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Crystals were not only used by the Ancients in their natural forms, but they
were also refined and utilised as part of a greater technological complex,
elements of which have survived in the Orient and elsewhere in the world, up
until relatively recent times.  French explorer Captain V.D. Auvergne,
reporting in the "Bihar and Orissa Research Journal" (vol. 26, part 2) near 
the turn of the century, told this story of his encounter in Tibet of the use 
of crystals and sound to produce light.  

"Upon entering the gates at the mouth of the cave, we had daylight with us
for 30 or 40 yards.  Then, turning a bend, I observed a gallery in utter
At the entrance, the Che-sho priest reached down to the ground and picked up
a nine-inch diameter metal gong and an attracted wooden hammer.  

The gong appeared to be polished bronze through which ran a highly ornamental
decorative tracery of thin silver thread.  The che-so priest raised the
mallet and struck the gong once.  I was startled to see half a dozen lights 
of a strange green colour slowly come into vision.  They shone dimly at first,
but within a minute, the lights had grown in intensity, perhaps attaining some
five hundred candle power each.  The lights were situated twenty feet apart 
along the gallery walls and hung from a kind of wooden bracket about five feet
above the ground.  

"When I approached one of the lights, I found that it was only a lump of
common stone crystal about four inches in diameter placed on a plate of stone 
of some kind of gray metal, about half an inch thick and one foot in diameter.
All of the foregoing were hung by bronze wire loops, extending from an arm at 
right angles, mounted on a wooden upright.  Over and around the plate ran an
ornamental tracing of thin lines of gold hieroglyphs resembling the character
of cave writing.

"The Che-so priest willingly informed me that the sound of the gong penetrated
the metal plate from which a vibrating force emanated.  He said that it had
the effect of infusing to the crystal particles of bright luminous glow,
gradually growing to a certain intensity in accordance with the volume of 
vibratory sound. According to the priest, had the gong been struck with a 
metal hammer, however, the glow would have been so great that the human eye 
could not stand it without a head covering the thick cloth.  Still, neither 
the crystal nor the plate produced a particle of heat."

Crystals, too, are an important means of transmitting radio waves, as any
child with a simple toy crystal set will tell you.  Today, our own 
civilisation has just begun to discover the value of crystals as resonators 
and oscillators, transmitting and controlling frequencies for radio and 
telecommunications. It is said that radio was one of the secrets of ancient 
mystical societies, used as a form of communications between remote 
sanctuaries and lodges, even as late in history as the medieval Rosicrucians.  

Priests of many societies and brotherhoods, as keepers and preservers of lost
prehistoric wisdom, often wore bejeweled amulets and plates, which acted as
"oracles" and "voicepieces" from which advice was obtained.  The Urim and
Thummin stones of the Hewbrew high priests were a prime example.  Not only
radio, but images were transmitted over distances as well.  

John L. Stephens in his classic work on the Mayan civilisation, "Incidents of
Travel in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan", tells how in one small Mayan
temple he discovered  'a pedestal formed of a shining substance resembling
glass' around which he was told the ancient priests gathered and consulted
pictures created in the 'black, transparent stone.'  

Fellow Central American researcher, the Abbee Brasseur de Bourbourg, noted
the same stories among Mayan descendants.  

He wrote, 'A native informed me that their ancestors had known the gift of
the vision stone, when his people were instructed in the arts of civilisation.'
In Peru, Spanish chroniclers recorded that when they invaded the Incan Empire
and captured the King, the Queen and priests immediately fled to the Temple of
the Sun in Cuzco, where they communicated with other regents of the land, and
decided what was to be done, by gazing into the 'black mirror' situated at
the Temple's center.  

Significantly, the Incan Temple of the Sun, and the pyramid complexes of the
Mayas, were all located on Earth energy lines.  There is thus reason to
believe that the Ancients possessed the ability of transmitting images along 
these lines, and crystal lenses or screens were used at specific centers to
transform the images into pictures, much like a modern television set.

