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Bring Warnings of Danger Ahead, Say Witnesses 

[This text is edited from an article that ran May 28 in the 
Arizona Republic newspaper, written by Bill Donovan.] 

WINDOW ROCK - Thousands of Navajo pilgrims have traveled to the 
small outpost of Rocky Ridge in the past few weeks, drawn by 
what a 96-year-old woman and her daughter saw outside their 

On the morning of May 3, Irene Yazzie, who had not spoken for 
several months because of a stroke, turned to her daughter and 
said someone was coming to their home near Big Mountain, north 
of Flagstaff.  About noon, the two heard a loud noise outside, 
followed by a knocking.  They opened the door to see two tall, 
elderly Navajo men.  

One told them not to be afraid, that they were two of the more 
than 100 Navajo deities, who assist in all aspects of Navajo 
life.  They had appeared before Yazzie and her daughter, Sarah 
Begay, to ask why the deities no longer are receiving prayers 
from the people.  

They warned that if the Navajos continue to forsake tribal 
traditions, they face grave danger in the future, and Navajo 
deities would not be able to help.  The men vanished seconds 
later, leaving only footprints and a sprinkling of corn pollen, 
which traditional Navajos scatter during prayer.  

Since the story began circulating, the wind has swept away the 
pollen and nearly obliterated the footprints.  

But thousands of Navajos have visited the Begay home each day, 
leaving corn pollen, saying prayers and wanting to see what 
traditionalists say is the third visit by Navajo deities to 
their people this century.  Some had traveled from as far away 
as San Diego to bring sacred objects as tribute to the deities.  

A former historian for the tribe said his research revealed that 
deities appeared in the 1930s and 1950s.  In each case, the 
deity appeared to elderly Navajo women during a time of drought. 

Begay could not be reached for comment.  Yazzie has not spoken 
since the deities appeared.  

Leaders of the community of Hard Rocks, which is the closest 
settlement of any notable size, have gotten so many inquiries 
about how to find the site that they have printed a map for 

Lorenzo Yazzie, vice president of the community and not related 
to Irene Yazzie, said that at the request of the family, some 
restrictions have been set, including a ban on cameras and video 
recorders.  The family also has requested that non-Indians not 
be allowed at the site, he said.  

A number of Navajo tribal leaders have visited the place, 
including President Albert Hale.  In a memo, he urged the 
government's 5,000 Navajo employees to visit the site and gave 
them four hours off anytime last week to do so.  

"This is a significant event to Navajo people everywhere," his 
memo said.  Annette Brown, public-information officer for the 
Navajo Nation, said her office has received calls from off-
reservation television stations and newspapers asking for more 
information.  But at the request of the Begays, Hale will 
release nothing further.  

The "Navajo Times," the tribe's weekly newspaper, is holding off 
printing a story about the visit of the deities until the Begay 
family approves its release and ceremonies are conducted at the 

Ruth Roessel, who teaches Navajo culture on the reservation, 
said the story of the deities' visit may inspire more Navajos to 
observe traditions, which many Navajos have abandoned over the 
past 20 years.  "This may wake some people up," Roessel said.  

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