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Even Some MUFON Researchers See "Spiritual Warfare"

[The following text is excerpted from an article in Florida Today, dated
August 17, 1997, written by Rita Elkins. CNI News thanks Stig Agermose for
sending us this item. The full text can be found on the web at

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Religious leaders are alarmed about a growing train
of thought that "wants us to reject traditional Judeo-Christian ideas about
God" in favor of benign "Space Brothers" who will save humanity from itself,
writes journalist William M. Alnor in his book, "UFOs in the New Age"
(Baker, Grand Rapids, Mich.).

Alnor concludes this new belief is a set-up for apocalyptic deceptions
predicted in the Bible's Book of Revelation. He's not alone.

Magazine articles, books and even evangelists are engaging in Bible-based
speculations about the nature and intention of entities that allegedly
kidnap, paralyze, physically abuse and sometimes sexually molest victims --
many of whom come to believe the experience was worthwhile.

"The similarity between the abduction experience and demonic possession is
very, very close," says Joe Jordan, Brevard/Volusia state [section] director
for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). "These experiences these people are
having are real. It does exist. But you just need to understand what's doing

Jordan and his partner, Wes Clark, have begun a research group called CE-4
(close encounters of the fourth kind), dedicated to studying alleged alien
abductions. Its 15 members also belong to MUFON, but "nothing we do is
necessarily sanctioned by [MUFON leadership]," says Clark, a quality control
engineer at Kennedy Space Center.

Jordan, who works in product development and engineering for Sea Ray Boats,
speaks calmly, his voice firm. Kooks don't get to be state [section]
directors with science-oriented MUFON. "This whole thing is spiritual
warfare. And the method the enemy's using is deception. Strong deception."

Last year he focused on CE-4 research, and encountered a Central Florida
abductee whose otherwise-typical experience had one unique aspect. "They had
stopped the experience while it was happening. In all the time I've been
researching, I'd never heard that before."

Jordan and Clark swear they have three verifiable cases in which apparent
abduction experiences were halted by believers who called on the name of
Jesus. And Jordan says as many as 400 cases may be documentable nationwide.

"It makes you wonder: If these beings are extraterrestrial at all, why would
they respond to that name?" Jordan asks. "We think we found the answer in
the Bible, in Mark 16:17 where Jesus said, 'In my name, they shall cast out
demons.' That seems to be exactly what we came across."

Suddenly, the religious press is full of articles about UFOs.

The May cover story in Central Florida's "Discovery Christian" newspaper
focused on UFOlogy theology, interviewing Berkeley-trained scientist and
Christian author John Weldon.

July's "Charisma" magazine, a 200,000-plus circulation monthly, featured
Christian evangelist and author Paul McGuire's article, "Alien Invaders."
McGuire cites the evolution of author Whitley Streiber -- from his first
alien contacts in "Communion", "Transformation" and "Breakthrough" to his
latest titles, "The Secret School: Preparations for Contact" and "Evenings
with Demons" -- as an example of a progressive deception.

"Both the seemingly benign and the hostile entities... will play an
increasing role in preparing a segment of humanity for the reception of the
Antichrist," writes bestselling author David Allen Lewis and Robert
Shreckhise in "UFO: End-Time Delusion" (New Leaf Press, 1991).

The cover of "The Agenda: The Real Reason They're Here" gives this premise:
"In the near future, God will evacuate millions of people from the horrors
to follow. Aliens will take the credit" for the Rapture, writes B. Fox, a
MUFON researcher who resides in -- of all places -- Roswell, New Mexico.

Back in Titusville at the CE-4 office in Wes Clark's home, Joe Jordan and
Clark continue to study, research and solicit abductees through the Internet
and with classified ads in MUFON's UFO Journal.

"The one thing we can offer people in this field is hope. Hope that they can
stop this experience," Jordan says.