When we examine what modern research is uncovering regarding the full
spectrum of the properties of crystals, and compare this with the Ancient 
knowledge, we discover we are touching upon only the very beginnings of a vast
forgotten technology.  Crystals, at their simplest functional level, can store
light and discharge it, or convert sunlight directly into electricity.  A step
beyond, the crystalline form can also store information in vast quantities.  
A cut sliver of crystal can pick up a specified vibratory pattern; the silver 
can then be 'frozen' and subsequently 'unfrozen' later to playback the pattern.

Recently, Stuart Collins of Ohio State University, M.T. Fatehi of the
University of Technology in Teheran, and K.C. Wasmundt of the University of 
Denver, announced a new revolution in computer design called the optical-
digital computer.  Its memory is based entirely on the use of light beams, 
crystal prisms and lenses.  

A complex sandwich of liquid crystal layers and mirrors act as light valves
to create closed loops of light and moonlight signals, which correspond to a 
two alphabet system of information storage.  By such means, information can be
stored with a density of 2,500-fold over that of conventional 
computers.  The first working model of the light and crystal computer is
scheduled to be operational within a very short time.  But one wonders if
someone else, long ago, developed such a system before us.  Could there be
banks and libraries of knowledge stored in the crystals of standing stones,
stone circles and other monuments around the world, just waiting, silently,
for modern man to tap into them and learn the wisdom hidden within?

Not only knowledge, but the actual consciousness and emotional energies
of psychic individuals from past ages may still reside in many ancient
crystal forms.  Several researchers have used crystals to capture the life 
force, or the vibratory pattern of a person at death.  

Other experiments being conducted are said to have successfully captured a
human thought within a crystal and retransmitted it back as an image.  Author
George Hunt Williamson, who believes that crystals played a significant role 
in past civilisations, expressed his opinion that crystals can think, and many
standing stones have an 'intelligence within them".  Masses of crystal flakes 
encased in a single stone may act as  individual neurons passing along 
information from one flake to another and organise it, like a large crystal 

Certain individual crystals, in particular diamonds and other precious
stones, can hold conscious emotional energies from a bygone era, which may be
triggered from time to time, affecting their owners.  

The best classic case of this is the famous Hope Diamond, and the mysterious
curse attached to it.  The Hope was originally part of a much larger gem
called the Great Blue, later the French Blue, stolen from the temple of Rama 
site in India by Frenchman Jean Baptiste Tavernier in 1668.  In revenge, the 
priests of the temple, along with the Mogul Emperor Aurangzeb, held a special 
rite and infused the gem with a negative consciousness or emotional pattern.  
Since that time, every owner of the gem, or even those who have handled it, 
have been subject to misfortune, tragedy or violent death.  Even after the 
original Great Blue was cut into pieces, the Hope remaining as the largest, 
the curse has followed every piece, even to the present.

Interestingly, tests have shown that the Hope Diamond and its sister stones
are the only blue diamonds in the world which glow like red-hot coals when
exposed to ultraviolet light, and can conduct an inordinate amount of 

As Joseph Goodavage queried concerning the Hope, "Is the Hope Diamond
radiating some strange, undiscovered kind of energy, something apart 
from the electromagnetic spectrum as we know it?"  Dr. George Switzer, chief
mineralogist for the Smithsonian Institute commented, "All life is carbon 
based, and diamonds are the hardest, purest, most densely compacted form of 
carbon.  They also conduct electricity, so there may be some kind of energy 
exchange between a human being and a diamond.  I don't say there is but we're 
just beginning to learn new things about radiation and magnetism.  Who can 
predict how far this knowledge will take us?"

Cursed gems are the exception to the rule, however, for in most respects,
gems and crystals are generally looked upon favourably, having properties for 
good luck, for healing, and in aiding in psychic abilities.  The positive 
magical quality of crystals impressed themselves upon humankind far back in
antiquity, for we find among Neanderthal remains dating back to 70,000 B.C. 
collections of quartz stones and stone balls made of quartz crystals.  Pieces 
of crystal have also been found in megalithic cairns, and at New Grange in 
southern Ireland, tiny pebbles of white granite quartz cover the entire mound 
above the energy-chamber.

