What are they and what is their connection, if any, with the paranormal?

Since Pagan times (and probably before) man has been aware of energy lines which have since been called LEYLINES. These lines were thought of by many, to hold strange mystical powers, and many churches and burial grounds were built on these lines across the world. However, our recent research shows a large difference betweem "energy lines" and "leylines".

It would seem that we are able to "put down" or "take up" our own leylines, but Earth energy lines cannot be moved, and may form part of the Earth's own body lines! Imagine the Earth like a human body, with its own accupuncture points, and by plotting the worldwide map, you may actually be bale to tap into the Earth's blood system!! It sounds strange, but it could be true!

Leylines and energy lines, are located by dowsing with rods or crystals, and often lead to "power-points" such as Stonehenge and Ivinghoe Beacon to name but two.

Our tests are finding that there are many different kinds of leylines/energy lines, such as GREEN (magnetic and electrical earth energy), BLUE (underground water), BLACK (ill health and apparent bad luck!) YELLOW (now this one is puzzling, but experts think this may be the "light" where the soul crosses to its next plane, our research seems to back this theory). There are many other colours but as yet, we haven't confirmed what these might be!! Our work continues.

One thing we have found over and over again, is that where a green and yellow leyline cross, we normally get loads of "orbs" and good amounts of paranormal activity. We believe that this MAY be due to a build-up of basic soul forms, not yet crossed over, who use the green energy line to travel to "the light" but at the crossroads, they either cannot or will not cross over. They become trapped at this spot, and therefore cause a "haunting".

We also believe that this crossroads, may be a portal or vortex to the next dimension/plane, and have had many experiences of feeling "travel sick" and "dizzy" whilst standing on these crossover points!

Dowsers worldwide have varying theories on leylines, and there are some good links to their sites in our links page. Many do not associate leylines with the paranormal, but are open to the suggestion that natural earth energies MAY provide a way for paranormal activity to happen.

from: http://phantomorfraud.bizland.com/phantomorfraud/id1.html