Appendix A

Case Histories

From: Goodhigbee <Goodhigbee@aol.com>
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 02:02:13 EST
To: wclark59@bv.net
Subject: Your CE-4 research group

Dear Wes,

A friend recently sent me the exerpted portion of the CNI News which tells of
your work with Joe Jordan in setting up the CE-4 research group.  I'm so
pleased to see that sensible people with a sound background are agreeing
in dealing with the non-human entities, one should use extreme caution and
open their eyes to what is really going on.  If you have never read my
take a peek when you have a few minutes ... I think you will find it
interesting and right in line with what you are saying.  What I'm seeing is
very real concern to me.  Please go to:

abduction:  Abductee Brainwashing was written as a direct response to
witnessing people in my support group "switching attitudes" seeminly
overnight; New Abductee Trend was written as a follow-on article, at the
request of Florida MUFON for their newsletter; and What Would You Do is
trying to tell people about the work of Ann Druffel of Los Angeles, who has
put in over 30 years of research in the UFO field and has found a number of
ways that have worked in stopping abduction as it is beginning (one you
mention in your work).  Ann is a wonderful woman and is presently writing a
very thorough book about this topic.  

I'd like to hear back from you after you have read my articles.  Also, I'd
like to know if you have written an article or two that you could send to me.
This "loving space brothers here to save us" is very upsetting to me and,
believe me, I get enough letters from people who read my work and feel that
I'm insulting the space brothers.  I get sworn at, insulted, called names, and
all because I'm trying to make people THINK about what they are accepting as
their reality.  Please do read my work.  You two sound like you are here to
raise the alarm in much the same way that I'm trying to do. I am very pleased
to make your acquaintance.

Best regards,
Donna Higbee
Santa Barbara, CA

From: "Todd J. Jumper" <enoch144@eagle-net.org>
To: <wclark59@bv.net>
Subject: My Close Encounters
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 17:37:15 -0000

Hello to all of you at CE-4 research group!

Recently I came across a file called "CNI - Bible on abduction." through a
UFO mailing list.

I would like to comment on the fact that it is correct that alien abductions
are very similar to demonic possesion, may it even be safe to say that these
"grey" beings are tied into the spiritual/demonic realm?  My conclusions
point to "yes"

I am an alien abductee and a Christian.  During my encounters I was able to
stop the greys from abducting me by calling out for Jesus Christ - in which
on various times an angel showed up and rescued me from the greys while I
was fully conscious.  Other abductees out there who call the greys "space
brothers" or love the greys, I feel they are controlled and deceived-  but
if they enjoy getting anal probes that's their fancy.  They feel that
perhaps the greys created the angel also, but this would not make sense.  A
kingdom divided against itself is sure to fail.

Anyway, as I way saying I am a Christian and have been protected during my
encounters with the "grey" aliens.

I was on the Sightings Radio show on October 24.  www.sightings.com  The
host of the show claimed that the information I gave was a "new wrinkle" in
the UFO / abduction research and shed some light on things.

I have written down most of my experiences on my personal website and my
story will be printed in a magazine which is due out on December 31.

I hope my story can aid you in your research.

Here is the URL to my site


Todd Jumper

To: wclark59@bv.net
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 1997 17:50:44 -0400
Subject: Re: Great Article ,
From: ********

Hi Wes, thanks for the nice reply to my e-mail.  My interest in UFO,s goes
back to the summer of 1962 ,when I had 3 sightings all less than50 yards
from me. First two sightings were witnessed by others- the last sighting
was almost a CE4—I was alone at Ft Devens Mass. around midnight. It wasn‘t
untill the early 70‘s that the concept of ufos being of the spirtual world
was put to me by a young minister just out of colledge. For the last 25
years of studying the UFO question and bible prophecy, I am completely sold
that we are not dealing with aliens from outer space but, rather fallen
angels confined to the earth untill the day of judgement.  
                        Sincerely, ********

From: ********
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 08:56:28 -0400
To: wclark59@bv.net