The Druids called certain coloured crystal forms ovus anguinum or glein neidr
--'serpent eggs' -- who believed were created by etheric serpents of energy
beneath the earth and conjugated together at the time of the midsummer sunrise.
Such stones, worn about the neck, had the power of projecting one's auric
field to favourably influence the aura and mind of anyone else who came within

Similarly, they understood that wearing crystals over certain acupuncture
points of the body aided in the healthy flow of physical and psychic energies.
The Emperor Tsin Shi, who reigned from 259-210 B.C., is said to have possessed
at his palace at Hein-Yang in Shensi a mirror-like stone of crystal which
'illuminated the bones of the body' when a person stepped behind it.  It was
rectangular in shape, measuring four feet by five feet nine inches, and glowed
on both sides.  The placing of the hand over the heart somehow activated the
stone, whereby the patient's inner parts were clearly portrayed, and diagnosis
of illness could be obtained.  

Two hundred and fifty years earlier, the Hindu sage Jivaka also had a large
'jewel' which 'illuminated the body like a lamp lights up a house,' and from
which nothing within could be hidden by any intervening obstacle.  In like
fashion, the medicine men of the Hopi Indians of the American Southwest use
crystals to observe the energy centres of the body, and can tell when
physical currents are impeded, causing ill health.  These crystals, too, have 
the power, when concentrated upon, to be energisers in influencing events, 
including forestalling bad weather.  

A third of a world away, on the Isle of Skye near Ireland, is a chapel
dedicated to St. Columbus, and on the altar is a round crystalline blue stone 
held sacred to weather and health.  Local fishermen, to appease contrary winds,
bathe this stone with water and claim good results.  The stone has also been 
applied to peoples' sides to relieve cramps.  

A third of the world away more, among the Australian aborigines of north
Queensland on the Prosperine River, quarts crystals are used by the shamans
to cause rain to fall.  At other times, in special initiation ceremonies the
aboriginal shamans are sprinkled with quartz beads mixed with water, and are
thus able to see and speak briefly with spirit beings, exercise telepathy,
and cure maladies.

The Ancients appear to have possessed sophisticated methods of growing and
shaping crystals, in order to produce gems with specific magical properties.
There are three major axis of crystal growth which can develop into any one
of seven geometric systems, with lattices and facets in different ratios,
producing 230 groups and variations, each one specialising in organising, 
redirecting, separating, concentrating or converting applied energies.  

In gem cutting, odd number facets aid in healing, while even number facets
create the best energisers.  In colour, red, yellow, and orange stones
produce energy; clear and aquamarine stones are healers; and lavender and 
blue-violet stones create tranquil, relaxing effects. 

In crystal growth, combinations of light intensity, light colour, electric
current, sound, the direction of these, plus the shape and size (frequency
pattern) of the container or room, will all affect the final characteristics
and energy potentials of a desired stone.  Recent experiments, for example, 
have shown that crystals grow five times faster when their supersaturated 
solution is subjected to frequencies of 10 to 100 cycles a second.  

Manly P. Hall and other students of esoteric wisdom have also noted that many
ancient crystals were produced by 'zodiacal formulae' grown at specific
times, when the sun, moon and planets were in special heavenly positions.  
During the growth process, crystals are also highly susceptible to 
consciousness imprinting, whereby the meditations, through-patterns, healing 
energy or bioelectric field identity of the grower may be enjoined within the
crystalline structure and memory.  

Writer and researcher A.H. Fry tells of his experience with a woman who
produced a special copper alloy by alchemically subjecting the ore to 
solutions of carbon and electric current, and then grew a crystal from the 
results.  The crystal, Fry reported, possessed electrical resistance factors 
quite different from ordinary copper, and seemed to have tiny microscopic 
'wires' embedded within it. When he attached an electrometer to the crystal, 
he was surprised to find it was also alive; it produced a pattern similar to 
that of a living plant, and reacted to outside physical and mental 
disturbances in the same way as Cleve Backster's experiments using a polygraph.
Fry, commenting on the Ancients' use of crystals in general, stated: "Legends
occasionally mention crystals that could render invisibility (such as the one
Apollonius of Tyana used before the Roman Emperor) and even cause 
weightlessness.  They even used crystals to discover how to enter and escape
time by negotiating a ninety degree angle phase shift.  Was it all in the
size and shape?  Or did it involve mental forces and special 'live' qualities
within the crystal?'  

