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"Nonsense is nonsense, but the history of nonsense is scholarship." —Prof. Saul Lieberman


  Herein are indexed that portion of the unofficial archives of t'CotO, the Church of the Otters, that are devoted to the Peoples Of The Book: those claiming to be Jewish, Xian, Muslim, etc. Much old material has been gathered here, many files from the early days of the Web, and before. More may be coming yet. Related materials may be found in the Non-Eastern and Non-Western and OT Apocrypha and NT Apocrypha indexes, as well as in the official t'CotO files. Enjoy.

Judaism, Islam, etc

Biblical Doctrines Etc.

Other Xian Stuff

Apocryphal and Pseudepigraphal Scriptures

These massive archives can be accessed via the OT Apocrypha and NT Apocrypha indices. And some day I'll maybe write a script that will select any random set of canonical and apocryphal biblical texts, the Roll-Your-Own-Bible program. Then we can REALLY have fun, eh?

Coming Attractions & Other Resources

Someday Real Soon Now maybe I'll get around to moving and HTMLizing my small mixed archive. [UPDATE: It's done - see the 0rpheus Archive.]

Meanwhile, it's amazing (or maybe not) how religious and political views coincide. Mainsteam is as mainstream does; loonies hedge their bets by being loonie in many dimensions. Thus, the strange political archives are due online next. Stay tuned. Strange medicine and strange culture also deserve their place in the sun. Well, for the latter, you can always see my songs, eh? Or explore the wider world, like these other vitally important, related text resources.

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