I just want to thank you for your article in the Florida Today.  For the
last 5 years something strange has happened to me that seems to be similar
to what you have written.  It started in 1992 when me and my husband
started dating.  We had moved in together and had a nice little 1 bedroom
apartment. One night he had woken me up and told me that something woke
him, He heard a humming noise, He couldn’t move or speak or yell out and he
happened to be looking at the end of the bed when he saw a tiny man in red. 
He said the little man’s eyes were glowing and he thought it was the devil. 
I have to admit that I thought he was crazy but he was so scared.  After
that it never happened to him again but instead has happened to me ever
since.   I have never seen anything because my eyes have been closed
everytime.  What happens to me is
something will purposely wake me up with a loud humming noise.  Right then
I cannot move or yell or anything for about 10-15 seconds.  I know its evil
whatever it is  because I can feel its presence.  There has been other
times that I have tried so hard to scream or yell that I have broken the
force.  But then it seems like it stays away for a couple of months and
comes back stronger.  One time scared me so bad that when I was trying to
fight it and trying to yell that when I did, a monsterous growl came out of
my mouth.  My
husband only heard mine but I know that it wasn’t.  For the longest time I
was scared to tell anyone.  The only ones who knew were my husband, my
mother, my sister and brother.  I was afraid that if I told anyone else
they would think I was crazy or “dreamimg”.  I know I was not dreaming but
I had no idea what was happening.  I was so scared.  I knew I wasn’t crazy
but I wanted help so badly.  I started to go back to church and when I did,
it happened more frequently.  Then one day a couple from my church came to
my house to visit and I had never met them before.  I finally got enough
courage to tell them about it.  He new exactly what I was talking about and
called it “Spiritual Warfare”.  I was so relieved to know that someone did
infact actually believe me and knew exactly what it was.  He explained it
as demons but also told me it was called Demon Oppression.  That I could
not become posessed because I had been Baptised.  Boy that was a relief to

I would like to know if you have heard of any stories similar to this.  It
would bring more  relief to know that I am not the only one this has
happened to.  Thank you very much for taking the time and reading this.  


From: ********
To: <wclark59@bv.net>
Subject: aliens
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 13:30:15 -0000

I just read a synopsis of your ideas from Florida Todays Space Online dated
August 17, 1997.  I find your theories very exciting and interesting.  I
have a personal stake in this, as I have been hearing voices for the last
two years.  Originally, they claimed they came to save me, and rescue me. 
And they say Jesus died for you.  Now, one thing you must understand, is
that I turned my back on religion and the church in 1980, after my parents
were divorced.  So for me to be told that I am being rescued by Jesus or
angels or whatever is fantastic to me and I don’t know why thet would
rescue me.  After awhile, I began to feel things all over my body, and they
seem interested in my semen for some reason.  I must tell you, that I have
been since diagnosed as a schizophrenic.  But couldn’t my hearing of the
voices be real (they sure seem real!).  I never believed in god after my
parents, and yet now I do, and I can hear the voices battle for my control
in my head (when I don’t take my medicine).  
To the best I’m able to ascertain, I’m in some kind of zoo, and there are
experiments being done to me.  This al began two years ago.  The voices say
the rapture is coming, and they want to rescue me from what is going to
happen.  Not having read the bible more than the first couple of chapters,
I do not know from what they are trying to rescue me (other than the
apocalypse).  I am interested in exploring all possibilities, so I’d like
your input in this thing.  Like I said, I have been diagnosed as a
schizophrenic.  I hear and feel things.  But maybe the voices are real.


From: ********
To: wclark59@bv.net
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 1997 18:03:10 PDT

to ce4,
This experience happened to me in the fall of 1987 in san francisco,ca in
the cities nob hill section.The experience was first noticed when one
afternoon I arrived home(home was an apt shared with 2 others) I heard a
sound (woo woo woo)like vibration,the sound slowly dissapated and I
mentioned it to my roomates-and I figured that was the end of it.  The
following night I wake up-I am leaning on my elbow and I look accross my
futon and the clock says 3am—an interesting time of the morning for me for
sometime.All the sudden I feel a fear comming over me then I am paralyzed
can’t move trying to yell for my roomate—facial muscles can move,barely can
speak,not enough to be audible,then the sound comes(woo woo woo)and I black

Next morning I wake up to feeling violated,this feeling lasted for days 
like being raped—While going to work I’m walking thru the embarcadero and I
notice a book hard back—and it has this face on it alien looking-so I go
the bookstore and look at it says true story.This book was communion.  I
bought it and was amazed when I read about his abduction experience I got
chills all over.I can’t say that this has happened to me again.  if you
have any information for me I would appreciate it cause I really don’t know
what happened to me on that early morning,one thing I know it wasn’t a
pleasurable experience
From: ********
To: <wclark59@bv.net>
Subject: deception!
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 05:10:10 -0500

Glory be to God the Father and Jesus Christ our Saviour ! 
  I say this with real heartfelt sincerity and relief.  I have had
experience three encounters two of wich were demonic attack (alien
abduction). Calling on Jesus did halt the attack. 
   I also know of another person who was in a similiar situation but I have
since lost his email address but could probalbly get in touch with him.  I
have often thought that this alien abduction was demonic but the alien
slant had me intrigued I have really been interested in the alien story
since the 3rd occurance.  After replying to a post about “scary dream” in
one of the Christian newsgroups I started thinking...that if this thing was
as common as the media seems to indicate then there should at least be a
handful of
Christians out there who’ve had similiar experiences. 
    I would be grateful for any corrospondece.