Fry also made this interesting observation, which relates the use of crystals
to the Crystal of the Earth itself, and to ourselves, whose bodies are also 
made of crystalline forms: 'It is a literal fact that most of our planet is 
made up of crystals of specific shapes.  The present energy problems will be 
a thing of the past when we start using the wondrous potential of these shapes.
Even the food we eat must be converted to tiny crystalline shapes before it 
can pass through the tissue walls.  The ancient Central American word for 
blood was chalchuihatl,and it literally meant, 'water of precious stones'.

For further information about all aspects of Crystal please email to:

Geoffrey Keyte - 100347.2724@Compuserve.com

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Found at Mystical Crystal
If you would like any further information about Crystal Healing please
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All crystals and gemstones 'vibrate' on their own individual frequency.
In that respect they are similar to us human beings.

We have all had the experience of meeting a perfect stranger for the
very first time and either liking that person immediately or feeling an
antipathy towards them - without in any way being able to explain our
feelings or emotions.

To fall in perfect love is a beautiful and wondrous experience - the
coming together of two minds, two spirits and two physical bodies, both
'vibrating' on the same beautiful frequency!

Crystals and gemstones should be chosen in exactly the same way. It is
so very important that the stones which we choose and use should
'vibrate' on a frequency as close as possible to our own.

Individual methods of choosing crystals and gemstones vary from person
to person but normally include:-

1) Close your eyes and quietly meditate for a few moments. Then open
your eyes very quickly and pick up the very first stone to which your
eye becomes naturally drawn.

2) Run your hand (either your left or right hand depending upon which
you prefer to use) over all the stones available for selection. You will
soon discover that one stone will 'stick' to your hand as if it is
'tacky' or
surrounded with glue. This is your stone.

3) Intuitively you will instinctively 'know' which stone you should
and which is 'right' for you! You might feel as if the stone is jumping
and down shouting, "Me! Me! Me! Choose Me!"

Or you might sense or even 'see' a strong crystalline white light
from the stone and attracting you like a magnet.

4) Should you happen to be a competent dowser then you should be able to
select the most appropriate stone by using your own individual dowsing
techniques ............

And sometimes you truly feel as if your stones are actually choosing

This has often happened to me. All my most powerful and energised quartz
crystals have all arrived on my doorstep (so to speak) for a particular
purpose and have a special reason for wanting me to work with
them.Normally they have been either absolutely free or have cost me very
little money.

Should you wish to choose a quartz crystal or a gemstone for one of your
friends who, perhaps, lives some distance away from you, follow exactly
the same principles as if you were choosing a personal stone for
yourself but on this occasion visualise, as strongly as possible, a
picture of your friend within your mind's eye. With a little practice
you will soon discover that it is very easy to select just the right
quartz crystal or gemstone for any of your friends who are unable to
choose their stones in person for themselves.

Although more and more retail outlets are now selling crystals and
gemstones there are still many towns and cities here in the United
Kingdom where it is still extremely difficult to purchase your own
crystals and stones in person.

For many people, the only real opportunity they have to select a crystal
or gemstone personally is to attend one of the regular workshops and
seminars that I run under the auspices of 'Crystal 2000'. At all these
workshops and seminars there are always a large selection of
crystals,gemstones and books available for purchase.

However,there are always a great many people, living in all parts of the
United Kingdom who, for one reason or another, are unable to participate
in any of these workshops and seminars and who rely on my personal
intuition to select the most appropriate crystal or gemstone on their
behalf. In such cases I find that I am either able to work on their name
'vibration' alone or on the 'vibrations' emanating from their original
letter. From all the feedback which I receive it would certainly appear
that this method works extremely well in most instances.


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Found at Mystical Crystal
If you would like any further information about Crystal Healing please
email to: Geoffrey Keyte - 100347.2724@compuserve.com


Having now chosen your crystal or gemstone (whichever method you may
have used) it is now very important that you 'cleanse' it.

Quartz crystals and gemstones easily attract all kinds of 'vibrations';
negative as well as positive. The stones are always 'open' to receiving
impressions from everyone and everything around them!

