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:(  Sorry about that.  I can't send files......not until I get the proper
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Anyway, here is what I call the MARDUK/TIAMAT theory.  It uses the Enuma Elish
(Babylonian Creation Epic) and Genesis as it's main focus of comparison.  The
Enuma Elish itself I will post in here once I get it typed into the
computer....:)  So, best to save this post to file and read it AFTER you've
gotten your hands on the Enuma Elish somehow....otherwise you'll be lost.

As I said, this is highly mystical...so it may make many go HUH????.  But,
bear through that as I make many good mythological cross-references that WILL
be of interest.  :)

Copywrite(c)1995 Christopher "Aaron Jason" Leitch

First, you need to know what the Hebrew Name of God, spelled YHVH, represnets:

 YHVH:  Not a Name at all, really.  It is a formula that sums up the Universe
and it's Process of Creation.  I make a definite distinction between this Name
on the Tree of Life and the name Yahweh.  As Yahweh was the God of the Apiru,
then it was naturally His name that their mysticism developed around. 
Therefore, the Divine Name of YHVH has come to mean much more than a simple
Volcano/Storm God.  You will note that, when YHVH is involved, it is never
pronounced as Yahweh.  Also, when Yahweh is involved, I will never spell it
out as YHVH.



 The Marduk/Tiamat Equation is an interpretation of the Divine
Name YHVH.  Once more, remember not to confuse this with Yahweh...who
is only one God-Form amoung many.  YHVH, as used today, is a very
sophisticated formula that defines Divinty Itself.  In fact, it is not
Divinity alone, but Creation that is embodied here.  The four letters
of YHVH (called the Tetragrammaton) can be placed upon the Tree as

Y= Chockmah
H= Binah
V= Chesed - Yesod
H= Malkuth

 The signifigance of this will be outlined below.  What you are
about to read is what much of the Apiru Ritual structure is based upon.
One such instance is the version of the Opening by WatchTower included
within these pages.

 In order for the following to make any sense, I advise you to
first read the Enuma Elish.  This Babylonian Creation Story is
contained in the appendix to this book.  After you have read it
through, continue to follow along from the beginning, point by point,
as you read on below.

 The Unmanifest:  This is Divinity as total Unity, before
Creation took place.  On the Tree it is Kether.  In Babylon, this is
the intermixed Sweet and Salt Waters of Apsu and Tiamat.  It is
important to realise that this is not a case of two entities
representing Unity.  At the very beginning of the Enumah Elish, Tiamat
and Apsu, a married couple, are considered as One Force.

 Y:  Chockmah.  The Divine Name here is Yah, spelled YH.  This
is where the Upper and Lower Waters (as per Genesis I), or the Sweet
and Salt Waters are seperated into the two distinctive forms of Apsu
and Tiamat;  the Y and H of YH respectively.  This is not the splitting
of Tiamat Herself;  it is simply where the two Deity Forms become
apparent as two seperate Forces.  In other words:  Unity becomes
Duality.  This unbalance results in the uprising of Tiamat, or the
Forces of Chaos and Destruction.

 In the mythos, this distinction is determined by the slaying of
Apsu by Ea, so that Tiamat becomes distinct from Him.  Ea, thus, is
equated with the Demeugos in this respect.  He does not complete the
job Himself, however.  As you will see below, Marduk is the other half
of the Demiurgos process.

 H:  Binah.  The Divine Name here is YHVH, vocalized as Elohim.
Elohim is the Name of the Creator God of Genesis, and this is where He
is introduced into the Tiamat/Aspu equation.  This Elohim is the
process embodied within Marduk, the second half of the Babylonian
Demiurgos.  The result of the introduction of Marduk to the unbalanced
Forces of Chaos results in the Splitting of Tiamat.  The Splitting
represents the restriction of the Waters of the Abyss. Another
interpretaion is the binding of the Elements by Spirit, and the
Rulership over them by it.  Marduk represents that Spirit, where the
Body of Tiamat, which was made into the physical universe, represents
the Four Elements.

 V:  This is the Lower Sephiroth of the Tree, which colectively
form the Demiurgos Himself, Marduk.  He is most equivelant to Tiphareth
itself, the Sphere of LVX energy (explained later) which is the Light
of the Wheel of the Year (as per Wicca).  The Wheel of the Year is
symbolic of all natural cycles and processes of the Universe, and thus
is a symbol of Universal Order- the Natural Laws.  Marduk is the God of
those Natural Laws.

 H:  Malkuth, the physical Universe Itself.  This is the split
body of Tiamat, the setting of the Earth and Sky.  It is further
symbolised as Marduk assigning the Gods to their Divine postions, the
setting of the Heavenly Bodies, and all such acts of Marduk in setting
the Universe into it's proper order.

 There is another point that I wish to make here.  It is often
thought that the splitting of Tiamat is equivelant to the Seperation of
the Waters in Genesis I.  This, however, is in error.  The Seperation
of the Waters equates instead with the Slaying of Apsu.  The splitting
of Tiamat is addressed in Genesis when the Waters are restricted so
that dry land might appear.

