopping at the bottom of your feet which is
the earth center.  Form a brilliant, white, pulsating circle of light
and draw an invoking pentagram within the circle.  Intone your earth
mantra and vocally vibrate the sound several times during the next
five minutes.
     When all of the energy centers have been stimulated, direct the
light energy from the spirit center to the earth center.  As you
exhale see the light travel from the top of your head down through
your body to the bottom of your feet.  As you inhale see the energy
travel from your feet up through your body up to the top of your head,
the spirit center.  These circulations should be persisted for at
least seven complete circuits.  See the energy cleanse and vitalize
every part of your being and expand your awareness to cosmic
consciousness.  As you continue to repeat this technique each day you
will begin to see and feel a change in your psychic awareness and a
marked improvement in your health.
     Don't become discouraged if you don't achieve results
immediately.  This technique produces very positive effects but they
are cummulative in nature.  Be gentle with your inner self however you
must also be persistent and keep the communication open.  It is also a
good idea to peform this exercise at the same time each day in order
to allow your body cycles incorporate the energy flow in a natural

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