Your stone, which you have just selected, may well have travelled many
thousands of miles before coming to you - and may well have acquired
many negative energies and ' vibrations' in its long and arduous journey
to find you!

Therefore before starting to use your stone for any purpose whatsoever
it is very important that you first remove any of these unwanted
negative 'vibrations' and disharmonious energies before you commence to
use your stone. You must do everything you possibly can to ensure that
only the most natural - and purest - energies remain within your stone.

The cleansing method which you use is always a matter of personal
choice, sometimes dependent upon the amount of time which you have
readily available, but I strongly recommend that you use one of the
following cleansing methods which I myself have found to be very

1) Hold your stone in either your left or right hand (according to
personal preference) and say these words, "I will and command that this
stone be self-cleansing". As you repeat these few words (whether
mentally or orally) you should visualise the negative energies falling
away from your stone and only the natural, and pure, energies remaining.

2) Water is a wonderful universal cleanser.

Hold your stone under cold flowing water from the tap (cold or luke-warm
water only.Never use hot water!) and,again, visualise all the negative
energies and 'vibrations' being washed away and only the natural, and
pure, energies remaining. When drying your stone after cleansing in
water never attempt to dry your stone with a towel or cloth. Always
allow your stone to dry naturally - preferably from the rays of the sun!
The sun, of course, is also a very powerful energiser and should be used
whenever possible.

If, however, as is so often the case with our own peculiar English
climate, there is little or no sun around, then you should allow your
stone to dry as naturally as possible in the warmth within your home.

3) Immerse your stone in salt water for several hours. Dry as in (2)

4) Bury the stone under the earth in your garden. Our planet Earth
consists of at least one third quartz and the very strong and powerful
magnetic energy field in the actual earth will 'cleanse' your stone of
all its negativity very effectively.

N.B. If you should own a dog - be very careful! Dogs find it great fun
to dig up crystals..........

5) Place your stone on a large quartz crystal cluster for a few hours.
The very strong crystalline energies present within the cluster will
soon neutralise any negative energies to be found within your stone.


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As all quartz crystals and gemstones respond instantly to the 'intent of
will' of the person using them, there is always the very distinct
possibility that , under certain circumstances and conditions,
crystalline energy may be mis-used, abused or, at the very least,

According to Edgar Cayce, the great American seer, the downfall of
Atlantis - and its eventual destruction - was caused through the gross
misuse and abuse of all the sacred knowledge and energies by certain
evil priests, who only sought eternal power and corruption.

These evil and corrupt priests experimented by 'inter-breeding'
incompatible sources of energy and power which resulted in the creation
of 'new' vibrational frequencies that they were able to place under
their personal control. These 'new' vibrations were then implanted
within the cells of other living creatures; which led to terrible
physical and mental deformities.

The 'children' of many of these deformed creatures feature in many of
the myths and legends that have been perpetuated throughout the eons of

Monsters, some half-man, half-beast, demons, giants; all appear to have
been 'liberated' throughout the world for many thousands of years.

In the end they all had to be spiritually destroyed before they could
upset the vibrational balances within the energies of Mother Earth.

As we have seen from the above, in the wrong hands crystalline energy
may be used for evil or negative purposes. It is therefore up to each
and every one of us, in our own way, to protect our personal quartz
crystals and gemstones from all such negativity, mis-use or abuse.

Crystals will always attract inquisitive minds and hands (children and
adults alike!) and many of these hands do transmit negative or unhappy
'vibrations' which your crystal is quite easily capable of picking up!

To comprehensively protect your crystals and gemstones from all
potentially harmful energies and 'vibrations', hold your stone in your
hand and say the following few words, "I will and command that this
stone be only used for the highest benefit of myself and the people with
whom I shall be working".

Your stone has now been 'cleansed' and 'dedicated' and is ready for


All quartz crystals and gemstones will respond to the 'intent' of your
own personal will; whether in word or in thought.

By simply wishing - or visualising - the crystalline energy to be used
in a particular way - it will be! It really is that simple.......

Quartz crystals are usually 'programmed' for the following purposes:-

a) Meditation b) Healing c) Absent Healing d) Manifesting

a) Meditation

Throughout the world - every day of the week, every minute of every day
- countless thousands of people practise their own form of meditation.
Each person finds solace and comfort in their own particular way.....