 Elohim said, "Let there be an expanse in the midst of the
 Water, that it may seperate Water from Water" ... Elohim
 called the expanse Shamiam (Sky) ... Elohim said, "Let the
 Water below Shamaim be gathered into one area that the dry
 land may appear." ... Elohim called the dry land Aretz.

 At no point in the Torah are we told what became of the Upper
Waters.  We are only told of the Heavens, or Sky (Shamaim), and the
Earth (Aretz).  These are the two halves of Tiamat.  In Hebrew
Mythology, Tehom is the Primoridal Waters- the undisturbed Tiamat/Apsu.
She is the Whole of the Waters, and the introduction of teh Expanse is
Her seperation.  However, Tehom is equated with Tiamat (who is only the
Lower Waters), so this can only be half of the story.

 Of course, there is also Rahab, the Serpent/Arch-Angel of
Destruction who arises from the Deep to fight Elohim's efforts.  He is
quickly slain and the Waters are sperated.  Apparently, Rahab is also
equated with Tiamat.  In fact, He is a far better parallel to Tiamat
than Tehom.

 It would seem that Rahab's coming out of the Deep is the
seperation equal to the Slaying of Apsu.  A better word for this would
be "distinction".  It takes the Totality of Tehom (Kether, or
Tiamat/Apsu) and seperates it into the Upper Waters and Lower Waters
(Chokmah, YH, or the seperated Tiamat and Apsu).

 Tehom, who has now become Rahab, thus becomes restricted to the
Lower Waters, where She had first been equal to both the Upper and
Lower.  Tehom, in effect, is no more.  Rahab (Tiamat) is the Force at
work now.  Though Rahab is not the Earth and Sky in Hebrew Mythos, the
symbolism thus-far is the same.

 For a quick summery:  Tiamat/Apsu represented the whole of
Unity.  Apsu was slain, thus causing Apsu and Tiamat to be
distinguished from one another.  The effect was that Tiamat, like
Rahab, arose and became active and destructive (thus, Chaos).  This
followed, of course, by the Defeat, and the Setting of Sky and Earth.
Once again, however, the Upper Waters themselves go unmentioned.

 So what of these Upper Waters?  The clue lies within the Enuma
Elish.  When Aspu was slain, Ea built His palace within the Sweet
Waters (Upper Waters).  The Name of these Waters remained "Apsu", or
sometimes, "Abzu".  When the Salt Waters, Tiamat, where set as Earth
and Sky, the status of the Sweet Waters went unchanged.  The Upper
Waters, then, are the Home of the Gods.  This Home lies beyond the Sky
and Below the Earth, and is part of neither one.  Thus, the mistake in
equating half of Tiamat to the Upper Waters.


 I would like to make a note on a particular Divine Name:  Eve.
Eve, in Hebrew, is "Havah" (HVH).  Eve's Name translates into english
as "Life"- much as "Adam" translates as "Mankind".  Eve is Life, as She
is the Mother of all that is Manifest in Reality.

 To prefix Her Name with the Divine Fire of Yod gives us the
Tetragrammaton, YHVH.  The signifigance of Her Name becomes apparent
when viewed through the Marduk/Tiamat Equation.  HVH is Marduk bringing
Order, Manifest Reality, out of Chaos:

H:  The uprising of Tiamat.
V:  Marduk, who defeated Her and split Her body
H:  The setting of Her Body as Earth and Sky.

 Thus, in all respects, Eve's Name is one of Manifestation.
Mythologically, Eve was the result of the seperation of the Archetypal
Human, Adam Kadmon, who had been both Male and Female in one form (much
like Tiamat/Apsu had been one force).

Y: Adam, the God-Force

H:  Eve, the Goddess-Force, seperated
V:  from Adam, as well as the resulting
H:  process leading to Manifestaion.

It is said that the seperation of Eve from Adam is what caused the Fall
into Manifestaion.  In this sense, the story of Adam and Eve is a
"lesser" version of the Creation Story.  And thus the importance of the
Great Mother Eve to the Apiru Tradition.


Here are some other mythologies related to the Marduk/Tiamat Equation:

Y, Apsu/Tiamat:

 Egypt:  The Nun from which Re arose.

 Sumer: Mother Nanna

 Canaan:  The Tyrant Yam-Nahir (the Sea and Rivers)

H, Distinction between Apsu and Tiamat, Duality:

 Egypt:  The Creation of Geb and Nuit (Earth and Sky).

 Sumer:  Nanna gives birth to Ki and An (Earth and Sky) in the
 form of a solid mountain.

 Canaan:  Yam (Sea) attempts to mate with Asherah (the Earth).

V, The Uprising of Tiamat:

 Egypt:  Re, Nuit's husband, catches Her making love to Geb (the
 intermixing of Earth and Sky here indicates Chaos).  Re
 forcfully pulls Them apart and set Shu (the Air God) between

 Sumer:  An and Ki give birth to Enlil (Lord Air) who, by His
 very nature, causes His parents to become seperate as the Sky
 and the Earth.  Thus, They are no longer a solid mass.

 Canaan:  Baal defeat's Yam with two clubs, forcing the Waters
 into their proper places, and sets Himself as Ruler of the

H, The Split Body of Tiamat:

 In all three cases:  The physical world which resulted from the
 actions taken during the "Uprising of Tiamat".

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