From: ********
To: <wclark59@bv.net>
Subject: Need to Talk
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 12:06:42 -0600

Dear Mr. Clark,

I saw a page about the CE-4 Reasearch Group  and am interested and want to
know more.  I’ m a Christian and feel like I had a strange experience or
two myself . I also feel I overcame ‘ them’ by faith in Jesus.  I would
like to talk/ write to you about it and to know what you think regarding
it. I hesitate to send it E-mail. I fear one of my children might rummage
through deleted messages sent and find it. ( It really had ME stressed out
for a while ,and when I eventually talked to my husband about it ,he said
it gave him the creeps. He was anxious about it , too. I don’t want my kids
getting scared for me or for themselves. It just isn’t necessary .)



From: ********
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 02:17:31 EST
To: wclark59@bv.net
Subject: abduction

found your information on the stoping alien abduction by the calling on of a
higher power.  i too have had a similar experinece. i do not consider myself a
“christian”, however i do have belief in spirituality.  i was abducted 2 years
ago by what are considered the grays.  i now know that this has been
happening to me since early childhood.  i am at this time 40 years of age.
their purpose i am unclear of and do not have memories of what specifically
was and had happened during these experiences. 2 years ago i was abducted from
my bed and recall with vivid memory of the beginning of the abduction.  the
fear was incredible and i knew who they were and that their purpose was not
positive.  i related this experience to a “friend” of physic abilities.  i was
told by her that if and when it happened again that i should ask it if it was
of the “light”.  a couple of months later it did happen. through the fear that
griped me i asked it if it were of the “light”. it screached  as if in pain
and backed off instantly to observe me from a distance to take in what
happened.  i swear that all i tell is the truth. these experiences were as
real as you reading this email this very moment. there is much much more to
the specifics of my experiences and i wish not to get any more involved than
what i tell you now.  i saw your info on the net and wanted to relate this to
you.  it is the truth  

From: ********
To: <wclark59@bv.net>
Subject: abductions
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 13:47:20 -0800

Dear Sirs,
I read a little bit about your CE-4 research project and I was wondering if
it were possible to discuss a little bit with you about some experiences I
have been having. A lot of things have happened lately but my first memory
was when I was eleven. I have been searching the internet for a long time
in hopes of finding some kind of support service but they appear to be few
and far between and they also appear to be pro alien. I have serious doubts
about alien motives and do not want to set myself up for deception. I’m a
mother of seven children, six boys and one little girl. My husband and I
are not church goers per-se’ but we do study Torah, the Bible, the Kabbalah
and other ancient, religious writings on our own and with our children. We
are seriously considering converting to Judaism which is why these
experiences are very disturbing to me. I’m not sure what’s going on. I do
believe that SOMETHING is going on. I have nobody to explian it to me or
tell what I should do. I’m extremely worried about my children. I feel
helpless to protect them and I don’t understand why, when my beliefs are
and convictions are so strong, these entities are still continuing to stay
around me and my family. I realize your your very busy but if you could
give me any input at all I would greatly appreciate it. 
Thanks for your time.

Date: Sat, 06 Sep 1997 23:13:43 -0700
From: ********
To: wclark59@bv.net
Subject: Florida Today Article

Gentlemen —

Recently I read the Florida Today account of your research. I’m especially
interested in the “religious component” that you seem to be discovering in
some ufo abduction cases. Back about 1973 my wife had a strange experience
in the middle of the night. At the time we knew nothing about UFO
abductions, so we had no category in which to place it other than extremely
“lucid nightmare.” It has many of the abduction “components.” The point is
that she stopped the entities and the whole experience with the name of

I would very much appreciate knowing of any other information (such as case
histories) that continue to confirm your findings. It’s vital to get this
information out. 


To contact CE-4 Research Group, email wclark59@bv.net

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