By holding a quartz crystal or an amethyst in your hand whilst
participating in whichever type of meditation is appropriate to your own
individual needs, you will enhance and enrich the spiritual depths of
your own meditative experience.

The quartz crystal or amethyst enables you to undertake a new and
wondrous journey within the inner recesses of your soul. Unknown
pathways, hitherto previously uncharted, will open up in front of you.

A new dimension of self-expression will rise to the surface and expand
your inner consciousness and awareness.

The amethyst, of course, is well known for being able to relieve mental
and physical stress and tension. It is the stone containing inner peace
and tranquility; the stone of sublime relaxation.

Every member of your meditation circle or group should have their very
own piece of quartz crystal or amethyst to hold throughout the
meditation session. As time passes, perhaps very slowly at first,each
person will gradually become aware that their breathing has become far
deeper and far more rhythmical and they have now entered a completely
new world of inner peace and harmony.


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  Subj: Choosing crystals C/P 4
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All meditation rooms would greatly benefit from having large quartz
crystals placed at all four corners of the room with their single-
terminated points directed towards the centre of the room. The crystals
should be placed either on the floor or affixed to the corners of the

Each of the four quartz crystals in the meditation room should be
'programmed' to project gentle, loving, relaxing, crystalline energy
towards all those present within the Meditation group. The quartz
crystals will then generate a field of positive crystalline energy
surrounding everyone in the room.

In addition to every member of the meditation group holding their own
individual amethyst or quartz crystal, a large amethyst or quartz
crystal cluster may be placed in the middle of the group. This large
cluster should then be 'programmed' to release beautiful cosmic
crystalline energies into every corner of the room.

It is very important that one member of the meditation group should be
nominated to look after the group's amethyst or quartz crystal cluster -
and to make absolutely certain that it is properly 'cleansed',
'dedicated' and 'programmed'.

Whilst holding your crystal or amethyst when meditating with music you
will often discover that some quite amazing effects are being produced.
On some occasions you might even be able to 'see' the music in terms of
colour and shape. Even should you be just listening to a piece of music
whilst holding your stone - and not even consciously trying to meditate
-you will find the depth of experience greatly enriched by the presence
of your crystal or amethyst.

Whenever harmonious music is being played in the presence of your
crystal or amethyst, the mood and thoughts of the composer become deeply
embedded within the very heart of the crystal and if you 'listen' to the
crystal afterwards, with your inner ear, you will often be able to pick
up the esoteric meaning of the music itself.

You may use your crystal or amethyst in so very many ways when
meditating. Do not be afraid to experiment and try new methods. Listen
to what your crystal is saying and try to respond accordingly. You will
find the results truly amazing and very worth while.

b) Healing

Once you have chosen your quartz crystal - and 'cleansed' and
'dedicated' it - you are ready to commence using it for healing

It is very important to note, however, that for best results your quartz
crystal should only be used for either healing or meditation. Not for
both! The 'vibrations' and 'energies' used in healing and meditation are
very different and to use the same quartz crystal for both occasions
would result in the dissipation of the crystal's unique energies. Quartz
crystals are, in all reality, only 'tools'. By themselves they can only
be described as passive; but when they become activated by the human
mind they can become extremely powerful indeed........

Each and every one of us, as beings of the human species, possess an
inherent healing energy. In the majority of people, of course, this
healing ability lies totally dormant and inactive.

But when we possess the knowledge to enable us to 'channel' our own
healing energy through our quartz crystal friends we are then able to
amplify this healing power and the resultant energy that we have
ourselves created - ours, that is, in conjunction with that of our
crystal - may be used for many positive healing purposes.

Even though you may not wish to become a qualified crystal healing
therapist yourself there are still plenty of opportunities for you to
use your quartz crystal to heal your family and friends.

When my youngest child, Cameron, was only a few months old I returned
home one day after having given a crystal healing workshop to discover
that he was very ill. My wife, Judith, had taken him to our local doctor
who had told her that if he did not improve within the next couple of
days he would have to go into hospital.

Obviously, I had to do something! When Cameron was ready for bed that
evening I cradled him in my arms and placed an electro-crystal therapy
'wand' on his stomach. I also held my personal healing quartz crystal
and directed its healing energy to completely envelop Cameron's body. I
gave him crystal healing for only thirty minutes, at the end of which,
my little Cameron was fast asleep.

The next morning, he was almost completely cured! And so there was no
need for Judith to take him back to the doctor or for him to go into


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When treating a patient the following guide-lines may prove helpful:-

At the beginning of the healing session you should hold your quartz
crystal in whichever hand feels 'right' to you; and calmly attune
yourself to the inner energies of your quartz crystal. You will probably
experience energies 'throbbing' within your hand.

Now direct the single-terminated end of your healing quartz crystal
towards your patient and gently move the crystal around the perimeter of
their whole body in a clockwise direction. As you do this, at the same
time visualise a blue-white crystalline light emanating from the apex of
the patient's body and flowing towards the patient and surrounding him.
Do this several times. This will help to strengthen the electro-magnetic
field of energy around the physical body of the patient.

The single-terminated end of the quartz crystal should then be directed
towards that part of the patient's body which you believe or 'sense' to
be most in need of healing.

Visualise, as strongly as possible, a lovely blue-white light emanating
from the apex of your crystal once again and direct this light, like a
laser beam, to that part of the patient's body where you feel that the
healing is most needed.

This lovely blue-white becomes stronger and stronger, brighter and
brighter, and the energy between the crystal and your patient slowly
begins to intensify.

The crystal healing session itself may, in theory at any rate, last any
length of time, but intuitively you will become aware when the time is
right to bring the session to an end.

To finish the crystal healing treatment session you should visualise the
blue-white light gently flowing back into your quartz crystal. Once more
you should direct and project the healing energies around the perimeter
of your patient's body in a clockwise direction. Then allow your patient
to relax for a few minutes......

Many of my own patients regularly fall fast asleep so it is very
important that you bring them back to the present in as relaxed manner
as possible.

Whenever practical it is best for your patient not to have to drive a
car for some time after the crystal healing session as the patient often
becomes so very 'de-stressed' and almost 'spaced out' that it can take
some considerable time to re-orient themselves!

Whilst I quite often do discuss a patient's medical history with them
before offering any form of treatment, from my own personal experience I
have found that it is not always absolutely necessary to know, in
advance, what is medically wrong with my patient.

One lady whom I visited on one occasion whilst I was in London was keen
for me to demonstrate some of my crystal healing techniques upon her! I
duly obliged by first directing some crystalline healing energy towards
her third eye chakra.

Immediately she told me that she had felt the crystal healing energy
'hit' her third eye and then travel downwards through her body and into
her stomach. Apparently, so it transpired, she had had a serious
operation on her stomach a couple of weeks previously (which I had no
way of knowing!) and, naturally, that was the part of her body which
most needed the crystal healing energies.

My own personal believe is that all dis-ease occurs purely as a result
of an imbalance of our normal bodily 'vibrations'. Therefore, whatever
health condition from which we may suffer, however serious or however
mild, whether it be cancer, multiple sclerosis, tumours or simply a dose
of influenza or the common cold, the basic treatment remains much the

All that is really necessary is for the disharmonious or imbalanced
'vibrations' to be re-harmonised,re-energised and re-balanced. This may,
at first sight, appear to be an over-simplification but years of
experience has shown me that all too often we can over-complicate our

The main difference between allopathic medicine and natural medicine is
that allopathic medicine treats symptoms whilst natural medicine
concentrates upon finding the root cause of the health problem.

Simply put - if we can discover the originating cause or 'imbalance' of
any health condition or dis-ease then by using our crystal healing
techniques to rebalance all the 'vibrations' which are out of alignment,
we must be able to effect a cure or, at the very least, a gradual
improvement in the patient's overall health!

You may also, of course use your quartz crystal for self - healing
purposes. All that you have to do is to direct the single-terminated end
of your crystal towards the appropriate part of your own body and, as
you did before when treating your patient, visualise a lovely blue-white
light radiating from the apex of your crystal, like a laser beam, into
your own body.

Crystal Healing is one of the most powerful - and successful - methods
of re-balancing, re-energising and re-harmonising every part of the
physical and mental bodies of either yourself or of your patient.

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c) Absent - or Distant - Healing

Quartz crystals are often used very successfully in all forms of absent
- or distant - healing. Whether you are three miles, three hundred
miles, three thousand miles or thirteen thousand miles away from your
patient, crystal healing can prove most effective.

For best results it is recommended that the quartz crystals which you
use for absent healing purposes are used solely for absent healing and
for no other purpose.

It is only really necessary to have the name of the person who wishes to
receive absent healing. Absent Healing, using the unique power of quartz
crystals, can work solely on the name 'vibration' alone.

All you have to do is to visualise the crystalline energy pulsating
within your absent healing quartz crystal being projected towards your
patient, wherever he or she may live. Your quartz crystal will then do
the rest!

If, however, you should have in your possession an actual photograph of
your patient - or,if you have already met the person and therefore know
what they look like - just hold your crystal in your hands and
visualise, as strongly as possible, the crystalline energy totally
surrounding the patient.

In addition it is very helpful after the absent healing session has been
completed if you were to place your absent healing quartz crystal on a
photograph of your patient; this assists the amplification of the
crystalline energy which is being projected by the crystal towards your

In my own personal healing centre I use a Master absent healing quartz
crystal which I use for all my absent healing treatments. Whenever I am
asked for absent healing I inscribe the patient's name and relevant
details in my absent healing book and I then place my Master absent
healing quartz crystal on top of this book with the 'programme' that
every name entered in the book will receive healing from the crystalline
energies; each according to his or her needs.

I ask that everyone tries to link up with my Master absent healing
quartz crystal at 10pm every evening. Those of you reading these words
and who may, for whatever healing purpose, need my crystal healing,
prayers, powers and energies, please try to sit quietly by yourself at
the hour of 10pm each evening, relax and visualise the crystalline
energies flowing into your crown chakra. Think of me and you will
receive crystal healing energy from the divine crystalline source.

d) Manifesting

Very simply, manifesting is a method of 'programming' your quartz
crystal to help your subconscious mind to create something tangible in
your life that you may need. Notice that I use the word need not want.
There is a very big difference!

Before you proceed with any form of manifesting it is extremely
important that you examine your conscience and decide exactly what it is
you wish to achieve. Decide, in as much precise detail as possible,
whatever it is you need to acquire.

In order to avoid dissipating the crystalline energies, as already
stated previously, it is most essential that you only use your chosen
crystal for manifesting purposes only!

Let me repeat once again. Need, not want, should be your main criteria!
For example, we might all say that we want to win a first dividend on
the football pools of o2,000,000. But that is most definitely a want -
not a need!


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Found at Mystical Crystal
If you would like any further information about Crystal Healing please
email to: Geoffrey Keyte - 100347.2724@compuserve.com

continued from c/p 6

So be warned........

Now, make yourself comfortable in an easy chair and let us begin to
start manifesting your innermost needs.

First, hold your quartz crystal in front of you, with both hands. Stare
at it intently and visualise yourself entering into the crystal through
a door cut into the crystal.

Once through this door you will find yourself in a long narrow hall. At
the end of this hall is a green door inscribed with the words
'MANIFESTING ROOM' written upon it.

Open the door of this 'Manifesting Room' and step inside and look
around. The walls are solid gold; the floor is green; the ceiling is
studded with millions of precious gemstones, sparkling with all the
colours of the rainbow. The room is filled with a warm, rich feeling of

Bring into your mind a complete and exact image of whatever it is you
wish to manifest. Visualise as much detail as possible; concentrate as
hard as you possibly can and imagine that you actually possess whatever
it is you are manifesting. You are extremely happy and relaxed, secure
in the knowledge that your need has been met.

Take your time; 5, 10 or even 15 minutes, it doesn't matter. Then, when
you have finished, slowly walk back out of the manifesting room, closing
the door firmly shut behind you.

Walk back along the hall and step outside of the crystal. Take a large
deep breath, relax your body and when you feel comfortable, open your

Do your manifesting at least twice per day (morning and evening) until
your need has been fulfilled.

If you would like any further information about Crystal Healing please
email to:

Geoffrey Keyte - 100347.2724@compuserve.com

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